- The Pocono Hideout-


Breezewood Acres

Glen 10 Lot 494

Nestled in the Poconoes, near Tobyhanna, on Route 196 is the nicest little quiet place to relax and get away from everything. Yet, it's close to Tobyhanna Lake and State Park, The Pocono Races, and the Factory Outlets at The Crossings in Tannersville. On the campus, there is miniture golf, heated swimming pool with lifeguards, horseshoes, snack bar, and some nightly bingo, covered dish suppers, dances, and other social events.

Location in the park: From the Guard House, go to the 4'th stop sign on the paved road, Turn Right, and immediate Left. Go up the hill approximatly 60 yards and it's on the left with the 10- 494 marker out front.

To get past the Guard house: We have passes to give out to visitors. We put ours in the left hand side of the winshield. The first time in, you will have to sign in. When you go out but expect to return the same day, the guard will hand you a return pass for each person in the car so you don't have to sign in again. So stop at the guard house on the way out.

Always Bring bear food if you come to visit.....

See the Fall colors that don't happen in Florida


During the summer of 2007, an amazing opportunity took place to expand our realm of social contacts. We had the chance to make friends outside our solar system. Yes, we entertained some of our space brothers and sisters. After breaking thru the communication barrier, which consisted of telepathic imaging, we found these space travelers were here for divine help and guidance. Specifically, they were designed to consume all the chocolate chip cookies possible to help the human race with it's problem with obesity. We were allowed a few photos of them, but for national security reasons, we were not allowed photos of their ship. If you look closely at the following photos, Rascal, the cat, is perched on the trunk of the car maintaining security at all times. He is a high ranking member of Homeland Security, and has a Top Secret Clearance.

A second space traveler appeared later in the year. He was from a different sector of our galaxy. For security reasons we are not allowed to reveal his home either, but it is further away than the previous visitors. His visitation was for different reasons, he was interested in the human trait of feeding the birds and stray cats in the park. He was doing a chemical analysis of bird seed and cat food, checking the quality of the feed. He is genetically capable of doing this analysis by a process of consumption. To the casual observer, one would think that he was just hungry, but it was revealed by imaging telepathy what his real purpose was. He actually works for the FDA of the Milky Way Galaxy. That is the really scary part. I never did find out what would happen if the food failed the test....

During the summer we were visited by one of the most notorious motorcycle gangs from upper new York State. The following contains some photos.

table test

Actually,The left photo is Scott and Kim Searles from West Winfield, NY and in the right photo on the individual bikes is Wayne and Sue Card, from Pratts Hollow, NY. Wayne and Sue are the ones who have the supply of dog and cat food that was donated to the animals in the park.

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Updated Oct 28, 2007

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