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Seven Sisters

Illustrated  here,   using  a combination of various techniques, we acquired a new symbolic alphabet.  The word definitions yield a very interesting   reality perception.

See the story .....

The source of this material is not connected to any earthly social club, power structure,  religious affiliation,  academic society, or political system. My advice is, for those who are interested in this subject, to consider it with objectivity. I have nothing to gain whether you agree or disagree, believe or disbelieve. That has to come from within yourself, where ever you fit in today's world.  I take the time to share it with those who are advanced enough to benefit from the information. There is nothing for sale here.


The first step in this project was to acquire the symbolic alphabet. The  symbols were obtained by automatic writing. The alphabet names, sounds, and meanings were obtained by special techniques including, but not limited to, intuition techniques and dowsing.

The next step is to extract the definition of an English word or phrase, as perceived by the givers of the symbolic alphabet. In order to reconcile this effort the procedure was to

1) Establish the word to be defined = "Beginning" (Pick my own word)

2) Get the number of symbols to apply = 3 (using a dowsing technique)

3) Get just the symbols. (using a dowsing technique)

4) Now go back to the alphabet and retrieve the existing symbol definitions for each symbol selected.

5) Review the symbol meanings with the common understanding of the word as used in our cultural environment.  This proved to be interesting, as you will see.....

Definition Sequences
page 1

See how it works? I couldn't believe the pattern that was emerging. Now here is page 2.

Definition Sequences
page 2

page 3

Page 4

This completes the first session of this collection. This was done in 1994. I hope this has some value to someone, it takes a while to perform these techniques. After completing this session, I have little doubt in  the existence of upper dimensional intelligence, as the reconciliation of the word meanings could never be this accurate by accident. During the session, I inquired the source, in galactic "home" logistics, specific names, and personal conditions of the existence of the Pleiadean(s).

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