The Oracle Speaks

I appreciate the genetic design of my body. I'm grateful for the work done by GOD's genetic designers. My mind and how I think, however, is my problem. By being in a free will zone, I am responsible for my thoughts, no one else. I will try not to destroy my body with my mind.

Good health is a function of the results of the contest between the immune system and environmental pathogens. The best defense is a strong immune system. The immune system is compromised by stress. Stress is the result of worshipping illusions, not a lack of drugs.

I have decided, for me, that the greatest miracle of all, is that of my own existence. For many years I got caught up in the things and stuff, and social insanity. My own space and personal consciousness is the greatest gift, and should not be taken for granted.

I have an Indian Shaman in my group of spiritual advisors. He told me, "When the white man sees a scenario he doesn't understand, he immediately attaches a label to it. Then he thinks he understands it. In reality, he doesn't even understand the label."

If I have to be retarded to be a member of the social group, then I'm in the wrong group. It's a good sign to not "fit in."

Anyone who can make me mad has power to control me. Why would I let anyone who cannot control their own emotions control mine?

The most productive goal in life is self mastery. One who has not mastered her/himself is not qualified to lead others. Temper tantrums and violence are not good signs.

Faith = ------
Those who use fear to control others are anti-spiritual
regardless of their claims to religious/social position.
When the entity masters these fears, then the social games won't work.

Law of Electrodynamics: Energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed, they just change state.
Law of Social dynamics: The same rule applies to friends and enemies. You cannot destroy your enemies, you can only change their state. It will be a great world when governments and religions and neighbors learn this.

He who lives by the gun will die by the gun.

He who rules by guilt will die by guilt

He who rules with anger will die by anger.

He who plays the victim will become the victim.

He who becomes attached to the wheel will go around and around.

We build our own stress by becoming dependent on, and attached to illusions.

Nothing is permanent except our spirit.

The best helping hand is at the end of my arm.

Words mean different things to different people.

Man changes the meanings of the words after the deal is agreed to.
For example: Marriages, Loans, Politics, Religion, Business, and personal agendas.

Looking out, into the universe, is looking backward in time. We are locked in time-space with our 3-D consciousness of vision. We won't know what it's like a thousand light-years out there, for another thousand years, when the light of now finally gets here from there. What we see in the sky now, may not exactly be how it really is right now.

When illusions are revealed as illusions, the power structures seem to disintegrate, and the egos struggle for survival. Does the ego then create the illusions? See the Washington politics, the controlled press, and the fundamentalist aspects of religion.

Now imagine this: All humans on this planet master these arts. Maybe the world would be very boring. When I think back during my life, these were actually the greatest sources of humor. Forget everything I said, and let's just go drinking and chasing wild women..... Sorry, but I can only be serious for just so long.

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