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Duane Card

Mar 1, 2009

Real Estate Possession.

Consider the homeowner or farmer who buys the real estate with a down payment, and a mortgage. Who really owns the property? The mortgage holder. This is the real deed to the property.

The banking system

We have a hierarchy of banking organizations. The FED at the top, and Countrywide at the bottom. Look at the design of Countrywide. It's job is to acquire mortgages on property directly by any means, all games are legal. The first line of "salesmanship." These mortgages are now "bundled" and resold up the ladder to the higher level in the banking hierarchy (ASSETS).

Look at Bear Sterns. All the assets will be transferred to JP Morgan. These "assets" are really bundled mortgages. The JP Morgan execs are ex FED execs. The Feds are making a loan to JP Morgan to buy Bear Sterns and the bundled mortgages are the collateral. The bundled mortgages will become the property of the Feds eventually. The pattern? All property possession is moving up the ladder using the mortgages and banking system as vehicles of possession. Much political smoke and fire rhetoric pertaining to this process is hiding the real process going on in the background. The talking heads are avoiding this discussion.


What really controls the price of oil? The demand for oil commodities on WALL STREET. The price is controlled by the demand and supply through the commodities market investors. Who are the real major players here? The price at the pumps are controlled here. This also includes everything that is available on the commodities market including corn and cattle and food. Why are the talking heads avoiding this discussion?

When considering the winners and losers in the present system, the identity of the forces at work will hopefully become better understood. The design of a debtor economic system is only a more sophisticated form of slavery or serfdom or share cropping based on the illusion of ownership. I call this the Modern Feudal System.

All things are connected. The influence of one condition such as oil prices, will influence all other entities in the financial wheel. So, our condition is controllable through WALL STREET, which is open to international, and unconditional trading.


An international market place where the possession of all things are available. Look at the possibilities here. Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Venezuela, all foreign countries can trade at Wall Street. This is the Achilies Heel of our system. The joke of Homeland Security, while they strip search old ladies in wheel chairs at the airport, and have the southwest borders wide open for drug dealers, and worry about "terrorists" blowing up a flea market in Missouri. The damage to our system that can and probably is at work now, through wall street, can cause far greater violence to our lives than any explosions. Any explosions that may occur will only be distraction to keep the sheep's attention elsewhere. It is possible for foreign countries to purchase oil commodities to drive the price to $400 a barrel and we can see $10 a gallon at the pumps. If I was an oil Sheik in Saudia Arabia, sitting on piles and piles of cash, I would be certainly investing in the oil commodities on Wall Street. This isn't rocket science, if I'm smart enough to recognise this I'm sure they have.

Watching the news is educational, but understanding the terms used?


An Ideal politician is one who can be a high ranking member of the KKK and the NAACP at the same time. Chameleon characteristics are required. Never, ever, discuss the subjects as outlined in the previous paragraphs. This would cause all the political funding for the incumbent to vanish. RE:RON PAUL They would never be allowed in the debates.

Social club

A collection of people who think alike, usually ego driven, have the same prejudices, judgments, and agenda. They all ready know they are smarter than everybody else, and there is something wrong with people who don't think like them. They usually operate in survival mode with a comman agenda.


This group believes the purpose of life is to acquire wealth and power. They will take everything with them when they die. He who acquires the most, wins. Morality is determined by profits. Health-Care, today, is a primary example of this. Re: Health Care = Drugs = Profits


This is a philosophy that the leaders are actually nominated and elected based on the choice of the majority of the population. I notice great confusion of interchanging the use of Democracy and Capitalism during political speeches.


This is where all important decisions are made by the leaders, and the population is not entitled to any decisions or opinions, and all are taken care of, without any individual responsibility. Those who do have opinions will be punished in one way or another. Nobody really owns anything and yet everything belongs to the state. When the wealth distribution achieves a level where there becomes the super-rich and the super-poor, just as in a voltage buildup between two points, and arc will occur, because of the potential difference. In the case of financial aspects of potential difference in society, socialism will take over as history has shown.

Dollar Bills

This is a piece of paper with a great deal of work in the art of it's creation, but only has the value the users give it. It is a certificate to nothing of value, but is used to buy everything.


This is a social club where God just likes us best, and all the others are just cheap imitations and terrible sinners. The usual forces at work here, are prejudice, judgment, and dependency. There are however, at the upper enlightened levels of each religion, the mystics who move beyond the social competition, and power trips to control everybody, and the for maximum profit motive. You won't here much about this on TV unless they become the target of witch hunts by the power structures.


Here we have a phenomenon not used much on the news, however, it deserves recognition. It consists basically of ones achievement of self mastery of the internal struggles of the good, the bad, and the ugly from within. One achieves enlightenment or ascension through ones own interface with the master creator without the perceptions of dependency on the social order, created by structured religion in most cases, at least by the fundamentalists.


This in it's purest form, cannot be changed. It can't be legislated or changed regardless of the "power" of social titles, or academic titles. The understanding can only be pursued. This is demonstrated in that the world is not flat, planet earth is probably not the center of the entire universe, and the sun does not travel around the earth. Many were and are still persecuted because they do this, when the "authority" feels threatened. Best examples are the laws of physics, mathamatics, chemistry, and electronics.

Perception Tools

These are valuable tools we use mentally to understand things. They occur in various levels of intelligence from what I call the "soap opera" or "political mentality" to "spiritual truth" in it's purest form. As one masters the understanding of this phenomenon, the "mind control" magicians lose their power. The neural linguistic programming will not be a successful tool for controlling the masses when understood. Fear will not be a useful tool anymore. Or, when the logic don't fit, it's probably another social/political game.....

See the humor? The human race is very entertaining... This is fun.........


We are the superior race, God likes us best. Our God can beat up your God. All your stuff actually belongs to us. We will be the moral and economic judges of what you need. We will decide how you should behave. We will create your perceptions and tell you how to think, so you can be "normal" too. You're function and purpose is to serve us the way we decide. Our bodies are not big enough for our egos that's why we are normally overweight. We will decide the good, the bad, and the ugly, and use you and these decisions to achieve our goals.


Let me decide what I want to be when I grow up. You can do what ever you want, but don't mess with me, either directly or indirectly. I will have a inclination to to do more humanitarian things, and help my neighbor if he needs it, but I will not tell him what to do, unless he asks for my opinion. I respect his choice as long as it doesn't cause my house to burn down, or destroy my well water and he allows me the same privilege. What his God and him decide is between the two of them, they don't need my two cents, and consequently, I don't need their approval.


This is an important one, as it is a form of mental disorder that amplifies fear through created perceptions most apparent today by the neocons or hiearchial leaders of many social clubs to promote their agenda. It's used to some degree by most hierarchy's for control. I've seen it used by church women for control and revenge. This is a powerful political tool, it works great with the gullible. Special training classes are offered by the Skull and Bones at Harvard University in how to use this force.


This isn't considered much in the news, or politics, as it may lack sensationalism or even interest. It would be contrary to the policy of advertisers who sponsors the TV News anyways. It works better for the sciences such as, physics, mathematics, electronics, and mechanics, but it definitely isn't consistent in social orders. Wars are definitely not based any rational logic other than profitability for the weapon industries and the neocons. I wonder sometimes if lack of logic is in any way a measurement of insanity? How close is logic connected to self mastery? If the accuracy of the news is opinionated, slanted, and distorted like the advertising, is it also somewhat insane, particularly when it purposely promotes an insane agenda?

Level of Consciousness

Here is the term for the collection of the mixture of all the characteristics of the previous definitions. When something is described, the result seems only the perception of the describer. The revelation is rarely complete in the total reality of the subject, but an accurate reflection of the place the describer is at. Re:Politicians description of the Iraq war.

There might be many levels of consciousness. A simple example is a grade and high school. The reality of a first grader is quite different than that of a senior, all though, being a senior is hardly full enlightenment. So, how do we measure levels of consciousness? Can we actually become an ascended master if we complete all the following?

  • High Social title?
  • Academic achievement?
  • Many Credit hours?
  • Takes out the garbage?
  • IQ greater than 85?
  • Lives in the right part of town?
  • Great Political title?
  • Hit a hole-in-one at golf?
  • Correct skin color?
  • Achieve Financial wealth?
  • Escaped the cops when speeding thru a speed trap?
  • A member of the right social club?
  • Owns a cat?
  • Very Popular?
  • A good actor?
  • Owns a junk car for spare parts?
  • A reasonable attention span? (over 16 micro sec)
  • Proper Color coordination of my clothes?
  • Always does what his wife tells him without question?
  • Impresses the neighbors with stuff?
  • Recognise when exposed to the influence of paranoia
  • Recognise use of prejudice to promote control
  • or just because I'm sexy?

Could it be remotely possible that it's connected to spirituality, not necessarily the organized capitalistic religion for profit, but pure unadulterated spirituality, and ones own self mastery? (If that's true, I'm sunk.)

Included in this subject is time-space. For example, fifty years ago, a Dick Tracy cartoon included such a thing as a wrist watch radio. Science fiction then. Today, everyone has a cellphone. Four hundred years ago, anyone using a cell phone in Salem Massachusetts would have been burned at the stake as a witch. Today the witches are allowed to use cellphones. The level of consciousness then, was entirely different than now, as far as technology is concerned and witches.

Socially, From what I've seen, I'm not sure we've made that much progress, however, most people I see now at least wear clothes and fewer are dragging their knuckles on the ground. The difference in the progress of technology verses the social progress may be the level of sanity required and achieved for successful technology engineering.

I have this feeling that if the sanity included in the technology is unbalanced by the insanity of the social games, self destruction of this planet and the human race will be inevitable. It's like using logical engineering to create explosives for constructive applications, and then allowing them in the hands of spoiled brats or neocons or Methodist old ladies. This is a definite recipe for disaster.

Now that we've figured this all out, it's time for a nap...

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