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       While up at camp in the woods this summer, I was inspired to write this collection of experiences in my life that may not be what takes place on the traditional news and maybe not in the normal reality of what you may hear on the street. Today, their seems to be great competition for the control of everybody's reality, as seen on the news, and heard on the street. The distraction of social competition and financial competition in the world today makes it hard to focus on reality in it's purest form, and mainly self empowerment of the individual. I suspect that some of what I write about will not be believed, and purposely denied because of the above listed forces at work, but each individual will have to have the courage to make their own decisions aside from the social games. I write this for the readers benefit and not mine. This is not written for profit, or personal material gain, or Ego trip, or part of any social order promotion. So have fun, and do with it what you will.

    List of Incidents
  1. First Dream Warning
  2. Visit from Grandmother who just passed
  3. Second Dream for my daughter
  4. Witnessing two UFO's
  5. Very Loud Sound at the Front Door
  6. Healing using Astral Projection
  7. How to See Auras

1.First Dream Warning

       I was living in a little town, Brookfield, in upstate NY, and going to college in Utica, NY. While attending, the program included a three month work period at an electronic industry. For me this was Sidney, NY, at a place then known as Scintilla. I was driving every day from Brookfield. I had a 57 Chevy which was a "hot" car in it's day. When I drove every day, I become very familiar with the back roads, and I would make the trip as short as I could by achieving speeds of 100 mph in some places.

       Three nights in a row, I had a repetitious dream that I was going to get in a wreck. I was returning home from work, and on a road from Brookfield to South Brookfield there was a long straight stretch, where I would usually put the speedometer over a 100 mph. Just before this long straight stretch was a small hill where I could not see this runway until I broke over the crest in the road. This time for some reason, before I broke over this crest in the road, this dream was being forced in my head, by some unknown force, where I knew that there as something in the road over the crest in the hill, so I slowed down. Sure enough, as I broke over the hill, there were three deer standing across the road. I had never experienced this before yet I knew exactly what to do. It was like it was given to me at the time. I headed straight at the deer in the center. Then, just before contact with the deer, I pulled the steering wheel to the right sharply. This put the left headlight between the first and second deer, the car acted like a snow plow, with the deer peeling off the side of the car, avoiding a direct hit. The car went into a spin, making two complete revolutions. When it came to a stop, it was cross ways of the road, the engine was off, and I found myself in the passengers seat. No damage occurred to the car. On one side of the road was a steep bank and on the other side was a large drop off probably 15 feet. While it was spinning around, I remember seeing the bank and drop off spinning by looking out the windshield. If I had not slowed down before seeing the deer, no telling what would have happened. After that, I listen to my dreams.

2.Visit from Grandmother who just passed

       Maybe a little history about Gram ma's side of the family is in order. My maternal grandmother's mother was what was known as a "seer" in her day. She would know when things were going to happen before they actually did. She told my grandmother to pack her bags, because my mother was going to be born tomorrow. This story was handed down to me by my grandmother. My grandmother was also gifted, she would know when departed spirits visited.

       I was running a dairy farm in Waterville, NY at the time when Gram ma passed. About three days later, I was waking up in the morning, and I felt something over me like a cloud. It was very pronounced so I tried to move it away by waving my arms at it. Then the cloud moved to the foot of the bed, and took form of my Grandmother. I said to my self, "Duane you stupid fool, that was Gram ma coming to give you a kiss good by before she moved on." It was a habit of hers, if she visited me when I was sick as a little kid she would always give you a kiss on the cheek. That's what she was doing. That was a valuable lesson, in that in order to not be foolish, I would no be afraid of the spirit world.

Second dream for my daughter

       This took place when I was running the farm in Waterville. Kim, my daughter graduated from school and went to work at the local Waterville Kniting Mill for a while. One day they brought her home, as she fainted at work. She would lay on the sofa in the living room, and go into a deep sleep. I took her down to the local medical practicioner and his diagnosis was "She had a virus, and you just have to let it run it's course. That didn't seem rational to me, so I took her over to the hamilton Hospital Emergency room. There we got a diagnosis of Plursey. That didn't make a lot of sense either, so when I went to bed that night, I asked for a dream to tell me what the problem. Here is the dream:

       I was in my gramdmother's farmhouse, upsairs in the hallway, and here is Kim laying on the floor, in a doorway, with her feet in the bedroom and head in the hallway. She was laying face-up with the back of her head in a pan of water, and I knew she was drowning even though her mouth and face was out of the water. In the dream, I picked her up, took her downstairs, layed her on the sofa, and I know then she would be OK. I then went out through the garage in my gramma's house, outdoors in the driveway. Their was a small front porch where two people could set attached to the side of the house. Their was an old Italian Gentleman setting there and sourounded with paintings. We talked, and then that was the end of the dream.

       Now to figure out the meaning of the dream. The key was Kim's head in the pan of water. This indicates fluid on the brain, I knew this right away. That morning I call the local practitioner and tell him I want Kim to see a neurosurgeon. He remarks,"Why do you want to do that? She just has a virus. My reply was, You can be part of the problem, or part of the solution." The next morning we were in Utica in a neurosurgeon's office. It didn't take him two minutes to discover she had pressure around the brain due to fluid pressure in her head. The pressure was preventing adequate blood flow. The following morning, we were in surgery. He installed a shunt in Kim's head to relieve the spinal fluid pressure. While we were in the waiting room at the hospital, you will never guess what happened. Into the waiting room wheels this old Italian gentleman, and he wheels right up next to me. He started to tell me about his grandfather in Italy, who worked as a laborer who went from farm to farm during harvest time. He told me his grandfather had three dreams, that if he dug in a certain area he would find a Van Gogh painting. Sure enough he rose early the next morning dug at the designated spot and found the painting. Why did this old guy tell me this? To fulfill my dream? I had never seen him before this, and never saw him since. Kim survived nicely and went on to lead a normal life.

Witnessing two UFO's

       The contrast between what I saw is comical compared with what I see on the UFO Hunters on TV as you will see from the following description. Their is obviously a great debunking effort going on and I suspect the controlled press is limited in displaying the Pro Argument. The revelations of the UFO reality would radically change the political powers on the planet. Here's my experience such as it is:

       It was summer and still on the farm. We had been putting hay in the barn, and one of the wagons had broke the reach loose under the wagon, so we pulled it off the dirt road that went through the pasture where we were drawing hay, and we continued with the other wagons until the hay was in the barn. Then I went up to fix the wagon. While sitting on the wagon, watching a fighter plane coming from the south, and then it made a left turn going into a cloud probably on approach to Griffiss Air Force Base. As I watched it enter the cloud, my eyes caught motion way up in the sky. This turned out to be two clearly visible globes coming straight down vertically. This was during the day with great visibility. Their were no blinking lights, and no sound. They decelerated until they were right by the cloud where the jet fighter just entered. They hung there perfectly suspended for a good ten seconds so I got an unmistakable look at them. Their diameter was probably one and a half times the wingspan of the fighter. They were shinny metallic such as stainless steel would appear. One was a little bit higher than the other, maybe half a diameter of the vehicles during their motionless suspension. Then, both in unison, they moved into the cloud. That was the last I saw of them.

       Now, I've considered some factors of what I witnessed. They came from way out there. They became visible as they slowed down. The deceleration rate was such that if I had been aboard my teeth would have wound up in my shoes. The G force under normal conditions would have been intolerable for a normal human to withstand and even survive without some very advanced technology.

       Why did they enter right where the jet fighter entered the cloud? My suspicion was that would be a method of hiding from the radar at Griffiss.

       Consider the fact that they came straight down. No falling vehicle like an asteroid or meteor comes in strait down. It's physically impossible without motion control on board. Here's why: The diameter of earth is 24,000 miles. It makes one revolution every 24 hrs. Therefore, at the equator, the surface speed of the earth is 1000 mph. If you are on the surface, watching an incoming asteroid, it will appear to be coming in at an angle because you are traveling so fast on the surface. In order for a vehicle to appear to be coming straight in to one place on the surface, it will have to make complicated course corrections to synchronize with the speed of the rotating earth.

       One other factor in the area is that not far is a giant super secret underground area, where if you trespass guards will appear and threaten vehicle confiscation and death if you trespass, similar to the famous Area 51. I suspect their probably is a connection, but that's just my opinion.

Very Loud Bang at the Front Door

       This is a phenomenon that's not heard about very often. I was home alone, still on the farm, when a very loud bang occurred at the front door of the house. This was the entry door where we seldom used and was usually locked. It sounded like a big rock had been thrown at the door. I was in the living room so I know nothing caused the sound from inside. I went outside and the screen door was stilled locked, and their was no damage to the screen, so I know it was not caused by someone throwing a rock. I mentioned this to my grandmother, and she knew about this phenomenon. It happened to her mother as she was getting ready to go someplace, and she decided not to go because of the occurrence.

Healing using Astral Projection

        This is a practice not well known in our culture. To understand this phenomenon one has to understand beyond the three dimensional physics and chemistry, and know that a living entity is more than just flesh and bones. One has to be aware and understand that each person has a spirit or light body which is necessary for life itself. Without the light body their is just an inanimate form. The mind and consciousness are part of the light body and the mind is more than just a synapsis occurring in the brain. If you have ever been exposed to the description of out of body experiences, this would be realized. My first exposure to this enlightenment originated from studying Edgar Casey. For those interested, there is an Edgar Casey Research Center in Virginia Beach. Another source of information on the subject is writings from the Tibetan Monks who were taught this practice (Kristamerti).

       A short description of the technique if one chooses to practice the art is not really that complicated. The first requirement is an attitude of peaceful mind not full of social games, anger, revenge, competition or drama of any sort. It's necessary to quiet the mind. Lie down where one is very comfortable, take some deep breaths, and close the eyes. Move the focus to the feet first, and relax them. Take your time, their is all the time in the universe. Then gradually move to the ankles, calves, thighs, and slowly up until you put the whole body asleep. You may hear your breathing change as it does when you go to sleep. You are actually putting your physical body to sleep.

       Now to describe the state of mind, and how it operates, their are two basic states of mind, Alpha and Beta. The Alpha state is the frequency your mind and brain operates during the fully awake (conscious) period. The Beta state occurs during full sleep state. There is a range, the dream state, where both Alpha and Beta are partially awake and overlap. This is the delicate place where the 3 dimensional mind and the upper dimensional super conscious mind, which everyone has, connects. This procedure is actually a form of self hypnosis or a form of controlled meditation. It's also a measure of one's own self mastery.

       When this process is successful, now one has the option of traveling in the light body along with the consciousness. The connection between the light body and physical body remains through what's called the silver chord. Now pick a place you want to go, for example, go back in time, to your mother's kitchen, see the sink and cupboards, and stove. Now, if you are also a Reiki Healer, you can travel to the patient's place and do a healing session in spirit, without any travel expense.

How to See Auras

       This is a fun thing to do, especially in church on Sunday. I've seen a lot of strange things happen in church that most others were not aware of. The first example, Donna, the youth leader, was on the pulpit, talking about her departed grandmother, when from above I saw her descend and was next to Donna. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does it is very comforting when considering life beyond.

        The technique to see auras can be probably mastered by anyone who chooses to make the effort, and it's not complicated. The first tries in seeing auras should be done with a white background. The sky makes a good background, when you look at the auras of the trees. Some of them have nice auras. A well lighted room is also helpful when indoors. When you look at someone's aura you are using what's called the third eye. This as actually the pineal gland which is located in the center of the brain. This is known as the third eye by the ancients. Most are probably familiar with the 3-D pictures, where you have to refocus the eyes to see the 3-D effect. Do the same thing with a person against a white background. Don't focus directly on the person or the aura, tend to use your peripheral vision by focusing just off center and beyond the person. Once you catch sight of the aura, you will automatically move your attention to the aura.

       One attribute should be mentioned here, and that is the wide variation in the size of the aura. Over a period of time in the same church, I have seen periods when the sizes of the auras varied over a large range from all most nothing to six or eight feet over the head of some individuals. Keep in mind, when you can see the aura, you are actually looking at the person's spirit. The size and color of a persons aura is representative of their state of mind, and the degree of their spirituality versus the social religious games. When one hears sermons about how everybody is just a low down no good worthless old sinner, and the congregation actually believes what they hear, the auras will shrink to practically nothing. But, that is what many preachers are programmed to preach. My answer to that is when Jesus said, "You will do everything I do and much more." So, have fun with it, and practice if you take an interest.


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