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During a mission trip to Haiti, I met Joseph Edmond who was our interpreter. At that time, Joseph expressed a wish to start a school in Port-a-Prince where he lived. As the following photos portray, Joseph is manefesting his wish. Joseph is the principal of the school.
In my discussions with Joseph from time to time, I find a need for some support is present. Their are times when meeting the teachers salaries become a challenge.
If anyone would like to acquire a friendship with those in Haiti who have endured hardships that we have not had to endure, and lend a helping hand, here's how:

Joseph's email address is josephedmond2000@yahoo.fr

Establish email contact with Joseph first. He speaks English.

To contribute support for the school, one can wire money directly to Joesph using Western Union. Set up a schedule with Joseph, so he can go to retrieve it. It won't be delivered. Make sure he knows how much and when it will be sent.

At the present time, it is impractical to try to send anything through the mail to Joseph such as supplies, as it won't make it through their system. Any supplies have to be carried by a traveler from this country.

The following is a copy of an email I received from Joe Low from Colorado:

Here is another support option...

Dear Friends of Haiti, One year ago Joseph Edmond (of Port au price Haiti) and I started a school named The Institution Mixed Heart of The Angels. Its current enrollment is approximately 85 kids aged 5 to 16. The school building is a nice 2 story building with a fenced in play area . There are 5 full time teachers and Joseph is the Principle. We have gained a permit from the department of education so kids attending will have their education acknowledged in another school or one of higher learning. The building has been leased for two years and has been paid in full . In Haiti you pay first and then use. While God has truly blessed our under taking, there are many needs. From teachers pay to school books you can tell from the pictures that they could use additional school supplies. The list of needs is long and the need for financial help continues for as long as the school stays open. In a country like Haiti getting an education is the only hope they have. Too learn to read and write. Things we take for granted. Steve Smith from Haitian Island Ministries has agreed to transfer money to Joseph thru his ministry. Steve has been coming to Haiti since 1994 and his organization has helped create 8 churches ,7 schools and a number of medical clinics. Joseph has worked with Steve in the past and he has verified that Joseph is doing an excellent job in running our school. Steve will continue to periodically check up and report on operations. Thanks Steve for all your help.

So friends if you feel called to help out send your checks to:
Haitian Island Ministries
P.O. Box 616
Wentzville, MO, 63385
Email helphaiti@earthlink.net

Terry ( Steve's wife) will send you a charitable tax receipt. Joseph would love to here from you.

His Email is josephedmond2000@yahoo.fr

I hope all is well in your lives.
God Bless,
Joe Low
P.S. Drop me an Email sometime.


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