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   Art of Dowsing Introduction  
Duane Card
December 2000

Duane holding bent welding rods

  Crotch Stick     Bent Rods     Pendulum  

If you have an interest to learn to dowse, and explore a new reality, you're at the right place. Because of the projects we're involved in, dowsing is a necessity. It will allow moving beyond the "glass ceiling" established by the traditional sciences which are controlled by the academic and traditional medical establishments. It opens the door to "truths" which are available to you, beyond what is programmed for you to know. It is a necessary talent required for individual advancement.

Crotch Stick

I highly recommend, for the new dowser, to start with the crotch stick. This is the one that will create the reality for dowsing. When the power of the "Dowsing Force" is felt with the power of the crotch, there will be no doubt of something going on beyond your own imagination. This is required, because, without it you will always hold on to doubt, with the more subtle energy dowsing. This one, when working, will make you a believer.

Look at the photo (left) of how to hold the crotched stick. It's necessary to put a heavy pressure on the limb handles to bend them, as much  as possible, without breaking them. You have to use green wood, and quite flexible like apple or willow.  Notice the thumbs are up. Grip the limbs with all your strength. When you walk over an underground stream of water, you will not be able to hold the crotch pointing upright.

Here is what happens to the stick when I hold it while I walk over an underground stream of water. The power will twist the bark off the limb while I hold it tightly. My dowsing seems to bring the crotch toward me, and I know with some dowsers the crotch will bend away.

Spend some time playing with this. I have done this for 40 years, and if I am looking for a place to dig a well, or find the spring to drain a field, it never, ever failed.

If you have trouble getting this to work by yourself, find a dowser in your area. To get an initial "kickstart" if you need one, do this. You and the other dowser stand side by side, Each put their arm next to each other around each other. With the outside hands grip the crotch stick as shown above. Walk over an underground water channel, and feel the crotch stick move. After this is done successfully, You will probably be able to do it by yourself.

 Bent Rods

Shown at the left is how to hold two bent rods. They are parallel to the ground, and held very loosely. These rods will work for finding underground wires, pipes, sewers, and will align on the underground water-ways. I have made these rods out of coat hangers, welding rods, stock heavy copper wire, and brazing rods. They all worked for me. Shown at the left is the starting position.

Here is what happens when the rods are activated. They will line up on whatever you are searching for. This is what they would do when I walk over an underground wire or underground stream, whatever I am looking for at the time. I have seen instances, with some people, they don't move opposite as shown above, but swing across each other. So, if this happens to you, don't be alarmed or think it's "wrong." Just accept it and work with it.

Here are some energy measurements to play with using the rods: The underground stream found by the crotch stick, The outside edge of the energy field of a tree, the amount of energy in a glass of water, the outside edge of a person's aura, earth grids, lay lines, a person's chakras, the energy being focused by a crystal magnet, etc.

An example of testing a person's aura. Have a person stand approximately ten feet away, hold the rods as shown, and slowly walk toward the person. When the rods move out (or cross) you are in the very edge of their aura.

You can use this same technique to measure the energy of a glass of water (before and after the microwave oven treatment) or (before and after a Reiki treatment). Test the energy in supposed "Organically grown" stuff.


Now comes the more refined type of dowsing. For tools, I've used everything from needle and thread to my car keys. Many have special crystals, and necklaces that seem to work well with the individuals taste.

This form of dowsing can be used to get patterns for yes and no. For example, a straight line movement may be yes, and a circle swing may be no. When first starting, just ask it to give you a "YES" pattern and then ask it to give you a "NO" pattern, see what works for you.

Numbers. It works for me to make very wide dynamic ranges of numbers. An example: We measured the static level of energy in a strawberry field in Plant City Florida, where we were setting up some energy equipment for testing. By mentally "changing ranges" just as you would with a multi-range voltmeter, you can change the sensitivity of the pendulum. An initial reading of the energy level of a field may be 1E-4. This is an engineering notation which means 10-4 power. While holding the pendulum over a sample of dirt, I would mentally change sensitivity ranges, going, 10-1, 10-2, 10-5, 10-10, until I got a reaction from the pendulum, lets say a circle of 3 inch diameter swing. After installing the energy equipment, I could test the field again, from time to time and measure the amount of increase in energy in very wide dynamic ranges.  This form of testing is illustrated in ProjectEarth.

The pendulum can be used to test particular spaces in one's house. For example if an extremely weak energy field exists (or absence of energy) in a section of your bed, you may develop aches and pains in the part of your body that is in this area all night, because of it, and their is no other way to find out, but by dowsing. You can always dull the pain with drugs, but the body will probably still deteriorate....

When one achieves proficiency in the use of the pendulum, then the progress from here should continue with the intuition of the dowser. The best teacher from this point on is one's own instinct. I could continue with pages and pages from here, but it would be advantageous to begin to develop your own independent path.

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