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After spending some quiet time and mentally reminiscing, I decided to write this. I've conducted Reiki sessions for 15 years and have attended some sessions which were conducted by others. I have added some techniques to my sessions which were not available in the normal traditional sessions. I find these attributes essential for long lasting results in actual healing. Here is an example of an experience to share.

During a traditional session, without addressing the mental trauma causes of chakra shutdown, the regular methods of hand energy restoration was successful as dowsed. A half hour later a recheck of the chakras revealed that they shut down again. The treatment lasted less than a half hour. It became obvious that the cause had to be addressed, and it was not very productive to just address the symptoms and not address the primary cause which are the thoughts being entertained by the patient.

    List of Additional Attributes
  1. You have to know how to Dowse.
  2. Know about the 7 Chakras
  3. Understand how thoughts affect the Chakras
  4. Understanding the Prana Tube
  5. Knowledge of parasite spirits
  6. Realize that Reiki is a form of teaching self mastery to the patient


It is imperative to measure the power of the chakras to look for weaknesses in the spirit body. This can be done with a pendulum where the patient can see the results which leads to a visual demonstration for the patient. By leading the patient's thoughts, the effects of changes in the power of the chakras can be measured. There is another web page which covers the various aspects of Dowsing. Click Here to review this information.


The Chakras are the main Chi power centers that flow through the physical body. Each is a result of the mindset of the patient. The following is a list of examples:

1.Base Chakra

The base chakra is actually similar to the bottom of the Prana tube whereby the connection to mother Earth takes place. It is said to be working when one is grounded. An example of this is when one can balance their checkbook. Actually, one who has an ability to stay focused and has a healthy attention span show signs of a good connection to mother earth in 3 dimensional matters.

2.Spleen Chakra

This is the sex chakra, and feeds energy to the organs in that area of the body.

3.Solar Plexus chakra

This is the power chakra. If you want to open a jar with a stubborn lid, you automatically put it in front of your stomach. This is what the martial Arts people call the cone of power. Weakness in this area usually comes from an attitude of not being in control of the things I think I should control, (whether I really should or not). Weakness here, is usually caused by those who are in a social dramas competing for control of social orders, and they perceive themselves as unsuccessful, when they experience failure in the popularity/political contest when they actually used logic and reason.

4.Heart Chakra

This is the light wheel that runs through the Heart area of the body. It is sensitive to if I feel loved and appreciated. The key here, is to not look for appreciation from others but to know of my value from within myself. It's like giving my value judgment to others, when I am the only one who is capable of knowing my true value. This is a constant challenge today as it becomes necessary to recognize the social/political illusions created by others for control.

5.Throat Chakra

This chakra runs through the throat. and is affected by one's perception of freedom of speech. A personal experience here was when I asked a Methodist preacher if I could do a Reiki session in the Prayer Chapel and the reply was NO because Reiki was not a Christian thing. Knowing that I think outside his normal, if I took it serious, would shut down my ability to express ideas to totally conform to a social order, and consequently shut down my throat chakra. In my case it was more social humor and I refused to give it any reality power,as it's really just another social game. I am reminded where Jesus said to his disciples "You will do everything I did, and much more". I have noticed, over the years, this is one topic I've never heard about from the pulpit.

6.Third Eye Chakra

This one is located between the eyes and on the lower part of the forehead. When this one is open, one can see auras if they are aware of them and know how. This actually empowers the pineal gland in the head which is actually the third eye. In the older version of the bible, in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said "When the Eye is open, then the body is full of light, but when the eye is closed then the body if full of darkness." In the later version of the bible, the EYE was changed to EYES, as those making the changes didn't understand what he was talking about.

7.Crown Chakra

This is the crown chakra, on top of the head. It also coincides with the top of the Prana tube. The power of this one coincides with the level of spiritual awakening of the individual when dowsed. When open, it can access an infinite source of life energy source, whereby one doesn't require stealing energy from another as is done in many social and political games.

One technique that works for healing of all Chakras, is to move mindset that causes the Chakra shutdown from seriousness to humor. Humor will remove all the blocks when one removes the illusion of seriousness.

Additional Chakras

I have found that their are those who have additional chakras open. As you move above the head, additional chakras can be found, 8'th, 9'th and 10'th, which indicates upper dimensional consciousness as in the 4'th 5'th and 6'th dimension. As more and more people open these chakras, a point is reached where the paragium shift takes place in the mass consciousness and the old social power games won't work anymore. Ancient artists, who could see auras, painted the 8'th chakra as a HALO.

The Prana Tube

Ancient Auravedic sciences, that were taught in the mystery schools, defined the Prana tube as the main energy feed to the light body (spirit). If you extend the thumb and little finger away from each other, and then put your thumb on top of your head, at the end of you little finger will be roughly the upper end of the Prana tube, as it extends above the body. The tube goes vertical through the body almost coincides with the backbone. It extends the same distance below the tailbone. It was found that this tube can acquire blockages through emotional and mental traumas as experienced in life. By dowsing, for blockages they can be found, and by using the hands in Reiki, they can be cleaned out, allowing the chi energy to flow freely and feed the chakras normally. To remove these blockages, place one hand roughly 10 inches above the head and the other roughly 10 inches below the crotch. You can tell when the blockage has been removed as the hand below the crotch can feel the heat energy beginning to flow from the other hand.

Knowledge of Parasite Spirits

This is a common phenomenon found during many sessions. First one has to acknowledge the fact that we have a spirit body, so understand that it really exists. Now look at the number of life species of animals on our planet. Each of these have a light body just as we do. Now consider the spirit world, which we also exist in with our light body. We all know of the physical parasites that exist in our reality. Now accept the fact that their are spiritual parasites. Again, dowsing will identify if, and where, they are attached to one's light body. This will usually occur where a physical malfunction exists. Without dealing with this condition, no permeant healing will take place. We also have to consider that some of these parasites are very intelligent, and have abilities that are not normal to us (yet). I'm referring to time travel. Yes, it's been our experience that when some spirits know you are going to dowse for them they will leave our linear time frame and move into the future to reattach again, after the session is over. So the practitioner has to be smart enough to ask if this is the case to deal with, and remove the parasite from it's future hiding place.

How to Remove the Parasite

It's been our practice to encourage the patient to do this themselves in an effort to awaken the individual and teach self empowerment, as opposed to creating a dependency as so many other social organizations do. Now the method to remove the parasite is as follows. Have them ask the Archangel Michael or one of his soldiers to come and remove the parasite and take where it can be reprogrammed and moved beyond a parasitic practice. Do this in a constructive manner without judgment, for the benefit of all including the parasite. And then be sure to thank Michael. Next, ask the Archangel Raphael to send a laser beam of light into the person's aura and explode a star of healing light to repair the damage caused by the parasite, and thank Raphael. Now, by dowsing for the parasite, one can observe it is no longer there and by dowsing for the additional healing light energy from Raphael one can witness the results in the increase in the size of the person's aura.


One of the greatest gifts to the public is to enlighten and demonstrate their ability to control their conditions with their own mind. The body will manifest their malfunctions of thought with physical malfunctions. Everything originates in the mind. Today we are bombarded with mind control from many sources. One will have to become aware of a force at work out there being used all the time almost everyplace by manipulation of language called NEROLINQUISTIC PROGRAMMING. Here is prime example: The Lords Prayer: Our Father who art in Heaven, and the original Aramaic version, Our Father Who is Everywhere. Real freedom comes from within, not a gift of any political or social organization.

Finally, the intention of this website is written with the policy that this information does not belong to anybody but belongs to everybody. It's like the air and the rain, it's available for everybody feel free to copy it, practice it, and pass it on. The knowledge is universal and timeless not for purpose of profit or social power mongering.


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