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Duane Card
March 28,2009

In the beginning, a currency was established for the purpose of compensation for efforts contributing to the welfare of society. The focus has gradually shifted from performing constructive effort, to designing shortcut methods of accumulating the currency with little or no contribution to society and then create “realities” to justify the action. So, a new social order is created. The following is all about this drama.

Present observations of the forces at work, in the present human conditions, primarily in social, financial, and political interface, are leading to an end of one reality and the beginning of a new one. The old machinery has served it's time, and like the seasons, it's obviously coming to a completion. The advanced technology has changed our environment of reality where the forces at work are now much more apparent. Many of the traits of our indigenous predecessors has been lost, and many of these were definite positive attributes. In many ways our easy lifestyle has led to a slippery slope of diversion, from the divine attributes which have become dormant, and we've become sidetracked from noble values.

In this period, the entire social value one measures one's self has been reduced to a financial condition, even the churches, which are being converted to entertainment centers and finely tuned for maximum cash flow. The focus on finances seems to have taken priority as the main function of life itself. It has become the controlling factor to manipulate the masses by those who have focused primarily on accumulating the most money by any means. This has been done through the banking system, and is obvious today, by the present day politics. The bail-out drama is being played out through the banking organizations. This is promoting the debtor society, which is the capitalistic scenario, running democracy as window dressing and salesmanship.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. As far as the pendulum swings in one direction off center, it will reverse and swing equally off center in the opposite direction, if not dampened by an outside source. The present situation is indicating the end of the swing as it is losing momentum. When five percent of the population owns 95 percent of the assets, and this was done through the banking system by debtor manipulation, a tremendous imbalance exists. Nature seeks equilibrium. An example is when a voltage builds up and up between two points, until an arc occurs.

We have, in the present political/financial drama, an illusion that is unbelievable that the public would swallow. We have the Federal Reserve that authorized itself to print money. They can generate it out of thin air. It's not backed by gold or anything of value, other than public acceptance. We now have an illusion that when the Federal Reserve prints this money, somehow, the taxpayers are accumulating a debt for this money generation by the federal reserve, and with no authorization by the taxpayers. This is totally insane, and completely without logic, other than great salesmanship and a high level of gullibility. It will only work if you can make the public believe it is so. As time goes on, the gullibility factor will deteriorate to the point where the game will no longer work. We are rapidly reaching that point.

Let's look at a scenario as the northeast Farmer, particularly in New York State. If it were not for the federal financial policies in the 1980's, most of the family farms in NY would still be operating. These farms were shut down using the financing tools as the method of destruction and by design. The president, at that time was from California, and the plan was to reduce competition for the California farmers. The fact that there are a few farms still operating at a financial loss, using up the equity in the farm, demonstrates the will of the farmer to run the farm. It is their calling, and if they can, they will farm the land until all their money is gone. It is a total disgrace when there is land lying dormant, and people are hungry in the world, even in this hemisphere, and, in this country.

So, what's the answer? As can be seen, there are radical changes that will be coming, with both positive and negative possibilities. A completely new system will have to emerge to replace the one that is about to collapse. The possibilities are as follows.

All systems will shut down. There will be no gas at the gas stations, grocery stores closed, and all jobs will cease. Complete chaos, and martial law will prevail. Preparations for this are in place now by our government.

Or, a new system will be in place, ready to be implemented, as planned for a certain date. On this date, no money will be necessary for transactions. The use of the dollar will be obsolete and unnecessary. All systems, not dealing in money will continue as usual. The philosophy will move from “for profit” to “mission oriented” for the benefit and survival of society. It is my own self worth that I am a respected citizen and this is my responsibility and value as part of this society. This is a very radical change and will require the human to evolve into a state of self mastery of controlling the ego, class consciousness, selfish nature, and to develop the attitude of “service.” The “what's in it for me” as demonstrated by the large bankers and politicians, will no longer be tolerated as human reality. This is the trait that is dominant in those who have used the financial means to acquire power and control for their own benefit at the expense of everybody else.

Imagine working and living in a total volunteer society where everyone is really equal, not the case where some are more equal than others. Consider going to the grocery store, picking up some groceries, checking out, for the purposes of maintaining store inventory, and not having to pay for the groceries. The checkout girl still goes to work because she chooses to do so, not because she has to, for survival. During the transition, there will be those who will appear “lazy” and only do what they have to. The other side of the coin, how many service jobs are there now, in existence, which are parasitic in nature. Examples may include banking, tax collection, government budgeting, business budgeting, all insurance programs or companies would be unnecessary, to just mention a few. None of these contribute to GNP, or assembly of widgets or repair service, that people really need to live, and that's today's condition. Suppose I wanted to run a farm and grow food, maybe dairy, because I like to be outdoors. I could not be stopped with financial leverage.

Is the illusion of necessity of using exchange currency to do business the real problem of the downward cycle of our condition? For example, if for one week, no one would need money to purchase a new car, or gasoline, do you think all the inventory of automobiles would be lined up in the dealers parking lots, loading docks, and GM's inventory lot? Would the GM workers wonder if they were going to have a place to go and something to do next week? Use your own imagination with all kinds of business scenarios.

People are basically social animals. If I worked at GM or GE for ten years, I have become a part of a social order. Would I continue to do my job if it were not necessary for my survival? Without a paycheck, if what I was doing was actually making a positive contribution to society, and not a parasitic operation? I suspect there is a critical number of the percentage of the population, substantially less than 100%, just as it is today, where the culture would thrive with the total absence of use of currency.

Look at Enron. How many employees had their retirement completely wiped out after working there 25 years. The currency and management greed was the problem, not the employees. If the currency was removed from the equation, I suspect the company would be still operating today.

I know this philosophy is not going to be accepted overnight, and it is a great violation of the reality that has been downloaded into everybody's programmed mentality. It is different enough, from today's belief system to be considered reactionary. No doubt, it will be labeled by those who benefit from the control of the monetary system, with labels of prejudice, especially if it really begins to get traction. Imagine the yelling and screaming from Wall St. It's almost funny.... Yet, what do these guys really contribute to science or breakthroughs in social conditions? I've seen the price of oil be manipulated through the commodity market, driving the price of gas for the common man who drives to work, out of sight for Wall Street's own profit.

Consider some of the side effects of lack of money control. Our congress and politics demonstrate that we have the best representatives money can buy. Imagine the health care system where the HEALTHCARE=DRUGS phases out. The drug companies would totally lose control of the health care system through the FDA. Suppose there is a cure for cancer, but it is not a drug. Do you imagine for a moment it will ever hit the market today? I don't think so. Profit is the dominant motive, not curing people.

Consider the transportation vehicles. Do you think the reciprocating engine, being one hundred year old technology, is only 30% efficient, and is a little behind the times of what vehicle propulsion technology could be, without the financial manipulation of the oil companies in our political world? The conditions of the auto companies today are the result of this stagnation. We have satellites in orbit and some have been there 20 years and they don't stop at a gas station every 300 miles, in fact, they have not been refueled at all. Some are utilizing as much power as it takes to move my car down the road.

As a suggestion to rest of the human race, a new movement can be formed and in some ways it is all ready underway through a slowly shifting consciousness among many who are coming to the realization of the shortcomings of the power mongers and the greed as it shows its ugly head. All one has to do is watch the news. It doesn't need a formal club, or organization, just a universal thought process. The paradigm shift will take place naturally as each member of the human race achieves the ability to resist brainwashing and to begin to see through the generated illusions created by the empire builders. See through the game and don't get caught up in the mob mentality.

So, this is the beginning of the Utopian movement... It's all contained in the mind, the attitude, and the mass consciousness, and once activated, it will be more powerful than the money illusion.

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