Economic Enlightenment
for the 21'st Century


Duane Card

March 23, 2009

When the banks started, a long time ago, the vault held a pile of gold that people would bring in for safe keeping. The banker would give the depositor a certificate for the gold he/she deposited. Hence the gold certificate could be traded, it was easier to carry around. Now, the banks start to loan money to debtors. They print gold certificates for loans. Now we have more gold certificates than we have gold in the bank. However, it's unlikely that everyone will come in and reclaim their gold at the same time, so the bank will loan "fake" money, and collect interest on it. Now we have the beginning of a new era. The banking system. This illusion will work for a while until the limits have been exceeded, to make a long story short, the depression and the actual run on the banks. The illusion collapses.

Now the humans modify the banking system. by going off the gold standard, and create the Federal Reserve. Now each individual bank can no longer print counterfeit money, only the Federal Reserve can. This organization was created by those who had created fantastic wealth as was their goal in life. They loan money to the Federal Treasury, which is part of our US Government. However, our government is now owned by the Federal Reserve and it's never discussed, but there is no oversight or set of checks and balances for the Federal Reserve. The financial Gods live there.

Two opposing forces exist and have become visible now, inflation and deflation. Cash and goods flow in opposite directions. If the cash flow increases, and flow of consumed items remain the same, we have inflation or rising prices. To correct this, through taxes, and increased interest rates, cash is removed from the system. This is the theory. In deflation, the opposite is true, cash infusion into the system should counter deflation. At this time (2009), an attempt is made to do this, by the Federal Reserve, by infusing "loans" into the major banks. As of this writing, it isn't working. The consumer is only offered debt, not cash, and many are maxed out. At this point, the consumer is getting shut down, which reduces the demand for goods, which begins to shut down the industrial engines. Layoffs and unemployment increase and the system continues to shut down.

As the system now shuts down, mortgage marketing business aspects of the banks are now headed for trouble. The owner of the property is not the people living there, the person who owns the mortgage really owns the property. These mortgages were bundled as salable assets and sold up the line until they will eventually become the possession of the Federal Reserve, to "save the banks." As the market value of real estate deteriorates, the Feds will get a better deal, the longer they wait. The Federal Reserve is pure capitalism at work, not socialism, because they are not apparently, owned or controlled by any government. It is more of a case that the government is being operated as a function of the Federal Reserve. This appears to be done by a pure debtor controlled mechanism by design.

A small example of this system occurred in West Virginia with the coal industry. This will make it easier to understand on a small scale, and this is a part of our real country history. The land, the coal mine, the houses, and the company store, were all owned by one "company." The workers had to pay rent for their houses to the company, and had to shop in the country store, and were allowed to run up a grocery bill. As long as they owed the company store, they couldn't leave. When this drama finally played out it got violent, and the Governor sent in the militia to actually shoot many of the workers to keep order. The politics and business were closely knit together then too. The coal mine "company" funded the election of the governor.

Two sources conflict in who owns the Federal Reserve. One says His Swiss and Saudi Arabian contacts identified the top eight shareholders as the Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin; Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris; Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy; Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; Lehman Brothers of New York; Kuhn, Loeb Bank of New York; Chase Manhattan; and Goldman, Sachs of New York. Some of these banks have been mentioned in the news during the bail out drama.

The other source, Mullins reported that the top eight stockholders of the New York Fed were, in order from largest to smallest as of 1983, Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Bankers Trust Company, National Bank of North America, and the Bank of New York (Mullins, p. 179). Together, these banks owned about 63 percent of the New York Fed's outstanding stock. There seems a little conflict in logic here, as Citibank was one of the banks in big trouble, and it gets bailed out by a bank it owns? On the other hand, the Fed can print all the money it wants to so why would Citi be in any trouble anyways?

The world is changing fast now, and the perceptions of what is "reality" now, or was yesterday, is no longer. I have in front of me a dollar bill. Looking at the front where George Washington's face shines brightly, Look at the top center. Here it says, "Federal Reserve Note." This means that the Federal Reserve has loaned this "money" to the treasury, for us to use as legal tender to settle debts, both public and private. I know so, because it actually says so near the upper left of George's picture.

However, I don't use this very often. Here's what really happens. My social security check is deposited in my savings account using "one's" and "zeros," yes, binary computer code. The Brinks truck does not go to the treasury and pick up a bag of paper to deliver to my bank. It's all done over the internet lines. When I put gas in my car, I don't go in the office and pay for the gas with a thirty dollar Federal Reserve Note. I use plastic. At the end of the month, I do a computer transaction to settle the debt, or I have a choice of using my debt card during the transaction. Either way, I don't need the paper dollars.

Now, if it works that way with me, See how "new technology" has made changes in our economy. Let's consider the large banks. These large banks have offices all over the world. They do computer transactions, in many forms, with many other banks in many other countries. This brings to mind, how on earth, specific US banking regulations as designed by congress, with authority and jurisdiction in the US only, going to monitor or audit and control the banking system?

After I think about this drama for a while, I have to question the solidity or reality of the whole system. For instance, the dollar bill is backed by nothing but the public's decision to use it as a transaction instrument. The Federal Reserve can issue "money" at its' whim. So when I hear that the bail out money being used to bail out the banks has to be paid back by the taxpayers, to who, the Federal Reserve? It isn't worth anything anyways. We have enough money in circulation for our culture to survive, or we don't. If all the money out there is in the hands of a few, it won't work. If it's available to everyone, our society will function. Creating debtors for the purpose of a few who are power hungry and egomaniacs, will most likely lead to a great deal of trouble. See the West Virginia coal mine drama.

As I mentioned earlier, using "ones" and "zeros" in our financial transactions should allow a transformation of business dealing processes capable of a harmonious operation of society, because we have an infinite supply of "ones" and "zeros." Picture this. I run a bank here in town. I think I need 2 million dollars for this week. I call Ben Bernanke, and say "hey Ben, transfer a couple of million in my account to cover some checks coming in this week." It can be done in fifteen minutes. Ben Bernanke has a computer with a database that will extract money out of the air, just as easy, or even easier than they can print the bills. No raw material is needed like paper and ink. A fast Intel chip can generate any amount in microseconds. The thought that we are borrowing money that has value, and the taxpayers have to pay it back to someone as though it had value, or it actually belonged to somebody, is a total illusion and insane. The invisible air we breathe has more actual value.

So what's the answer? Humans will evolve out of this illusion eventually. When they do, no one will need money. Each will make a contribution to society within their ability, for the sake of being useful, and pursuing harmony, not as a function of survival or social competition. On a small scale, this has actually happened in some instances. An example is a small compound in Texas, a couple years ago. All those in the compound were getting along nicely outside of the world of the bankers, but the church women in town couldn't leave them alone, so they cooked up a scheme to get the sheriff in there and whisk all the kids away under false pretences, and after a long drama and public embarrassment, the kids were eventually all returned to the compound. The news media dropped the story like a hot potato.

I wonder if the human race will eventually evolve to a level of enlightenment where the illusion of money won't be necessary. I watch the charade of wall street as they go through the Las Vegas act of "making money" by buying and selling stock on the market, each trying to make a profit without making any positive contribution to anything. I suppose in the present state of the human level, the illusion of money is necessary to reduce chaos. All though, it also creates chaos in some instances, as it may promote more illusions of grandeur for those who have an excess amount. I've seen it's affect of a false sense of egotistical social superiority, in some who were barely bright enough to tie their shoes. The social power they got from their money, allowed some of them to do a great deal of social damage, even to the point of starting wars.

Even though we have made great technical strides in the last hundred years, I have to wonder if we have regressed socially. Money is to the greed fest person, as whisky is to an alcoholic. I am reminded of a saying by an old Indian friend of mine, "When a white man sees a scenario he doesn't understand, he attaches a label to it and then he thinks he understands. In reality, he doesn't even understand the label."

I see a transformation coming, where a realization of the motives of human behavior will become more focused from within each individual. Consider, why do I go to work? Do I like my job? I am bound between two forces. I have to work to survive vs. I am here so I will do something useful and not become a parasite. My value is in my contribution to society, as opposed to how can I use the system to get more "stuff" for myself. This represents the yin and yang of the self, the next step in human evolution.

We have been conditioned through the rhetoric of the hierarchy, that "money" is absolutely essential to our social system's survival. After due consideration, when is an illusion necessary for survival? I suspect the realization of the illusions will be become the great advancement of the freedoms of the human race. This illusion coupled with the illusion of social competition will lead to the utopian existence of the human race.

Imagine the release of stress this will result in, which will have a great effect on the health and well being of individual humans. An example of this, I will ride my bicycle or walk down to the grocery store, for the benefit of the exercise, instead of driving my car. I am therefore not obese, and I do not then have diabetes or many other malfunctions caused by lack of exercise. As I walk down the sidewalk, or ride my bicycle, I see others going by in their car, looking down at me as they are on the way to the doctors office, to get some drugs to mask some symptoms they have because of lack of exercise, and the stress of social illusions.

A personal experience worth mentioning is an experience of donating time and effort in a soup kitchen at the local church. During the week I would get supplies, and every Saturday, for 10 years, the experience was as rewarding as any paying job I ever had. The internal satisfaction of doing something constructive and useful seemed to set one's resonance with the universe as rewarding an accomplishment as I have ever experienced. The money effects of the social order, in the church, was the actual cause of the disintegration of this mission.

Here is a small example of profit or survival motivation in an everyday occurrence somewhere. My car needs repair. I take it to the mechanic, and in his zest for profit, he sells me parts for my car that it really don't need. Eliminating the "money" from the equation, totally eliminates this. Can you imagine the entire country operating in the "mission" mode, doing things, our normal jobs, because we like doing these things, not to impress the neighbors, and get rich, or even necessary to survive? We do them because they are constructive.

I strongly suspect that if the "money" systems were found to be unnecessary, the opportunity for profit making parasitic operations in our culture and power mongering that depend on handling money, would cease to exist. Imagine all the kicking and screaming as these groups die. (Which, is what you are actually seeing today). Imagine the condition of those who's whole life existence was focused on the accumulation of great wealth and power, and all of a sudden it becomes worthless, or recognized as worthless by society. The conditions we see today, are the result of the parasites feeding from the host to the degree where the host cannot maintain the system. So, the hosts in the system will die as we are witnessing, such as unemployment, repossessed homes, bankruptcies, wars, civil unrest, etc.

Another experience in our history, as of the last twenty years, is the agricultural family farms that were destroyed by the political, financial, banking system. This was the tool used to destroy the families and the farms. There were small independent businesses of all sorts from Mom and Pop groceries to small gas stations in little towns. They have all been destroyed by the major corporations through the manipulation of the "financial system." All this was for the purpose of a profit and control by a few, at the expense of many. It seems that the "money" is the weapon of the financial greedy and power mongers.

After considering all this, and having lived through this drama, and considering the conditions today, and the direction things seem to be headed, it may be time to consider a new type of movement. Let's start a new political party. This one will be the UTOPIAN party. It will work like this:

Rather than start a social club of administration, buildings, physical organization(s), or collect "money", it can be a purely conscious movement for enlightenment, through raising of the consciousness of the masses using the twelfth monkey principal. For those not familiar with the 12'th monkey principal here is the story.

In the South seas, there were monkeys on numerous islands, all eating potatoes. One day, one monkey washed his potato before he ate it. A second monkey saw the first do this so he did it too. When the 12'th monkey washed his potato, because he saw the others, all the monkeys on all the island began to wash their potatoes, even though they didn't see it done. It just became "normal" to do this. It is a consciousness shift in the mass consciousness of the monkey society (which is similar to the human society). This process worked without spending a nickel, or stump speeches,or social games, or creation of illusions for news entertainment.

Now that we understand, let's go to work.

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