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to the 21 st Century.

For the adventurous souls who would sojourn into this new world of rapidly changing times. There will be those who will implement the changes, and those who will resist them. There is no middle ground.


             This site is not meant for the weak hearted, or those who are complacent in their present status Quo positions. This site is for the new generation who is ready to move forward. This site contains serious ideas and technology.

Located around the edges of this page are photos of various devices that were made and used for specific purposes which will be discussed further in the linked pages. All of them have been used and have verified the theories that will be discussed , at least to my satisfaction, enough to take the time to build this site.

This equipment is being used from Australia, England, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and all throughout the United States. It's being used from Agriculture, Conservation, micro-organisms plants, animals and humans. We are all connected anyway.

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