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Let's look at where we are. Our usable, defined, electromagnetic spectrum by our present scientific community:

Through this range of our world, we have:

A. Audio range, where our ears, speakers, and also, our power distribution (60 hz)

B. Radio & TV, along with most of our other communication systems such as cell telephones, short wave, etc.

C. Microwave region is used to guide in aircraft, military warning systems, and to cook some of  your food in the kitchen.

D. Light (visible, ultra violet, & Infrared) We know this is how we see. We are also doing some laser things here.

E. Xrays The doctors see our bones (among other things) with this technology. We can also check the imperfections in metals with this tool.

F. Atomic stuff. Here we use a geiger counter. This is apparent in nuclear waste, and is measured Alfa, Beta, & Gamma "rays".

This isn't complicated While we glossed over each of these ranges, consider the uses are different, as a function of frequency, and the equipment used to generate, transmit, detect, and measure this energy are very different, as a function of frequency. Each of the bands are almost a complete science of their own. Now let's move into the future:

To achieve a mental picture of where we are in a new spectrum range, notice how small our defined area is when considered in this new spectrum. We have a lot of uncharted territory here. It would be very reasonable to assume that the behaviour will be different all the way up thru this range of energy frequency, just as we know it changes through our known, defined  section.

With knowledge of the existence of this new uncharted territory,  let  no man  tell me what is impossible, with any intention of meaning anything. Within this  new range of energies lies the secrets of the Ancient Ones......

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