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  21'st Century Answers


Now,  Let's connect all the subjects:

A) Electromagnetic Spectrum (Expansion/Undefined Region)

B) Medical including DNA and ATP

C) Pollution including microbes

D) Agriculture including life cycles


       Starting to get the picture yet?              

Let's start here:

The upper regions of the Electromagnetic Spectrum are involved in activating the DNA and ATP to evolve microbe genetics to digest pollution, including the manure pond, thereby bringing the life cycles of all living things back into activation and harmony.

We have succeeded in fragmenting our thinking into minuscule compartments which prevents seeing the big picture. This is a hazard of our academic system, our profit motive, fear of losing market share, our power positions, our prejudices, and our human ego.

For those who have had the tenacity to follow this far, my congratulations. Many won't make it this far, for they have not conquered the  above weaknesses.  


                                      Philosophy here....            

The reality of this technology, after overcoming the "threat syndrome" will actually provide an enhanced use of chemicals and drugs. This technology is not really a threat, or a competitor for the fields of use, but can aid in the overcoming the unfortunate side effects of their use.  We've seen this in the field. It can provide scenarios where drugs and chemicals that can not be used because of their side effects, can now be used safely. It can also be used in the enhancement of the abilities to create new forms that in the past were impossible. Drugs and chemicals are just combinations of atoms to make specific molecules, just as the techniques to make crystals. Actually the division labels are an illusion. One is selling energy, but chemistry is still part of the game. The other is selling chemistry, but energy is still part of the game.  Each combination of drugs have an energy signature. The differences are about like General motors and Ford. Both are really using the same technology but they won't admit it.

Now for some new stuff.... Back to the atom.        

The atomic structure of crystals provide certain electromagnetic characteristics. For example, a slice of quartz provides a very stable frequency resonance. Since the 1940's, crystal oscillators were used for frequency standards. All novice ham radio operators were required to use crystal oscillator transmitters by the FCC.

The natural crystals have an inherent ability to resonant and create energy in very narrow bands. They are not the ideal tools, unless one  really knows what they are doing, to create energies necessary to empower the ATP for proper DNA operation. It was necessary to create a special crystal, which is broadband enough to cover the entire range necessary to properly activate, or provide energy at the frequencies in this upper region of the spectrum, which is used by the DNA. (We learned earlier that the DNA are actually crystal structures). 



A new man made crystal has been made which succeeds in providing the broadband characteristics necessary. By proper electronic stimulation to this crystal, energy is created and made available for the enhanced operation of the DNA through the ATP, which allows life forms to survive stresses which it would not ordinarily survive. Re: microbes in a manure pond, which is laced with chlorine or antibiotics....  We know this works because we have done it. This is no longer just a theory.


The complete technical description, and all of the application techniques are not going to be expounded upon here, but if one comprehends the full value of this technology, the possibilities are endless. It completely changes the science of organic behaviour. ... Well, we found that it also changes the behaviour of inorganic things too, but that's another story.

Unlike some very well financed national, social, and political organizations, we have actually provided some real solutions and demonstrations to minimize these problems. It's up to the public now, to demand some meaningful activity to actually correct these problems, not just use them to construct more paper generating, publicity, and fund raising type or political organizations.                      

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