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The following information connects various subjects to expand the understanding of the total biosystem. Now, in our culture, various practices of healing are taking place, each having some successes and some failures.

By integrating these systems, maybe we can stimulate new thought patterns. There are groups who are worshipping the God's of statistics for their reality. This may be salesmanship, or to promote their belief system. Statistics are only accurate when all factors are specified, defined, understood, and controlled. It will be obvious when wading through all this, there are factors not considered. I wonder if our healthcare system is the only place where we accept less than perfection. For Example:

If we find 45% of the cars coming off the assembly line actually ran, we should do some statistical research analysis by making changes in the assembly line and then watching the statistics to see what happens. Or, would we actually go see what the problem(s) were and fix it? Some industries don't get paid for what doesn't get done right, and others do... If my mechanic fails to fix my car, he won't get paid. The doctor will get paid whether he does any good or not...

These factors  will effect the results of biological studies. It will be fun to pursue true understanding of Mother Earth's biosystem.

This collection of subjects from the encyclopedia, are as conservative a source as you can find. In our culture, there exist "experts" in many fields. Our academic system provides very focused intensive study in many fields. This intensive study reinforces the programmed thinking process based on the line of work an individual will pursue. There, all the approaches to that endeavor are programmed within established boundaries. This website will provide a tool to crack some of those boundaries and identify common threads to weave new thought patterns.



This is not an attempt to promote the use of this art, but to bring to attention of the reader, the principle of its' effects.

As described in Groliers,

"Biofeedback is a method for learned control of physiological responses of the body. These responses can be either in the voluntary system, such as skeletal musculature, or in the involuntary, or autonomic, nervous system, such as heart rate vascular responses, (frequently indirectly measured as temperature), and sympathetic discharges (measured by electrical skin resistance)." " It became clear that certain dramatic gains could be achieved by using psychological techniques on patients with medical problems." "Ultimately the patient should become his or her own therapist and eventually control specific body functions without the use of outside intervention. "

These statements are quotations from Groliers as updated in article written in 1987.

Now here are some personal experiences: We built a DC amplifier using a diff amp chip and set the thing up as battery powered, selectable gain, using a meter as indicator, and a balance for zeroing. We used two silver electrodes, connecting one to the forehead, under an elastic band, and the other electrode was inserted under the belt at the waist of the person ready for a Reiki treatment. The patient was lying motionless on a table similar to a massage table.

The power was a nine volt battery, in series with a 1 megohm resistor between the two electrodes. The intention was to amplify the variations in body resistance as the Reiki treatment progressed. To say the least, the meter would obviously react to treatments. For those who are not familiar with Reiki, it is a form of energy technique where the practitioners run energy to the patient through their own hands. This practice did not involve actually touching the patient. No physical contact was made. The meter made a full swing with a gain of 660 and a meter range of 12 volts. This study will continue. Specific meditations will also create meter responses.

This is the beginning of  "The mind is the builder and controller" of the biosystem.



Here is an old subject, but may have much to bring to the table in the realm of things. Some of the quotations from Groliers:

"It has been part of the Chinese medicine since ancient times. Western interest in it did not become widespread until the 1970's when physicians in China demonstrated that it could be used for control surgical pain."

"The Chinese postulated a system of energy circulation that predates, by many centuries, current understanding of blood circulation and the nervous system. They thought that vital life energy flows through a series of pathways, or meridians, 12 of which are on each side of the body."

Note: While at the Magnetic Therapy convention in Phoenix Az, 3 years ago, one of the remarks that everyone agreed to, is that the magnetics had the most success when used over the acupuncture meridians.






This page is not designed to complete the understanding of this science, but to allow the reader to review,  generally, what is involved here.

Photochemistry is the science of the actions taking place with the interactions of  light and matter. The observations are basically treated as chemical changes as a result of light exposure.

Let's set the thought patterns with a quote from Grolliers:

"When a quantum of light (photon) is absorbed by a molecule, the direct immediate consequence of this interaction is that the molecule is raised to an electrically excited state. For most molecules, this is caused by the absorption of visible or ultraviolet light and takes place in an extremely short period of time, about 10-15 seconds. The electronically excited state can be viewed as a molecule in which the distribution of electrons about the atoms that compose the molecules is changed relative to the normal or ground, state of the molecule. Because electronic distribution effects such properties as bond strength and molecular geometry many changes can take place in an electrically excited state that cannot occur (or that take place very slowly) in the ground state."

Sub headings within this science are:

Photophysicial processes, Photodissociation, Photoisomerization, Photocycloaddition, Photobiological Processes and Photosynthesis.

About Photosynthesis, Grolier says:

"It is a highly complicated process that involves many separate chemical reactions. The initial step involves light absorption by chlorophyll molecules that are arranged in specific groups called lamellae. The light supplies the energy needed to convert oxidized carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) ultimately to reduce carbon (as carbohydrate). Several quanta of light are needed to achieve the generation of one carbohydrate molecule."

A photobiological process is vision. Light striking the eye causes eventual neural impulses to be sent to the brain, in a manner where intelligence is transmitted. This requires synchronous organization of data. Groliers says it is not yet fully understood.....

Store these thought patterns for later.



 Without going into Einstein's theory, let's do some simpler thinking to get the idea about relativity. This is necessary to increase our level of possibilities above linear things.

We are standing still on the equator of the earth. The distance around the earth is approximately 25,000 mi. The earth rotates on it's axis once every 24 hours. We travel 25,000 miles in 24 hours. We are going over 1000 miles an hour. The speed of sound is 745 mph.

Now let's make it more complicated. The earth is traveling around the sun. The sun is 93 million miles away. The earth makes a revolution around the sun every 365 days.  Just to keep things simple, the circumference of Earth's path is:

         C  =  Pi(D)  = (93 X106) (2) (3.14)= 584 X 106 miles

Now:   (584 X 106 mi. / 365 days)/24 hrs. = 66,000 mi/hr


66,000 / 745mph = 88.6 times the speed of sound [Mach 88.6]

We also know, from this point on the equator, that the Planet Earth is corkscrewing through space as a result of its rotation, revolving around the sun, and moving through space with the sun around the Milky Way Galaxy.

Now lets go for a bigger number. The Sun is approx. 30,000 light yrs from the center of the Galaxy. It's estimated to take 200 million years for one cycle through the galaxy, and one light year = 5880 billion miles (according to Compton's).

So, the orbital circumference = 30 X103(2)(3.14) = 188.4 X103 light yrs (ly)  


   188.4 X103 light years X 5880 X 109 miles/ly = 1.1 X1018 miles

Our speed is then:      Speed  =  Distance/Time

Speed = 1.1 X1018 miles / (200 X 106 yrs X 365 days/yr X 24 hrs/day)

                       = 647,ooo mi/hr

Adding the Corkscrew effect, and using Pythagorean geometry:

                                      C2 = A2 + B2

                     C2 = (647,000mph)2 + (66,000 mi/hr)2

                C2 = 418 X 109 + 4.3 X109

                  C2  =  422.3 X 109

                   C = 649,000 mph

Now to compare this with the speed of light...

((649 X 103 mph/60min)/60 sec) = 180.20 mi/sec. as compared to 186,000 mi/sec for light speed. Appears to be 1/1000 of the speed of light.


649,000mph/745 mph(sound) = 871 times the speed of sound.. or Mach 871

Now, if we see what happens to "speed" as we move up in the levels of the universe, we seem to increase in speed:

Earth level................... 1000 mph

Solar Level.................66,000 mph

Milky Way Galaxy......649,000 mph

With all this analysis, all we have actually done is shift our point of reference from where we consider relative. We can measure from the ground we stand on, to the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

We have one more reference here that we will need for later in the summary. In Grolier's a statement is made under the heading of RELATIVITY:

"This sea of electromagnetism fills the Universe"

So Everything is relative

Now let's look at what happens during a doppler shift. Stand out next to the road, (not in the road), and listen to the cars go by. Notice the difference in the tone of the tire noise or horn noise, as the car goes by. The tone will lower. It's the same car making the same noise, but it will appear different to you. Here's why.

When the car is approaching, the noise is created at the same speed of the car plus it travels at 745 mph on it's own. So add the speed of the car to the static value of sound, maybe:

55 mph + 745 mph = 800 mph. Now the car is going away from you. So, subtract: 745 mph - 55 mph = 690 mph. The difference between the two speeds 800 mph - 690 mph = 110 mph. Sound is a combination of pressure and vacuum layers that travels in a wave, like the ocean. The ear is detecting these compression and vacuum layers and the mind is computing a tone in proportion to the frequency of these waves. So the tone you will hear is relative to to the speed of the object you are listening to. A present application of this technology, is now being used by the Sheriff, when he uses a radar gun to check your speed. Instead of sound, he is using the doppler effect at radar frequencies. So, where are we going with this 8'th grade science lesson?

Let's apply it to the higher realms. They tell us that the universe is expanding. That means everything is in motion in relation to everything else. Our sight is confined to a very narrow spectrum of from blue to red, which is 1014 to 1015 Hz according to the Electrical Engineers Handbook. Now we know that everything we see is a combination of the frequency of light (or energy) expelled from an object plus it's speed in relation to us. In other words, there may be things there, but do to very different speed relationships, we may not see them....

Let's just take a hypothetical case, A star is racing away from us at the speed of light. According to the doppler arithmetic, we can never see it. No energy will ever reach us from this star. Now the other extreme, a star is racing at us at the speed of light from 100 million light years out... The light frequency according to the doppler arithmetic, is now 10 30 Hz. According to the Engineers manual, we can't measure anything above 10 22 hz. (Geiger counter used here) This means we have no equipment available to even sense energy in this range much less actually see it. When Einstein said nothing could exceed the speed of light, I wonder what his reference was... It couldn't have been earth... or maybe he wasn't aware of the doppler effect.

Now, the two extremes we used will define some kind of limits, for thinking purposes, all though these two are actually not limits. Let's consider this. A news release was made from NASA that the Hubble Telescope had captured a supernova in the NCG 4214 Galaxy which is 100,000,000 (one hundred million) light years away. What does this mean? It means this nova blew, one hundred million years ago. We just captured ancient history. I wonder if they saw our galaxy creation? Somewhere out in space, someone is capable of witnessing out Milky Way Galaxy creation, all the time. This time line is moving out, constantly, crossing some other worlds, all the time.

This leads to another phenomenon, not only are we locked in this sector of space in this galaxy, but we are also locked out of real time in the rest of the universe. We are locked into a "space time continuum." The further out into space we look, the further back in time we see. We have no idea whats happening in outer space right now. We, also, by limitation of sensor technology, have no idea what is there, that we can't see, by nature of the doppler effect...



The following are excerpts from Compton's Encyclopedia. This is displayed to bring to the surface of one's consciousness the existence of the electrical systems of biosystems.

Animal species use bioelectricity for a number of purposes. Electric eels, for example, generate a current--as much as 650 volts--to stun their prey and enemies. Weight for weight, they are 100 times more effective than automobile batteries. Other fishes generate electric currents to locate and identify objects in their vicinity. The way animals generate electricity by oxidizing organic fuels has prompted efforts to develop equally effective fuel cells. Some have been built that use bacteria or their enzymes and that mimic biological activity.


Biophysical analyses of cells, tissues, and organs rely on the electron microscope and the techniques of surface chemistry and birefringence, or double refraction. These techniques are helpful in the study of the membranes that enclose cells. Surface chemistry explores the forces at work on membrane edges. Birefringence can pinpoint the presence of certain chemicals in both the membrane and the cell by the way in which light is doubly refracted through them.

Sharks can also sense electric and magnetic fields. Sensory pores located on the shark's head can detect a prey's bioelectric field even if the prey is buried in sand. A shark can also detect the Earth's magnetic field. Open-ocean sharks may use this information to navigate and orient themselves.



In 1975 Polish mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot introduced fractal geometry as a way to describe irregularly shaped objects or natural phenomena--such as coastlines, snowflakes, and tree branches--that could not be described by Euclidean geometry. Mandelbrot coined the word fractal to signify certain complex geometric shapes. The word is derived from the Latin fractus, meaning "fragmented" or "broken" and refers to the fact that these objects are self-similar--that is, their component parts resemble the whole. He stated that natural forms have the tendency to repeat themselves on an ever smaller scale, so that if each component is magnified it will look basically like the object as a whole. This geometry has been applied to the fields of physiology, chemistry, and mechanics.

Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia


DNA & Crystallography

The following (in italics) are excerpts form Compton's.

In 1910 the American geneticist Thomas H. Morgan and his associates discovered that genes occur on chromosomes and that those genes lying close together on the same chromosome form linkage groups that tend to be inherited together. They also showed that linkage groups often break apart naturally as a result of a phenomenon called crossing over.

By the 1950s scientists had learned a great deal about the chemistry of genes. Genes were found to be segments of certain complex molecules located in the cell nucleus. The molecules have the unique ability to duplicate themselves and, in so doing, to pass on body-building instructions to the next generation of a species.

The structure of DNA makes gene transmission possible. Since genes are segments of DNA, DNA must be able to make exact copies of itself to enable the next generation of cells to receive the same genes. (Fractal Principals?)

Since code transmission from DNA to mRNA is extremely precise, any error in the code affects protein synthesis. If the error is serious enough, it eventually affects some body trait or feature.

FRANKLIN, Rosalind (1920-58). A British biophysicist, Rosalind Franklin is best known for her contributions to the discovery of the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). DNA is the chief substance composing chromosomes and genes, the hereditary material. When Francis Crick, James Watson, and Maurice Wilkins were awarded the 1962 Nobel prize for physiology or medicine for determining the structure of the DNA molecule, many scientists believed that Franklin should have been honored with them.

Born in London on July 25, 1920, Rosalind Elsie Franklin won a scholarship to Newnham College, Cambridge. After graduation in 1941 she began research on the physical structure of coals and carbonized coals. Working in Paris from 1947 to 1950, she gained skill in using X-ray diffraction as an analytical technique. (X-ray diffraction is a method of analyzing the crystal structure of materials by passing X rays through them and observing the diffraction, or scattering, image of the rays.) Franklin used this technique to describe the structure of carbons with more precision than had previously been possible. She also determined that there are two distinct classes of carbons--those that form graphite when they are heated to high temperatures and those that do not.

In 1912 Max von Laue showed that crystals diffract X rays. When atoms are regularly arranged in a crystal structure, the scattered X rays reinforce one another in certain directions. A photographic film placed in the path of these scattered X rays develops a pattern of spots that is different for each crystal structure. These patterns reveal the arrangement of atoms in the crystal. More recently, Erwin Mueller developed the field ion microscope for observing crystals. This instrument actually enables one to see the positions of individual atoms on the crystal surface.

We have now established that the DNA are twisted pairs of crystalline structures. 



Here is some basic crystal information, by Compton's:

The ancient Greeks used the word krystallos to mean both ice and quartz. They thought that quartz was simply another form of ice that had become permanently solid. In today's world a crystal is commonly considered to be a solid object with symmetrically arranged flat surfaces that meet in straight lines and sharp corners. Everyone has seen examples of such crystals. Diamonds, snowflakes, and rock salt are among the best known.

In 1912 Max von Laue showed that crystals diffract X rays. When atoms are regularly arranged in a crystal structure, the scattered X rays reinforce one another in certain directions. A photographic film placed in the path of these scattered X rays develops a pattern of spots that is different for each crystal structure. These patterns reveal the arrangement of atoms in the crystal. More recently, Erwin Mueller developed the field ion microscope for observing crystals. This instrument actually enables one to see the positions of individual atoms on the crystal surface.

The phenomenon of piezoelectricity arises directly from crystal structure. Certain crystals become electrically polarised when they are squeezed or stretched. Conversely, they become mechanically deformed under the influence of an electric field. These piezoelectric crystals are used in some radio earphones to change electrical energy to mechanical energy and in phonograph pickups to change mechanical energy to electrical energy.


A single crystal of silicon or germanium can be grown in such a way that it has alternate n- and p-type regions. The transition area between the n- and p-type regions is called a p-n junction. It can transmit electric current in one direction only. This property is useful in changing an alternating current to a direct current. Transistors consist of two back-to-back p-n junctions. They are able to amplify electrical signals. In solar cells, which convert the sun's energy into electrical energy, p-n junctions are constructed to absorb light over large areas.

Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia

What you see here from the encyclopedia, is now primitive technology. Most homes today have Personal computers which is a gargantuan expansion on the above descriptions of crystal technology. To move on from the above descriptions consider the following.

A crystal structure is a repetition of the same molecular structures over and over in the crystal. This means there is a common distance between each nucleus of the atoms. This common distance allows electrical impulses to occur, in a plane, in alignment with a row of atom nucleuses. Equal distant between the nucleuses, electron(s) whiz past. In this row of nucleuses, you now have an antenna with waves existing. Re: Nucleus = + charge, and electron = - charge. See? not complicated. Each atom reinforces the energy wave through the crystal. The variation in material of the crystal, as in going from quartz to amethyst will change the distance from nucleus to nucleus by nature of different number of electrons in orbit. Hence, a different resonant frequency will occur. Even though quartz and amethyst are both crystals, they will resonate at different frequencies, and they are very narrow frequency bands. 



Living things and their components have distinct shapes because the architecture of their molecules is tailored for their specific tasks. For example, each of the thousand or more protein molecules has a special job. It might be involved in catalysts, in electron transfer, or in membrane construction, to name a few. A protein molecule has a shape uniquely suited for its assignment. The hemoglobin molecule, for example, has a pocket for carrying oxygen or carbon dioxide during respiration. The rod-shaped collagen molecule stiffens tissues and organs. The same notion of fit-to-function applies to most other cell molecules. DNA is designed for the storage of genetic information, phospholipids for use in membranes, and ATP for the storage of usable energy.

ADP. Adenosine diphosphate, an intermediary molecule that is converted to ATP when bonded to a third phosphate group.

ATP. Adenosine triphosphate, the major storehouse of chemical energy in a cell. When one of its two high-energy phosphate bonds is broken in hydrolysis, ATP releases energy and becomes ADP. complementarity. A matching of components for a desired result; for example, in the paired series

2 3 1 4 0

2 1 3 0 4

the numerals in the top row complement those in the bottom row to yield the arbitrary number 4 in each pair. Complementarity underlies membrane construction, protein synthesis, and cell reproduction.

DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid, a molecule that holds the genetic information needed for heredity.

electromechanochemical energy. The interconversion of electrical, mechanical, and chemical energy by the cell's energy-gathering systems to unleash, gather, and store the power locked in ATP. (Chinese Chi? or Japanese Ki?)

enzyme. A protein that catalyzes, or speeds up, biochemical reactions without itself undergoing a lasting change.

oxidation. Loss of electrons by an atom. phospholipid. A bimodal molecule composed of two contradictory elements--a phosphate group attractive to water and a lipid, which repels water.

Pi. Symbol for an inorganic phosphate.

protein. A large molecule composed of amino acids strung together in a unique arrangement.

reduction. Gain of electrons by an atom.

RNA. Ribonucleic acid, the complement to DNA, which transcribes DNA's genetic instructions for the manufacture of proteins.

Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia



Here we have a new therapy that is starting to grow in our culture. There is no reference material, that I know of,  other than books written by those who are in the business of selling these products. They may be very accurate, but I look for objective reference material written by those outside the business world (which is very hard to find on any subject now).

I attended the Magnetic Therapy convention in Phoenix, a couple of years ago. I don't agree with the explanations of why the magnets work, but I have contacted enough people to know they are effective. They are definitely doing something. I've seen things happen that go beyond "pain relief", but the FDA is guarding this field, for obvious reasons. Maybe this also gives the therapy credence, because they must see it as "real threat" to the drug business.  I will say that I've seen these used in Mexico for treating patients for ailments going way beyond pain control. If my theory is correct, it should not come as a surprise.

A clearer view may be possible after reading the last pages of this site, of  how my opinion of the magnetic effects fits the big picture. Some of this was addressed in the Acupuncture above.



It should now be considered that the biosystem includes an electromagnetic system that is part of the normal design. With this background, it can be logically suggested that the controlling functions begin with the forms and resonances of particular designs of the Amino acids/proteins. Biosystems function in this realm.

The failure to eliminate MS, cancer, Aids, etc., reflect missing keys to the understanding of the biosystem by our cultural structures. We have to get beyond looking for a magic drug.

It is established by our references, that the DNA and RNA are crystal structures. It is also established that crystals are stimulated by electromagnetic energy. As each crystal differs, its' resonant frequency (or lattice vibration) differs. It is also established that crystals are energy convertors.

When a single frequency will vibrate a single crystal, then a combination of frequencies will stimulate a combination of  DNA crystals. This combination of DNA crystals will result in a specific protein. Specific protein/amino acids will provide known functions in the biosystem.

Now, how does the biosystem know what proteins to create?

It uses a system of feedback as shown here. This is an example of a simple closed loop system. A total biosystem, depending on complexity, may require millions of these little systems. 

Here is a more detailed Biosystem illustration. This shows the electromagnetic energy in the loop. Each DNA crystal because of its' unique lattice structure will resonate at a slightly different frequency. A combination of frequencies called a signature, will then select the types of proteins to be generated.

Here is shown a frequency signature which will activate specific DNA crystals, creating a specific protein chain.

Grolier's supplies part of the key under "Genetic Code". The subject description is covered in "Starting and stopping the code". Quote:

In order for the nucleic chain to be divided into genes, each carrying a specific message, signals must be present that indicate where a message begins and where it ends. The mRNA contains special nucleotides at both ends of the message--one that initiates and one that terminates the translation of the code.

This description will appear very familiar to a computer programmer using machine language. Let's now look at the frequencies listed above in the spectrum chart. Notice they are above the gamma range.

Considering the new range of energy here, let's revisit Acupuncture. Let's bring the meridians from the back of our mind, and consider them as part of this new energy spectrum. It is also very feasible that these merideans are major feeders of information of complex signatures that are very influential in the operation of the DNA mRNA operation.  

The next question is "What is the source of this energy?" For this let's look at the statement by Groliers "This sea of electromagnetism fills the universe." Does this mean all energy is available all the time? I would expect not. If all frequencies are available all the time, all the DNA crystals would be ringing all the time. For our biosystem to function properly, some intelligent order has to be defined and controlled.

Let's consider Biofeedback. Here we have a clear demonstration of the mental activity establishing measurable controls over the voluntary and involuntary functions. We demonstrate here, thought patterns controlling our biosystem.

From what we have learned we can now submit this diagram.

Now it's time to consider the mind function into the biosystem. It has been considered by many, that the thinking function is performed by the brain alone. However as the brain cells contain DNA and RNA, which are influenced by the electromagnetic stimulation, it becomes necessary to entertain the possibility of the mind being an electrical function, highly organized and complex, outside of our presently defined reality. It is most likely that the brain is an interfacing organ, and not the thinking organ. The programs for the biosystem are most likely controlled through the unconscious and conscience portions of the electrical system, just as we have learned, with the computer processor.

In our culture, robots, computers, and machine controls and very sophisticated equipment have been created. None have been constructed with the capability of reproducing its'self and the degree of self maintenance capability of a biosystem.

In the reference BioElectricity, Sharks find their prey buried in the sand by sensing their energy fields.

In Photo Chemistry references, the subject of activated molecules is addressed. Here the description of visible light effecting certain molecules excites them to a new state of existence. This principal can be applied to DNA crystals when excited with acupuncture meridian energies. This excited state actually consists of the outer electrons in an atom jumping to a higher orbit, and speeding up. This is demonstrated in the phosphoresence or glowing in the dark of watches which had faces made of special phosphor coating. This happens to a  TV picture tube when struck  on the reverse side with an electron beam.

In the reference for crystals, we see examples of how crystals are used as energy converters. In may of our technical fields they have many uses even the microprocessor chips, microwave mixers, detectors, and semiconductor uses. I don't have any problem visioning DNA crystals converting EM energy into proteins and amino acids.

ATP the Power Module. This unit is the actual convertor for acupuncture meridean energy to DNA fuel plus information decoder for timing and action commands for the physical bio-system.

Fractal Geometry reinforces the genetics by the transferring the biosystem design from generation to generation as it also contains the system design within the subunit. This is also the principal of the hologram. There is actually a mandelbrot graphic diagram (in rough form) in the FRACTAL GOEMETRY section. Also very interesting, this design was witnessed as one of the crop circles in  Cambridge, England on August 13, 1991.

At this time, another interesting phenomenon may be considered. The (recorded) history of man within 20,000 years has not seen the technical changes that have taken place within the recent 100 years. When graphically displayed, a literal explosion has taken place in the last 100 years. All of the  raw material was present all this time, that we use today for technical development, but it was never done. Can it be that the programming of the EM energy is now providing the source necessary to stimulate the DNA providing capability to understand the new data?

Now let's touch the magnet therapy. We know that the yoke of the picture tube controls the electron beam that paints the picture you see on TV. This yoke provides a magnetic field that actually steers the electron beam. Now let's put a magnet on a sore spot on your arm or on the back of your hand if you have carpel tunnel problem. What happens? The EM energy or acupuncture energy, is focused to penetrate the flesh and actually create a high energy flow through the hand. This aids in the DNA activity which is absolutely necessary for the proteins and amino acids to reproduce, to provide body maintenance and repair. If there is an absence of this energy, and it isn't corrected either knowingly or unknowingly, the hand will never get better.

We have encountered, in our experiences, some other sources, outside the conservative references. They seem to reconcile the theories I have proposed here. We have had very encouraging experiences in the use of  Prayer, Reiki, QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and the Martial Arts. It appears that the actions anyone takes with respect to themselves, is controlled by the amount of responsibility they are willing to accept for themselves. Each individual is in the process of eventually taking his or her power back from the established power system.

Quote: "Truth stands on it's own. It needs no defense. It can only be approached through understanding and comprehension." by Dr. Z. Shantung Jan. 2000.

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