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 Time Dilation

Let's take 2 mirrors. Let's put them facing each other, so light will reflect between them, bounding back and forth. See figure 1 below.

Light Reflectors

Figure 1

Put these mirrors at a distance so that it will take one second for the little photon of light to make one round trip. We know that light travels at 3 X 108 meters / second. So, we put these mirrors 1.5 X 108 meters apart. Now we see, this little photon of light will take one second to make a round trip.

Now let's confuse the issue. Lets put this mirror assembly aboard a star ship and set the speed to one half the speed of light. See the triangle in figure 2.

Figure 2

The line "d" represents the distance between the mirrors. Line "a" (for now) will indicate starship speed, which is 1/2 the speed of light. Line "c" is the path the little photon will follow, which is the speed of light.

If the speed of the ship (a) is half the speed of light (c), then we know that the angle of  ac = 60 degrees. [Cos of .5 = 60 deg].

Now that we got the ac angle, let's calculate the distance the light has to travel  (c) when the ship is in motion. We know that the "d" line is 1.5 X 108 meters. So, using :

Sin 600 = d/c

Then: c = 1.5 X 108 / .866 = 1.732 X 108 meters

Now for the other half of the cycle (c')

c = c' (the ship speed is constant)

c X 2 = 3.46 X108 meters


time = distance / speed

time = 3.46 / 3.0 = 1.15 seconds

Now the paradox:

If  I am aboard the starship, I see one second, regardless how fast we go.

Note: It has been decided by Albert Einstein, that the speed of light is constant. This has been accepted by our physicists as correct (today anyway). Going with this theory, we can only adjust the time portion of this equation to make anything here reconcile.

If I am on the ground (or Earth), I see 1.15 seconds.

If we repeat this process for faster speeds, let's see the effect.

For c = speed of light:






 (x108 meters)



Time Diff


.5 x c 60 1.734 1.15 .15
.6 53 2.27 1.25 .25
.7 45 3 1.41 .41
.8 37 4 1.66 .66
.9 26 6.25 2.31 1.31
.95 18 9.14 3.2 2.2
.98 11.5 15 5 4
.99 8.1 21.3 7 6

From the numbers above, look how the data graphs out.

It would appear that as the speed of light is approached, an exponential increase in time difference occurs between  residence of the the starship and the (stationary) observer on Earth.

Consider this: In the Starship, we see one second of time pass. As an outside observer, or not being in the starship, we see 7 seconds pass by for one light cycle between the mirrors, when the ship is running 99 percent the speed of light (approaching Warp speed).

The trigonometry of our times and physics math, obviously, do not accept the ability to reach warp speed as a reality, and still maintain their ruling power to dominate and control our belief system.


Solar Event Clock

Let's move into the conditioned  subtle understanding of our concept of time. We have been conditioned to a solar event clock and have accepted this as "time". We have set our schedules and periods of functions, and limitations, on the cycles of the earth rotation, moon cycles, and our trip on Earth, around the sun. We have locked our concept of time to solar cycles. Our thinking then, is limited to this solar system.  To get an idea of how small or primitive this is, look at the size of the Milky Way Galaxy, in relation to the size of our solar system. That is a measure of how primitive our thinking still is. This also falls in line with the limited definition of the electromagnetic spectrum as illustrated earlier in "21'st Century"

Now that we have encountered a little enlightenment about the solar event clock, let's return to the earlier paradox. The only thing that changed in the above mirror system, was the position of the observer. Well, that's not quite true, my physical body didn't move, but my position of consciousness did. I could see things from the starships point of view, or I could see them from the (fixed) external point of view here on Earth.

Now here is a real stupid question.

If it is impossible to achieve light speed, then how can light go this fast?

Here is an answer:

The technology of light does not exist in relation to Earth's laws. Go back aboard the starship. Forget Earth. Reference nothing to Earth. If you forget Earth, you are no longer traveling at 99% of the speed of light, because that's where you were measuring from.  Pick another reference. Pick another solar system, that, through the present expansion of the universe, is all ready moving away from the starship at one half the speed of light again. Now base your laws of physics on that system, and now your belief system will allow you to pick up more speed again, (according to our laws of physics).

Here is another example of the use of variation of electromagnetic propagation speed. The Radar Detectors used by the state police in every state. They use the doppler effect to measure speed of an oncoming or car going away. How it works, a carrier is transmitted from the officers' "gun" and directed at the car being speed checked. If the car is approaching, a return signal will be received, and be a higher frequency than the carrier. The difference between the carrier and the returned signal is proportional to the speed of the car. This happens when the speed of the car is added to the speed of the carrier wave. The returned signal will then appear to be a higher frequency because the energy is traveling at a higher speed than the carrier. Being reflected from the car does not really cause a frequency shift, it changes the speed of the energy. Because of the change of propagation speed, a higher frequency will appear. The radar or microwave frequencies are just below the visible light spectrum in the electromagnetic spectrum. It is really doubtful that radar is susceptible to speed changes, and light is not.

Apparently, light it'self does not understand the standard belief system established on Earth. Now, just an idea, don't reference anything else in the material universe. Does this mean there are no limitations?  Maybe our mental concepts  actually control our limitations. Our reality is only a product of our mental perception tools. Those we allow to create our perception tools  for us, actually create our reality for us.

Put yourself in Albert Einstein's place. When the fastest speed known to man is identified as light, why not use it as a standard? It will work for a period of time, until another energy is identified and found to be traveling faster. At the time, this was a safe thing to do.

Let's imagine this, just to test the system. Suppose in the upper region of the electromagnetic spectrum, say 10100 Hertz, transmission speed jumps to 27 x 108 meters a second. This is equivalent to c x 9. Now rerun the triangle physics in the starship, demonstrated above, using this "maximum" speed. You will find that you will approach this speed but can never quite reach it, just as the formula now worked for light. It will allow, however, speeds which exceed 3 x 108 meters/second which is equivalent to Warp 8 (8 times the speed of light).  

Now we have to consider one more thing. What is the magic attribute about visible light speed, 3 x 108 meters a second, that would contain this speed limitation? The photon can't survive the "G" force? It gets scared? What is the physical, electrical, or chemical  reason for not being able to exceed the speed of light? I haven't seen this explained anywhere yet. All I've seen, is the word of one college professor, and the public acceptance of this statement.

Here is a new phenomenon that has surfaced from the astronomers at NASA. Observing light from a distant star, and watching the effects of other galactic bodies, closer, it seems the gravity bends the light from the distant star. This is measured as a Red Shift. How does this work? When the light from a distant star comes close to another body ,which has gravity, the light "bends" as a result of the gravity. When this happens, a sling shot effect speeds up the light stream. Now, how would speeding up the light beam shift the color toward red for the observer?

The frequency of the light is determined by the observer. The higher the speed, the longer the wavelength. The longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency. Hence, you observe a red shift, as this is a shift toward the lower end of the light spectrum.

The physics formulas are man derived belief systems or descriptions of reality, based mostly on  lab demonstrations. Light is the fastest thing they have detected, based on the equipment they have to work with, so if we can't see it in the lab, then it don't exist?  Until such time as propagation has been generated, tested, and defined, from 1022 hertz up to infinity, no one can intelligently say the maximum speed attainable is the speed of our visible light. The behaviour of the energies in this upper region are completely unknown, and until this is known, no one can intelligently set any limitations on anything, regardless of the number of credit hours, or social status.

However, outside our solar system,


E = MC2

Energy = Mass times speed of light squared

Let's see how this works (using metric system).

E = 1 gram/sec x (3 x 108 meters/sec)2 = 9 x 1016 calories/sec

That is a lot of energy. Let's relate calories to something we know. One calorie will raise the temperature of 1cubic centimeter of water, 1 degree centigrade. It takes 100 calories to change one cubic centimeter of water at 1000 centigrade (boiling temperature) to steam.

So, if 100 calories will convert 1cc of water to steam,


9 x 1016  calories / 100 calories / cc = 9 x 1014 cc.

This is equivalent to:

9 X 1014  cc / 106 cc (cubic meter) = 9 x 108 meters3 of water


900,000,000 metric tons

This formula says we can boil nine hundred million metric tons of water with the energy stored in one gram of matter? This seems impossible, yet at the completion of the process, there will be no matter left. The 1 gram of matter will be completely gone. We haven't demonstrated this yet to my knowledge here on Earth. What we do, is take U238 and through our alchemical process, convert it to U235. We reduced the atomic weight by 3. Now we have a waste product of  atomic weight of 235 left. We have only used 1.26% of the fuel. As you have guessed, this is our nuclear reactors for power generation.

Note: All these figures are based on an occurrence of one second time lapse based on our solar event clock. By increasing the time, the average power level can be reduced proportional to to the increase in time, but the total energy level will be the same. After all, energy  (here on Earth) is a function of  force over solar event  time.

Let's reverse the process. Now, we have an idea of the type of energy it takes to create matter. If the numbers are right, it will take  9 x 1016 calories to create 1 gram of matter  (in one second) and that's at 100% efficiency.  

Now lets do some solar time things. Let's increase the time and see how the creation of matter schedules on a theoretical basis.

E(calories) / time

= Energy Level


9 x 1016 / 60

.15 x 1016 calories/sec


9 x 1016 / 360

25 x 1014 calories / sec


9 x 1016 /  8640

1 x 1013 calories / sec


9 x 1016 / 259,200

3 x 1011 calories / sec


9 x 1016 / 3.1 x 106

2.9 x 1010 cal. / sec


9 x 1016 / 3.1 x 107

2.9 x 106 cal/sec

10 Years

9 x 1016 / 3.1 x 108

2.9 x 105 cal/sec


9 x 1016 / 3.1 x 109

2.9 x 107 cal / sec

1000 Yrs

9 x 1016 / 3.1 x 1010

2.9 x 106 cal/sec

10 K Yrs

9 x 1016 / 3.1 x 1011

2.9 x 105 cal/sec

100 K Yrs

9 x 1016 / 3.1 x 1012

2.9 x 104 cal/sec

1 M Yrs

9 x 1016 / 3.1 x 1013

2.9 x 103 cal/sec

10 M Yrs

There's the data to create 1 gram of material from 1 second to 10 million years verses the power level required for each period of solar event time in calories. All this is based on Einstein's E=MC2.  Here is the graph.

Note that the calories axis are actually calories/second.

Also: All of the creation data is based on the Earth Solar Event Clock. 


The Ethers

Back in 1887, two people, Michelson and Morley, ran a special test to look for "ethers". They were looking for this "ether" as a constant and unmoving reference to base their physics formulas on, something like invisible concrete. Here's what they did.

They set up a flashlight, (or some light source) to shine in their lab, and measured the speed of light. They waited six months, till the earth was on the other side of the sun, supposedly going in the opposite direction, and measured the speed of light again. They didn't see any difference. Therefore they concluded their isn't any ethers. They thought the speed of the earth would add or subtract the speed of light like the  blowing wind effects on an airplane course calculation.

Einstein, on the other hand, said that space is a sea of electromagnetic energy. Now we get into what exactly is "Ethers"? Here is what Webster says (for physics):

Ethers - A medium postulated in the undulatory theory of light, as permeating all space, and as transmitting transverse waves.

It's beyond me, how the above experiment by Morley and Michelson proved anything at all.  The speed of the earth around the sun, is 29,000 meters a second. The speed of light is around 3 x 108 meters a second. We are seeing here, an effect of 9.6 x 10 -5 difference. I really doubt they had equipment in 1887 to even  measure light speed, with this degree of accuracy. The whole test in the lab was done in a specific frame, and as seen in the starship above, according to Einstein, they will see the same thing anyway.  I see little relevance to whether "ethers" exist based on this experiment.

Now just a little common sense here. I look up. I see stars. I know that all the stars are not just shinning a laser beam directly at me. I suspect they are isotropic radiators. This means that each one of the billions of stars are radiating in all directions around them. I strongly suspect that the universe is full of (at least) light energy. I also suspect that the universe is full of energies, other than just visible light. Do we want to consider all of these energies  as "Ethers"? It could be, that we are subject to subtle programing to think ethers are magical mystical stuff that can't be defined.

Now re-think the extension of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond our defined range, from 1022 Hz upward, as described in 21'st Century beginning. Now reconsider ethers again.



One of the great interests to physicists for the last century has been the "upper dimension" theory. This opens the door to many possibilities. We are going in through the electromagnetic spectrum and fractal geometry. We touched on this briefly in Phase-II.

The Fractal scaling ratio uses these formulas:


Let's just create some thought patterns, to see how they fit here. Let's consider a fifth dimension existence. Let's consider this beyond our present everyday existence and assumptions.

Let's start with the electromagnetic spectrum. It's presently defined as from 100 to 1022 hz. Let's calculate the upper end of the spectrum in the following dimensions. So,

(4'th dimension)

NrD = [1] x 1022)4  =  1088 hz  and

NrD = [1](10-14)4 = 10-56 meters wavelength

(5'th Dimension)

NrD  = [1](1088 )5 = 10440  Hz  and:

NrD = [1](10-56)5 = 10-280 meters wavelength

Fractal Expansion into Upper Dimensions





10440 Hz

10-280 meters


10660 hz



10101,640  hz



1017,888,640  hz



10160,997,760 hz


Let's look at something a little more simple, to become aware of multidimensional realities. Let's look at the capabilities of the PC (yes, your computer). At the early stages of programing ,and still in operation today, is a language called Basic. This language provided the ability to create a multidimensional matrix for storing information.

The command --> "dim(x,y)" would set the parameters for a two dimensional matrix, like the charts you have seen above.  

The command --> "dim(x,y,z)" would create a 3 dimensional matrix.

The command --> "dim(a,b,c,d,e) would create a 5 dimensional matrix.

So, we are all ready capable of operating in more than 3 dimensions in some areas. At least we have the tools. To use this, however, requires a mental ability to create a scenario, where common threads run in 5 different directions to create the matrix in an orderly fashion and conforming to logic.

Let's look at the mental concept of mult-dimensional thinking. One concept is to contain a geometric figure in a still three dimensional (material) plane. We see this in crystal formation. It's state of shape has more than 3 planes of surface in it's definition, or more complex than the cube. This is the material concept.

Then, there is a condition of upper dimensions which are unseeable and yet undefined by the present scientific community. It is a condition of things in a yet undefined environment, with limited descriptions of conditions and limitations. This is the matter/energy concept. We work with this now in acupuncture and Eastern arts. Our cultural tendencies are, to remain limited to the material/chemical plane.


Time Space Continuum

In the center of the circles above, is our planet Earth. Each circle represents 1,000,000 light years. A light year is how far light travels in one year. This means, at the range of the first circle, the light will take a million years to reach us. The outer circle (4'th) then, represents 4 million light years away. This means that the light I see from a nova or star 4 million light years away, left the origin 4 million years ago.

We now have the Hubble telescope in orbit. We are seeing things at a much greater range than we could see before. But we are not seeing in the present, we are seeing the past, and the greater the distance, the further back in the past we are seeing. When considering the universe, we can now, not disconnect space and time (and stay in reality). We have to consider the distance and time together.

This can be disconcerting at initial realization, because we now know we are further isolated from the universe, because we have no idea what things are like now. Let's consider SETI (Search for Extra Exterestial Intellegence). It establishes our inability to communicate or receive any "signals" in real time, based on our present technology, with any ET culture existing at any meaningful timespace. Any signal we would receive now from a million lightyears away, would have to have been transmitted a million years ago.

Now let's do something daring.... Let's mentally build a manned space probe. Let's get in and blast off, and leave the earth. Let's head for the Andromeda Galaxy. The further we get from Earth, from Earth's relative point of view, we are moving into Earths future. Let's go one light year away. Anything I do aboard the probe, will not be known by Earth people, until a year later.

Now let's make it real interesting. Let's pull in the time Dilation stuff from above. Somehow, my speed effects my time concept. I have some advantages. I'm not locked into the event clock any more. As I increase speed, my perception of time is different than that on Earth. As I approach the speed of light it can slow down by a factor of at least seven, and as the graph indicates, when I reach the speed of light, time may not pass at all, or, I have entered a new dimension (as perceived from Earth). I can do this because my perception has been changed to the space probe. If I travel away from Earth at the speed of light, I will no longer be part of Earth's reality. I will no longer be visible or detectable.

Now, after reaching this point, how many things, out there, are presently all ready traveling above the speed of light that we don't know about? Could it be that in their natural state, they exist normally as a result of creation, in motion, different than us, existing at higher than the speed of light movement with reference to us? We at the present time, would be completely oblivious to their existence. I realize that the ego of some of our scientific leaders, would definitely say "This can't be, because we haven't proven it in the lab, and it isn't repeatable."

Here is some simple statistics. The Andromeda Galaxy is 100,000,000 times bigger than the Milky Way Galaxy. We are pretty sure, at this time, that there is at least one planet where life exists in the Milky Way.  Now if Andromeda is 100,000,000 times bigger, by pure ratio, there should be 100,000,000 planets there supporting life of some sort. It is possible that these figures could vary by 20 %, but you get the point. Also keep in mind, there are millions of galaxies out there.

These thoughts should be sufficient for the day...  

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