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21'st Century Medical Treatment


Healthcare = Drugs ?

How did we get into this position?

The drug companies will send drug samples (along with a sizable check) to the academic institution for "research" studies. This college is where doctors are trained. It also discourages the academic institutions from getting involved with other modalities which may appear as a competitor to drug sales. At times we get profit motive in the way of service or real truth.  Look at all the trouble the chiropractors had with the medical system, mainly because they weren't selling drugs.

 It's coming to a close.  Here's why:


Chemotherapy was invented in 1910. It's a derivative of the WW1 mustard gas. I know, if I get cancer, and go to a doctor, I'm going to be sold chemotherapy. I know people who are. How much money has the cancer research drives collected in the last 90 years? What did we really get for our money? Where did the money go? The public is catching on......


Where are we going now?  DNA - rNA- ATP,   yes the genetic codes included in every one of our cells. Why did this take so long? Because you can not access these through drugs. How do we access these? Through electromagnetic energy.

Remember the Frequency charts on the previous page?  Consider this:

Remember the "glow in the dark" watches? They used Phosphorescent paint. How did this work? The light (photon bombardment) stored energy in the atoms by moving the outer electron orbit into an excited state, speeding it up and moving it out into a larger orbit. Now, when the watch goes into the dark, this stored energy in the electron orbit, emits light as it returns to "normal orbit". We know this happens, because we can see it.


This is exactly what happens when ATP atoms convert electromagnetic energy for the activation of the DNA crystals. Yes, that's right, I said DNA crystals.  How do I know this? Two guys named Crick and Watson used Xray crystallography to map the DNA back in the 1950's.

How this works,  (crystallography) is the variation in the crystal structures of the DNA causes the xrays to refract in different patterns on a sensitive film, where they can be recorded.

So where are we going with this?

1) The reality is, all bio-malfunctions can probably be  traced to DNA malfunctions,  because of  energy problems....  Properly activate the immune system, and the body is capable of fixing its' self.

2) DNA access will be made through electromagnetic methods, not drugs.

Let's just look at "Double Blind Studies". We look for the differences in results using a test drug vs a placebo. Is anyone wondering why the placebos are working?  We're not searching for healing, we're trying to sell another  drug.  The real answer lies here.

You are being led to believe that this genetic condition is completely due to heredity. Wrong. The activation of specific crystals in the DNA chain to create specific amino acids and enzymes is done directly by specific coding which is done through frequency signatures (electromagnetic energy). It's all ready known in scientific circles that this functions based on binary codes similar to the way a computer works.

Consider this one. We are told cancer is caused by cigarette smoke and sunshine. We are also hearing about specific cancer genes. Is the cigarette smoke and sunshine creating these genes, or were they inherited?  I personally know people who smoked and didn't die of cancer. I know people who died of cancer who didn't smoke, or spend much time in the sunshine. I think there is  a lot more behind the scenes, and I think it has to do with environmental energies in this undefined range.

Here are some examples of  healing techniques becoming more and more popular in our culture.


Magnetic Therapy,   Reiki,   Touch energy healing, Tai Chi,

Homeopathy,   Acupuncture,  Crystals,  Yoga,   Chiropractic,

Feng ShuiAyurveda Techniques and philosophy, Dowsing

Most of these are not new. Most of them existed long before the drug companies, and most of them, not realizing it, are using energies in the uncharted spectrum. Our technical people, not having the equipment to measure these upper band areas (yet), obviously have no way in. So, we ignore it's existence. We have had our minds subtly programed out of its' existence. But, like flying heavier than air craft, some of us will go there and do it anyway.  

One of the trends indicated by the interest in participating in one or more of the above listed trends,  is that the people are beginning to take responsibility for themselves. They are recognizing new options.  The old way (20'th century), was basically just go to the doctors office, drop the body off and get it fixed.

"I don't want to do anything or know anything, my insurance company will pay for it all. I'll depend on the system."

It's not working, and the public is slowly taking back its' power. This is the most  effective type of  evolution, because it can't be stopped. It's much more effective than guns and political battles. This self empowerment is a result of DNA awakening.  The public will eventually get just what it asks for.

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