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 21'st  Century Energy Devices

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This Photograph shows the first device created for healing broken bones in this man's foot. The coils were wound on a plywood frame and excited with a specific frequency at a very low power (100 mw).

Eric dropped a 100 lb tractor wheel weight on his foot, a farm accident.

The bones in the right foot were broken and  misaligned. This was verified with Xrays from two different doctors. The Doctors recommended surgery. Probable disabled time was estimated a year, and there would require multiple surgeries to correct this problem. He requested a supporting cast until he made a decision.

What really happened:

The foot was inserted in this mechanism 3 times a day for 30 minutes. In two weeks, Eric had the cast removed and was wearing a shoe. In three weeks, he returned to work. In four weeks, he was running. In five weeks, he was continuing his JuJitSu training. No surgery took place.

Three months later, Eric turned his ankle going down the stairs at work. The company, knowing that Eric had some kind of a foot problem in the past, insisted he get Xrays. He did. They showed all bones in the foot "normal". No signs of broken or misaligned bones structure. Xrays and all.... This happened in 1993. Today Eric has earned a black belt in Kobe JuJitSu and is instructing. He has no foot problems.

Note: The type of wire is the key to the success of this device. Copper or aluminum wire from the hardware store will not be effective. The correct frequency to drive this unit is also a key.

At the present time, I am not interested in pursuing additional work with the coil technology. After the experience with Eric's foot, I attempted to go the patent route. I found that someone else was all ready doing work in this area, to my surprise. The first step in acquiring a patent is to do a patent search. This uncovered another person, Jerry Jacobson who was building magnetic resonance machines apparently for similar applications and then some. His work is called the Jacobson Resonance. He has formed a company and has acquired the finances to go the route through the FDA applications and  is doing international research. I've seen some news releases pertaining to his work. Personally I will be very surprised if he ever gets FDA approval for a non drug medical application for the purpose of actually reducing pain and enhancing physical body healing. From my experience described above, I know this is a very valuable technology for the pain and suffering, but business will probably take precedence in our system. I wish Jerry all the luck in the world...


    Now let's see what happened to Howard. Howard is 84 years old and has emphysema. He is Marion's father. In 1994, he would have to stop and catch his breath if he walked down the steps of his home and go 50 feet.

We moved to Florida to take care of him. See the contraption on his head. This is the same technology that we used on Eric. After a week of using this device, for 20 minutes, three times a day, Howard started to walk to US#1 and back every day (about 200 yards one way). Then, in another week, he was walking up the road, around the Methodist Church, and home (500 yards one way). This treatment continued for a month. There is no doubt that this is real technology, however, what we know now, makes it obsolete and here's why. The manmade crystal technology that follows makes the equipment much more compact and is much easier to use.


Crystal Necklace

Model Crynck001

Here is a very inexpensive tool. This you obviously wear around your neck. Today the magnetic therapy is becoming more known in our culture. There have been some very aggressive marketing programs in place. The explanations of why they work, has been astounding. I saw one ad on TV where the salesman was explaining that the magnet attracted all the red blood corpuscles into a pile, thereby increasing circulation. They do this because they contain iron. Needless to say, I'm not impressed with that explanation.

For thousands of years, we've had acupuncture practitioners. It may be the oldest practice known to man. It still exists today. It probably is not as lucrative as selling drugs. Much more profit in drug sales. However, with acupuncture, we have an energy definition of the body system. I strongly suspect this is true. I suspect the magnet therapy is connected to this energy system, and affects it, there-by enhancing the healing rate of body malfunctions, just as acupuncture. In fact, at a magnetic therapy convention in Phoenix, Az., It was stated in speeches that the magnets were much more effective when placed over the acupuncture meridians. I think we have a connection here.

Come at this from another angle. I have an Electrical Engineering background so I don't see this as mystical or magical, or anti -christian, or any of the other normal illusions in place today. Look at the yoke on your TV picture tube. The yoke focuses and controls the electron beam to paint the picture on the big tube. The variation in magnetism as controlled by the yoke, controls the energy beam.

Now look at the magnets. Most of them have a permanent magnetic field shaped like a donut. The energy is focused and accelerated through the hole in the donut, just like the yoke in your picture tube. There are many more devices that exist in the world of electronic nature that use this principle, such as traveling wave amplifiers in microwave technology. So it's a pretty safe assumption that the energy is focused and accelerated through the magnetic flux patterns of the magnets.

So what do we do with this necklace? When you wear this, it lays over the thymus gland in the throat. This gland activates the other glands in the body. This particular magnet also uses the special manmade crystal that will be explained below. The technology here, goes beyond the  standard magnetic therapy science.

Here is another little test. You need 2 people. This will show you the effects your car have on you when you drive.

Sit in the drivers seat, face out of the drivers door with your feet on the ground, engine off. Hold both arms out, fists clentched, parallel to the ground. Now have the second person test the arm strength by pushing down, toward the ground.

Now start the car engine. Repeat the test of strength. See the difference?

Now put one of the crystal necklaces on, while the engine is running, and retest the strength. When you do this, you will get an idea of the effect of the necklace. The strength returns. The car is only one source of energy drain within your environment.

Warning: Magnets erase magnetic credit cards and keep away from Pacemakers

Crystal Magnets

Model xtal-002

At the left are three magnets shown with a dime for size comparism. We also have some a little smaller. Notice the crystal layer on the top of the magnet. This same crystal is on the bottom of the magnets. This manmade crystal is used to enhance the ability of the magnets, by resonating with the proper energy frequencies necessary for field amplification. The magnetic field will focus the energy flow, and the crystal will amplify and filter the energy. It's not complicated.  

Warning: Magnets erase magnetic credit cards and keep away from Pacemakers

   Extended Crystal Technology

Model iso-001

A special man made crystal, now being used, exhibits characteristics not found in natural earth crystals. This new crystal has characteristics of all noble metals + much more.  Natural crystals resonate at very narrow bands in the spectrum. This crystal resonates flat across a wide spectrum. Thus, you have balance. The device appearing at the left, was created next, it is an isotropic radiator. (The battery is shown for size comparison only.) This device stimulates the crystal with specific electronic signals which create a field of energy around it with a radius of twelve hundred feet. (This can vary with different environments.) All living things benefit from this energy, plants, people, animals, etc.


Lo-Power Portable directional

Model dir-001

 The next step in the development, yielded a directional device. This is shown with a nine volt battery, for size comparison, and this one is powered by this nine volt battery. This makes it very portable and easy to use. It is a low power device, compared to what is available now, but effective. I used this to heal a bite from a Brown Recluse spider. I did not go to a doctor, and I still have my leg. This happened in 1996.



Model  omni-002

This is a portable 9 volt battery powered,  isotropic radiator. Get a vision of the size by the open compartment for the 9 volt battery.

The first unit was made for Marion, (my better half) when she worked in a doctor's office. This office was uniquely stressful in many ways, which we won't get into here. When she came home from work, she would be drained. She would go to the couch and go directly to sleep for 2 hours. She was exhausted.

Then I got the idea of this small portable device to keep her in an energy balanced environment while at work. What a difference! She no longer headed for the couch when she came home from work. Also, it seems the environment also changed at work. Here is one example. The music that was played at this office was head-banging jazz, (yes it's true). Marion said after she was there for about 15 minutes with the device, the doctor changed the music to something more appropriate for the office, something much more harmonious.

The device was small, portable and was obscure in her pocket or purse. The others that worked there could see and feel the changes, but they never figured out why. Marion just kept it as her little secret.

One battery will last about 5 days, or rechargeable batteries can be used. Marion would come home, take out the battery and put it on the charger overnight, and install it again the next morning. She wouldn't go to work without it.

"T" Directional

Model Tdir-003

 Here we have an improved version, with a little more firepower. This is also a directional unit. This one uses 115 volt power for the crystal drivers. This model has been used to treat water, animals, plants and people, and as an instrument in developing genetic shifts in microbe technology. The coffee cup is not part of the equipment, it is used for size reference. This machine is being used outside of the United States, as with some of the others.



Model  Hdir-004

Now we moved up in power. Located behind the shop where these devices are built, is a lake. Around the North side of this lake, a new golf course was built. Chemicals and fertilizers were used extensively. The lake was dying. Islands were beginning to float where they had been stationary for at least twenty years. Photos of the lake are available in the Agriculture page.

The first "cannon", shown here, was used to "shoot" the lake for four hours. The next morning, a new growth of very small flowers, half inch in diameter, appeared in a circle about 8 feet in diameter where the machine was focused. The grass started to get green, the water birds began to return. Actually there was a lot more going on here, but for now a simple description will suffice.


Major Power Directional

Model Mdir-005

Here we have the largest  directional model made, this one is  a little under three feet long . This is being used for accelerating the cycles of natural agricultural processes. This one has very successfully cleaned "bad" water wells from nitrate and pathogen pollution. This has been accomplished (in California and Arkansas) without chemicals, or microbes, or any other contribution to the formula. The time required for digestion rate of "manure ponds" was reduced to three weeks. The smell of the pond is gone. Microbes were used here. See the corn grow now..... Photos of the ponds are available in the Agriculture section


Light Machine

Model Lite-001 [0 in stock now]

Here is a picture of a light generating device. This creates focused light, through lenses, and the special crystal. The filaments of the halogen bulb will be in focus on the target. This machine was created to see what the Russians were talking about. In Russia, I'm told by some friends in England, that the success rate, using this type of equipment, is much more successful than chemotherapy for shrinking cancer tumors. So far, this machine has gone to a high school science fair as a demonstration project. Now it's resting here. Actually, there is some additional construction to be done, to further enhance the crystal power...


Laser Driven Device

Model Laser-001

The next level of machines now contain a laser for energy conduction to the target. This particular model uses four AAA batteries This laser is a class IIIA, doesn't burn anything, or start fires, however, they still warn not to look directly into the laser. This laser is being pulsed, not run CW.  These are great for rapid healing of surgery incisions. These machines are being used on horses. The energy is particularly valuable at the acupuncture meridians.  The scotch tape is shown for size comparison, The device is actually about ten inches long. It has an off-on switch. The laser is beaming through the center of the Quantum crystal, stimulating, and then directing the energy to the target. This is not a normal laser as purchased, but a modified system. It does use a laser diode.


Hi Power OmniDirectional

Model HiPwromni-005

Energy Generator

At the left is a photo of the latest generator design.

As can be seen using the coffee cup as reference, this device is two feet high and three to four inches in diameter. The electronics necessary to drive this crystal are located in the base of this tubular housing. Located on the top is a special antenna, attached to the crystal, which is shaped like a ball.

This shape of the crystal provides energy which conforms to all sacred geometry forms. The electronic drivers are designed to sweep through all of these forms which have potent healing characteristics.

This device shown, is the most effective unit in existence. This unit contains a microchip which has been programmed in assembly language to sweep the drivers through the sacred geometry designs in the crystal. It utilizes high voltage to amplify the crystal power.

This unit is considered an isotropic radiator, in that energy is dispersed in all directions. This unit is ideal for institutional operations. It has capability to enhance all organic processes in all fields, healthcare, agriculture, anywhere  that life forms exist.


London Laser

Model Laser-007

 Here is a machine that was built for a customer in England. The upper right end of the unit had a laser installed, in England, but the laser was made special in Germany. The laser beam goes through the center of the crystal which is in the tube mounted on the top.

The control panel was designed to power special led's (light emitting diodes) around the crystal during its' operation. The controls also provided adjustment of a high voltage frequency used to activate the special man made crystal. This was all hand made and is "one of a kind". It's being used now in a monastery, North of London.

Ambient Resonator

Model Amb-001

Now, we break into a new era of the technology. Until now, all of the above units required either 115 volt or battery source of power. Now we have natural energy conversion from ambient energies. This is related to what Wilhelm Rife was doing, but we find the Rife energy  was limited to the lower spectrum, and insufficient for achieving what we need to do. The double tetrahedren is an energy accumulator and focuses the energy into the quantum crystal which then generates the required energy with the spectral characteristics we need. Located in the center, around the crystal, is a wafer, which is an amplifier that enhances the power many times. 

The practical application of this unit has been to actually submerge it in large lakes and rivers, hang in the living room for atmosphere improvement, hang under the Reiki treatment table, improve well water make plants grow, and many other uses. This is a self powered isotropic Radiator.. This device is being used in the EarthProject.

Directional Ambient Powered

Model AmDir-002

Here is another, self powered directional, device shown with the inside exposed, and assembled.

The copper tube which contains the quantum crystal, is 3/4 inch diameter and approximately 8 inches long. This is great for charging life energy into herbs, water, food, vitamins, animals, people, plants, etc.

Heavier Self Powered Unit

Model BigAmbDir-555

Here is a strong directional powered unit that can provide construcive energy for a large area. It's constructed with 2 inch copper director with seven drivers and one amplifier. This has been used on lakes and ponds and other applications requiring heavy energy concentrations. This machine is also being used for the EarthProject.

Test Data

Let's look at some test data. Below is an example of a recording of the chakras of an individual when exposed to a directional device. These tests were performed on an aura photography machine which was connected to a computer, so we could store, replay, and plot the results in real time, as shown.

The bottom (Y) coordinates are measurements of time in seconds. The vertical left side coordinates are relative numbers. To date there is no defined parameters for chakra power, or at least that I have heard of....  Each different color displays a different chakra.

Now see what happened. After 30 seconds from the start of the test, a directional machine was turned on, and the graph shows the reaction of the chakras. At a 150 seconds the machine was turned off.   

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