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21'st Century Agriculture

First Step, we have to understand a life cycle:

Here is a very simple example of one life cycle that exists on a dairy farm. It may not be much fun,  but our future may depend on our understanding it.

Start the cycle at the cow. Cow gives milk. Cow also makes manure. Manure goes to manure pond for storage. Manure pond smells terrible. Manure pond is not working. Why? Manure pond requires micro-organisms for decomposition of manure. Antibiotics from cow medicine, chlorine from milk house cleaning, chlorine from water supply, all go to this pond. These kill all the microbes. Now we have stagnant pond, storing waste, and smelling bad.

Ok, let's not worry about that now, let's just spread it on the corn field anyway. Maybe it will decompose there. Sorry, we've spread herbicide all over the corn field to kill the weeds. The microbes can't live here either.  Well, maybe it will just mix with the dirt. Sorry, wrong again. The nitrates just settle down and down, until it reaches the aquifer. [Aquifer is just a fancy name for underground water stream that supplies all the water to the wells.]  Now that the water is contaminated, we'll put in a chlorinator. Now we'll kill everything in sight. No pathogens can survive now.


At this point, we have successfully killed one operation in the life cycle. It doesn't take a nuclear physicist, to know that all other ingredients in this cycle are also going to be affected. The nutrients that were available in the manure are now locked up so the corn can not use them. You see, the pollution nitrates could be changed to useful plant food as water soluble nitrogen, one of the main plant foods, and as an organic source which is very important as we will see later.

The effects will follow from the corn, to the feed, to the cow, which will then effect the milk. On my father's farm (1940), a cow would last 10 lactations. Today, 3 lactations is about average. See why? Sick cows.

From there? Sick cows, sick milk, sick people. You hear about how bad dairy products are for you now? It wasn't always this way.

How much different is the operations for vegetable farms? They spray everything with herbicides. Potatoes are sprayed with a poison in some areas, to kill the potato plant before harvesting.



Chemical Dependency

Let's look at the bigger picture. Let's look at chemical dependency. At this time there is little farming left that doesn't depend on chemicals. It is almost impossible to raise crops without using chemicals now. The genetic shifting of the crops have become chemical dependent, and we are worrying about the guy selling marijuana from the back alley, or the cigarette makers.

How did we get into this chemical dependent state? A chemical manufacturer will send a chemical down to the college, along with a good chunk of money, to do a study on the use of this chemical. The results are then published by this college and forwarded to all the Extension agents who will "advise" the farmers. This is the best promotion vehicle in the world.

In reality, the displayed cycle at the top of this page is only one micro section of many cycles, all interconnected, up through the life cycle of the human. Everybody and everything is eventually affected.



NYS Garden

Here is a picture of Sue, picking green peppers from her (and Wayne's) garden in Pratts Hollow, New York. This is East of Syracuse, 40 miles, and about 8-10 miles from Morrisville College on Route 20. On the left top of the picture is sweet corn that grew 11 feet tall. (and yes, it really is sweet corn). The next row, working to the right, was a row of cucumbers. These cucumbers were chest high.

Here is Sue on the other side of the corn standing with her roses. As you can see, all the plants are unusually large and healthy. Any family who eats the yield from this garden will also be vital and healthy.

The next row in,  from the corn, is cantaloupe, then squash ,and then string beans. All these are not visible in the above photo. These string bean plants grew to belt buckle height. I know this, because I stood in this garden in the fall of 1999. My height if 5 feet 11 inches. I am not a midget, if that's what you were thinking.

This garden was treated with a major "cannon" as listed in the equipment section of this site. The life energy in this garden is enormous.


  Here is a picture of a Farm manure storage pond in Arkansas. This was taken Feb. 25, 1999. It's probably normal for a manure pond. This is a 17 year old manure pond .




Here is the same pond as above, photographed March 15, 1999, one month later. On this date, there were frogs in the pond. During this time between photographs, this pond was treated with microbes, which digest the manure, and subjected to energy from the major "cannon" shown on the front page of this site.

The action is visible as the microbes begin their work. The sediment on the bottom of the pond rises to the surface, and is digested. It disappears. The smell of undigested manure disappeared.



Here is a photo from California, showing a normal crop of  italian beans. The guy on the right is Joe Piazza, now living in Arkansas, but spent his early life in this area in California. His father raised these beans while Joe was growing up.

Joe set up these tests ,and is very astute in the art of  managing these energies.                                                    





Now here is Joe in the test field where we had electronic devices feeding energy into this field. Joe is six feet tall, and some of these beans are seven feet... This is unheard of.... Joe said these plants are covered with beans.

One machine was used, the large 2-3  feet cannon shown on the home  page. It was directed towards the center of the field from a shed approximately 100 yards away. Some techniques have to be used to lock the energy into any specific area, otherwise the energy will bleed off into adjacent areas.



Here is a picture of a strawberry patch across the road from the test farm. Notice the plant density, both number of leaves, and plant population.

At the lower part of the photo, see the berry size in relation to the cigarette pack. Again, these were planted 2 weeks earlier than the treated plot.                                                                            

Here is the  treated test plot. Notice the leaf and plant population. The plant size is apparent in relation to the cigarette pack reference.

 The farm in this picture is in the San Joaquin Valley  in California.  



Here are the size of the strawberries from the test plot. These berries are 3/4 the size of the cigarette pack. Joe had some good things to say about the texture and taste.....


Florida Lake Results

Here is a picture of the open water in a lake in front of our home. This is how it was,  four years ago. Here is another picture from a different angle:

See the open water in both pictures. What you see here, is how the lake was for over 30 years. Then, about three years ago, a new golf course was created, right where you see the trees near the horizon (in the lower photo). This is the Medalist Golf course in Florida. When this golf course was created, all the grass islands started to die, and float around. The root structures no longer would anchor to the bottom. They were dying and drifting in the wind.

Here is what the lake looks like today.

Below is another picture from a different angle.

No, the water level isn't down. The grass and plants grew up. You can't see all the water now, as the previous photos obviously display. There is some open water left, but the water table is where it was in the first two photos above. Here is why the lake did this.  

When the golf course was constructed, the earth energy grids that feed life energy to this pond, were disrupted. When the islands started to float around, I got a small bottle of water from the lake, and dowse the energy of the water. There was almost none. Water can be dead or alive with life energy.

I used one of the Energy Generators for four hours, from the front porch, aiming it at  this end of the lake. After four hours, I got another sample and dowse the energy which was about three feet from the sample, a nice increase.

The next morning, I noticed a group of very small flowers, all blossomed out, in the lake about eight feet in diameter, right where I had pointed the energy generator. I retrieved another sample of water, and the energy now was twelve feet from the bottle sample. The energy was growing on it's own now. The earth grids were repaired, and actually enhanced from their original condition. The effect of the machine  on the earth grids is obvious in the photos. These changes in the lake were completed in one year.

For those who aren't aware of what earth grids are, they are the acupuncture meridians of mother earth. They are very real and effect all living things on earth, just like the health of a person is effected by their own meridians, but that's another story. Actually this is the problem with the Everglades. The highways across Florida and dams in mother natures drainage system is the cause of the deterioration of conditions in the Everglades, but that too, is another story. Imagine the damage the Army Corp of Engineers could do if turned loose there?



Here is a poinsettia, in its' 2'nd year. It measures four feet high. Marion had one in a large pot on the porch, near where these machines are running, and it grew over five and a half feet tall. It was less than a year old.  Plants like this energy. The plants have one more advantage here, which should be mentioned, and that is, Marion uses her own compost.

This, of course leads to another story. The composter is another part of the bio-cycle. The composting rate is greatly accelerated when in the energy field of these generators. For example, On Saturday, of every week, we run a soup kitchen at the Methodist Church. Every Saturday morning a salad is made using heads of lettuce. The leftover lettuce leaves, amount to a three-four gallon bag. By the following Thursday, all the leaves have disappeared in the compost. The microbes work overtime here.



We have also tested the major cannon on a strawberry farm in Plant City, Florida. This was done in the 1999 growing season. Photographs are in process. We tested a two acre field by marking off 2/3 section to be subjected to the energy, and left the other 1/3 as "normal". Techniques are available to contain the energy with certain areas, which we won't go into here. As shown above, the results were completely obvious, to any observer. The energized field yielded twice the production of the untreated portion of the same field.

The moral of the story is that no matter where you infuse life energy in the biological cycle, the rest of the cycle benefits. Conversely, when any portion of the life cycle is neglected, or "bottlenecked" everything within that cycle will deteriorate.

Much more has been done than is illustrated here. The experience includes:

Dairy Farm in California: (Arlinda Farms)

     a) Eliminated the "Farm Pond Odor"

   b) Reduced the population in the cow hospital from 10 to 2 in 3 weeks

   c) Digested the manure in the pond so when it was spread on the corn field, the corn                grew.          

     Chicken Houses in Ark.

    a) The chickens grew faster and larger.

    b) Reduced fatality rate

  c) Eliminated the ammonia smell in the houses

  d) The chickens didn't "fly" when you entered the house. Very calm

   Water (well) Pollution

  On three occasions, Joe experienced success using these energies to change the nitrate levels of over 110mg/l to under 15mg/l in wells on California dairy farms.

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