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    By Duane Card Copyright 2006

    When I was a little kid




    When I was born, I was very young. Actually it was in January of 1939 in a little town of West Edmeston in central New York State. We lived in town, and my father worked for a local cattle dealer and drove truck. I remember very little, except that the neighbor had a pony, and I tried desperately to escape my little play area I was in and get to this pony.

    ††††††††††† The next thing I knew, we lived on a small farm outside the little town of Brookfield, NY where I grew some more, and memories include learning how to milk cows. I remember roaming the woods there, especially the smell of the cedar trees.

    I remember my small black pony. He was wild when my grandfather on my motherís side (Wayne) brought him to our farm. We spent some time getting acquainted, as he had a mind of his own. I tied his head with his halter on snubbed shortly to a fence post and proceeded to put his saddle on and get on and off many times. As he got used to this, I think he began to enjoy the attention.After a while the bridle went on and we started to go for a little jaunt down the dirt road. Many times at the beginning of this new adventure for him, we would get about 100 yards down the road and he would whirl and head full speed back to the barn. After a few times, an agreement was made between us that he wasnít going to get his way all the time.

    His attitude changed when we started to herd the cows when they went into the after-feed. For those not familiar with this, usually 2 cuttings were taken from the hayfields and stored in the barn for winter feed. The third growth was eaten directly by the cows, as it was nice green sweet feed. The cows would be allowed to eat for an hour or two and then put in the main pasture where the fences controlled their roaming. There were no fences around the hayfields so this was our job to contain the herd. There was nothing more peaceful than watching the cows eat from the back of this pony in a drizzling rain wearing my trench coat like an ordinary range rider.

    This picture of the pony and I was taken after we moved to Brookfield. In the story being told, I was about half this size. Along for the ride was our dog, Chubby, who also came to town with us. This is not a very good photo, and I'm not sure but I think that is my sister Denise with the dog. She is a lot older and taller now....

    As I learned how to drive the tractor when I was five years old, I remember my father and grandfather distributing the hay on the wagon as I drove the tractor over the windrows so the hay-loader would pick it up. This grandfather was my fatherís father, Ed Card. He originated from Canada, and he, my grandmother, father and Aunt Grace came over from Canada, and settled on a farm across the Beaver Creek from here. The house they lived in had a central fireplace that opened into all the downstairs rooms, and this fireplace is now in the Cooperstown Farmers Museum. I remember being in this house before it was moved to Cooperstown, NY. Before I was born, it seems that when my grandfather and grandmother lived on this farm, the neighbor, living on the farm where I am living in this time frame actually set my grandfathers barn on fire. He wanted this farm as it attached to his.I remember hearing my father talking about yanking 3-inch staples out of the wood to get the calves and livestock out of the burning barn. I remember hearing my father tell about riding his horse about 3 miles to Brookfield to go to school when he lived here as a boy.

    My grandfather and grandmother moved into Brookfield after this fire. This is the house in Brookfield they moved into.

    My brother Donald was born here on the farm. He was born here at home, no hospital stuff for him. I remember being out on the front lawn when all this was taking place. I remember being called in the kitchen to see this new baby, and then everything goes blank until I remember him walking. I remember both of us looking out a bedroom window, as the northern sky was on fire with the aurora borealis.

    There were two fields up on the hill and through the woods where there was a special rock. This rock was 5 feet in diameter, and about 4 feet high. On top was a hole about 12 inches in diameter and about 12 inches deep. It was where the Indians ground their corn in a past millennium. When Iím in the area, I still visit that rock today. This is a great reminder of the ages, which have come and gone and conforms to the laws of the cycles of existence, which applies to all social orders.

    The fields have all grown up to woods now, and you have to know where it is to find it. The house was a small cape cod style, and the house and barn no longer exist. In place of the house are hitch racks for horses, as this is now all state land, used for horse trail rides.

    I remember one winter where the snow was as high as the porch roof. My father had to dig a space out by hand with a shovel to get in and out of the house through the snow. There was no such thing as a snow blower. The house was heated by wood, which was cut in the summer, stacked, and then stored in the cellar and woodshed for winter fuel. The wood was cut with a hand cross cut hand saw, no such thing as a chain saw then. I remember going up in the woods with my father and the hired man when they went to cut wood. I got a little bored and decided to go for a walk. I must have been about 5 years old. I went north about a half mile to see what the woods looked like there. Then I saw the neighborís house and decided to start home. I knew where I was all the time and never felt lost. When I got nearly home, I saw my father tracking me in the snow. He thought I got lost. All the time I spent here on this farm, I never remember getting panicky or scared over anything, even when a rabid fox came down to the barn while we were milking.

    Here is an old photo I found where the old farm house can be seen in the background. Earlier in time, I remember the porch was not enclosed. I can still mentally walk through the house, like it was yesterday. On the right side of the house was the woodshed, not shown in the photo. Directly behind the photographer would be the main milking barn.

    We had a chicken house just outside the woodshed. Every spring the mailman would bring 100 little chicks in a big box. The chicks would stay in the kitchen behind the stove until it was warm outdoors, then they went into the brooder, which was a heated hood, usually a 100 watt light bulb, and when old enough, on to the chicken house. I remember grading and cleaning eggs with my mother and stacking them in crates. My folks would trade eggs at the local grocery store for groceries.

    At the beginning of this farm life my father had a team of horses. In the winter time my mother and father would clean the barn with a set of bobs drawn by the horses. I remember my mother cleaning one gutter and my father in the other while the cows were let out in the barnyard for a little exercise during the winter morning. In the summer, the cows spent the day in the pasture. Then it was up to me to clean the barn with a wheelbarrow.

    As a time marker, in the 1940ís, I remember that one day my Uncle Raymond drove up in the driveway to say goodbye. He was leaving the next day for the army. He was drafted, and was destined to cross North Africa for the Anzio invasion of Italy. Yes, World War II was real in this lifetime now. Raymond was my motherís brother. I remember my grandmother receiving a bible from Raymond, which had a sniper bullet lodged inside it. He had it in his chest pocked and it saved his life. He was one of the lucky ones who lived to come home. I remember the look on grandmaís face when she held this book in her hands. It was the realization that Raymond may not come home. The war was real. People get killed, as they try to kill each other. The winners will get to write the history books.

    I rode the bus to school in Brookfield where I eventually graduated. When I started first grade, as there was no pre-school or kindergarten in those days, there was approximately 30 kids in the class. By graduation, there were eight of us left in the class.

    When I was twelve, we moved into town, and my father went to work on the road for the town of Brookfield. He drove the snowplow in the winter, and trucks and bulldozer in the summer, building and repairing roads for the town. My time was spent traveling the woods and Stillwater North of town. My friends were the hawks, crows, beaver, muskrats, deer, birds, raccoon, skunk, and mink. In the winter I ran a trap line. In the summer I fished the rivers and the trout streams.

    At this time my sister Denise was born. She was born while we lived in town, so this makes her a city slicker. She will grow up not understanding the rich value of the smell of cow manure.

    Then I turned the ripe old age of fourteen. Now I can get work papers and get a job. As luck would have it, this was the time my Uncle Bob, in Hamilton had just started the Hamilton Pharmical Company and was building a cement block two-story building. Guess who mixed all the mortar for all the cement blocks in a wheelbarrow. That building is standing today, and the business is still running. A whole chapter could be spent on this story. My father went to work here and from here, he retired. He did many things here, I remember laying floor tile with him, finishing off the factory building. We wired all the electricity, built the office walls, and as I look back now, the building is actually a monument to him. He ran a printing machine to do all the advertising. I remember wiring the electricity for Uncle Bobís new house with him. He did most of the carpenter work, in the house also. Anything that needed repair or improvement, he did.

    At sixteen, I got my permit to drive, license, and a 1946 Willys Jeep. This was the greatest vehicle ever made. It had a ragtop and a great heater. It would go into the woods and up the state land roads, which were not plowed, to hunt and trap and visit my animal friends. When Denise was small, I would take my mother and Denise up into the woods with me to collect pine bows, which I would use to boil my traps.

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    Yes, the frontiersman survived school. Conformance was a challenge, but school was different then. The great society had not yet made provisions to accumulate massive number of students into one giant building, which is difficult to manage by size and numbers. Each of us had an identity. All the teachers new us by name. Our personalities were recognized and could be expressed. Iím not sure Iíd survive todayís system. Hereís an example.


    There were eight of us in chemistry class. Chemistry and science were very interesting to me. Mr. Chester, the high school science teacher, and I were on good terms. My Uncle Bob, who started the pharmaceutical business, told me how to make a solution such that when it dried out it became very unstable. A small vibration like tapping a wood pencil would cause it to explode.We did this in class. It worked. So, when Mr. Chester wasnít around I made a solution and put it in the keyhole of the door to the science lab. Sure enough the next morning it had dried out. When Mr. Chester put his key in the keyhole of the lab door, it exploded, blew the key out of the keyhole and all the way down the hall. There was no damage to anything, as it was a very small amount of explosive. He then unlocked the door, knowing right away who did it, and he wasnít angry. He had a great appreciation for those interested in his classes. Today, this would have been considered a disaster, and the Homeland Security would swoop down and engulf the entire school as a potential terrorist encampment. The paranoia today is a much stronger personality trait. Weíre being programmed to make and fear enemies by our own system.

    Destiny, led the frontiersman to college to learn electronics engineering habits. Then physics, math, and vacuum tubes, transformers, and various components became my reality. I was a radio ham with a homemade transmitter, and an end fed long wire antenna. The timing of this came along at the right time to listen to the Sputnik as it went over. The space race was now on. The Russians beat us to into space. This was an exciting time.Maybe learning all this stuff was worth more than being a TV repairman. It was.

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    Reality Shift at GE


    Now the fun started, here was a reality I was not aware of and I doubt that any outside this realm did either. During college summer vacations I worked on construction for a contractor who built dairy barns. It was now in the golden age of the beginning of the 60ís. GE was looking for workers, got my name through the school, so away I went for a ride in world of technology. As I look back now this was one of the best opportunities I could have hoped for. If it had not been for the technology experiences here at GE, I would never have been able to do the things I did later in life and still do.

    At GE, I had a top-secret clearance.I witnessed the emergence of transistors coming into existence and their applications in various military computer circuitries. This was prior to the existence of hand held calculators. Enough time has passed so I can probably relate publicly about some of the projects. GE is no longer present in Utica, NY, and I know that technology has moved into realms we would have considered science fiction then. But, then, some of the things Iíve done have too. When I first walked into the French Road plant, I was impressed by the rows of Sidewinder missile seeker heads being constructed here.For those not familiar with the sidewinder it was an air-to-air dog-fighting weapon, whereby the seeker head would lock on to the threat, (the hot jet exhaust infrared of the enemy). Once locked on, the final destiny of the enemy fighter plane was cast.

    I saw a John Wayne movie, staged in the Vietnam War where a special C47 transport called ďPuff the Magic DragonĒ was employed to eliminate some troop movements on the Ho-Chi-Min Trail.This strike aircraft had a special gun made in Syracuse, NY capable of spitting out bullets at an unbelievable rate. We made a low light level TV camera used as a gun sight for this weapon. Puff the Magic Dragon was very real. I saw some tapes at the plant of an actual attack by this war machine. The enemy troop movement was completely eliminated in seconds.

    My biggest project was to design test equipment for a countermeasures system that looked like a torpedo, which uploaded under the wings of an F4 strike aircraft. This device could detect, with a special receiver, a SAM signal, which meant that the enemy ground radar installation had locked on the F4 and a very unfriendly greeting was about to take place. However, after receiving the SAM signal the Jampac took over. It would send signals back to the SAM (Surface to Air Missile) guidance radar with some slight errors. The F4 pilot could see the Russian made SAMs fly by, missing the F4 and chasing ghosts in the sky. This pilot gets to return home and eat supper one more time. I suppose this would be considered a war machine, but actually, all this did was save pilotsí lives.

    ††††††††††† One more project worth mentioning which made an impact on how I think later in life, was when we made the computer system for the Spy in the Sky satellite. Portions of this were crypto secret at the time. This spy satellite was capable of seeing a brick in a corner building in LA. This was taking place in the 1970ís. Itís now 35 years later, and I know this technology didnít stand still. So, when I hear a speech on TV about ďWe canít find the weapons of mass destructionĒ nobody knows more than I do how much smoke is being blown. In fact, I can go on Google today, look at satellite photos and actually see where I live in Hobe Sound, Florida. Anyone can do this. Obviously the Pentagon will have a much better resolution.

    Aside from the exposure of what can be done with technology, and this is growing at an exponential rate even today, I learned to exist in different realities. In my lifetime, I have seen the existence changes from no electricity or telephone or TV to cell phone and the Internet. I suspect most of this technology was a commercial application of the technologies, which were originally developed by the military.

    ††††††††††† I appreciate the times weíre in, by the changes that have taken place in my grandmotherís lifetime. She lived to be one hundred and ten years old. She lived prior to the automobile, and watched a man walk on the moon. For the past five thousand years man rode horses, camels, and donkeys and cooked their hot dogs over a fire. Anyone having a cell phone in the 1600ís would have been burnt at the stake in Salem Massachusetts.

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    Family and Family Farm


    Now it was in the early 1970ís. While I was working at GE, I got married, and we had four kids, Kim, Greg, Wayne, and Eric. For the last few years I was working at GE, I would come home nights, and raise calves for a dairy. There was a farm just down the road where no one was farming, so I rented the barn and bought this old John Deere B for four hundred dollars. We bought heifer calves from other farmers, and in two years we had enough cows to start a farm. We then bought a hill dairy farm near Waterville, NY and started farming. This would be a great place for the kids to grow up. It was an opportunity for the kids to learn the work ethic, mechanics, animal husbandry, how to operate machinery, exercise, and most of all, self-confidence.

    Things went well until the Reagan era began. We came to an age of artificial shortages such as bailer twine and gasoline and fuel. Bailer twine prices went from $5 a bundle to $35 a bundle. Diesel fuel went from $.39 a gallon to a $1 a gallon. Milk stayed at $8 a hundred pounds.

    I went to a meeting in Oneida, NY where some dairy representatives revealed some market enlightenment. In the early 70ís the federal plan was to feed the world. Now the plans have changed. In negotiating for military bases in other parts of the world, the pentagon had agreed not to export farm products to these countries. The imperial forces were at work back in this time, all though much more subtle than today.

    So, we tried one more approach. Now I had a small John Deere crawler that we used to skid firewood, which we used to heat the house. We had some woods on the farm where there was some hemlock logs ideal for lumber. We skidded the logs and trucked them to a sawmill nearby, and cut lumber to put an addition on the barn. We did all this, even put up the addition, except the cement floor, without having to borrow any money. Upon contacting the Farm Credit Service, to borrow $500 to finish the concrete, we were refused. At this time, it seems the Farm Credit Service was in financial trouble and had gone to Washington to get bailed out. Now the plot really thickens.

    I learned from a FCS rep that in a secret agreement behind closed doors, the FCS would survive their dilemma, but not without strings attached. There would be a substantial reduction in dairy farms in the northeast. The federal plan was that the agriculture products for this country were going to be generated in the big corporate farms in California, and some in the Midwest. Who would expect this from a California president?

    During this farm period, there were three other incidents, which have to be taken into account, because these were powerful influences in the things to come and how I perceive things even today. My youngest son Eric was up on the hill running his coon dog and listening for his location in the woods. This is done at night when the raccoons feed. All of a sudden, all the woods light up. Eric and his friend look up and here is a flying saucer hovering over the woods. The whole saucer was visible, and obvious, not just a moving spark in the distance. This event ended the hunt for raccoons for the night.

    Event number two: During the summer when we were filling the barn with hay one of the wagons broke down as it was being pulled up the hill to the hayfield. We pulled it out of the way, off the road in the pasture, and finished getting the hay in with the other wagons. The next day I went up in the pasture to see what the best approach would be to fix it, when I was sitting on the wagon, I watched a small fighter, probably an F8 flying north, make a left turn, and head in the approach for Griffis Air Base. As it entered a cloud on itís approach, my eye caught a movement very, very high in the sky. I observed two silver globes, roughly the same diameter as the wingspan of the F8, maybe a little larger. These were becoming visible as they decelerated. They had been traveling many, many times the speed of the starfighter. It was as if they were dropping out of warp speed. They stopped and hovered just outside the cloud that the F8 entered, and exactly behind where the F8 entered the cloud. They hung motionless there for about five seconds, and then they slowly entered the cloud. These were as apparent as my car in the driveway. I couldnít have seen them any clearer. This was no mistake or illusion. They were as real as the starfighter.

    I couldnít help but consider a possible connection with the secret, well-guarded, underground military installation near Munnsville, NY. The security, here, is as tight as Area 51. Some have entered with ATV 4 wheelers, and have had the vehicles abducted, and their lives threatened if they return. This is a completely self contained compound, no parking lot, no outside buildings, and no employees coming and going at specific shift endings. All who are there are contained in the area constantly.

    Event number three deals with dream interpretations. Kim, my daughter, graduated from high school, and went to work in the Waterville Knitting Mill. One day they brought her home because she fainted. Her symptoms were uncontrollable sleeping and being drowsy. We took her down to the local practitioner doctor, and he diagnosed her as having a virus. We would just have to let it run its course. We tried another opinion, at the Hamilton Hospital Emergency room. This diagnosis was Pleurisy. We see another doctor and get another diagnosis. It became obvious that none of the doctors knew what they are talking about.

    Fortunately I was studying dream interpretation from Edgar Casey, which I got from the ARE Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This stuff is real.

    I see we were getting nowhere with Kim and the medical profession. When I went to bed that night I asked for a dream to help with the diagnosis. Here was the dream.

    We were upstairs in my grandmotherís house. Kim was lying in a doorway with her feet in the bedroom and her head was out in the hallway. The back of her head was in a pan of water, but her face was not submerged. I knew she was drowning. I picked her up and carried her downstairs, laid her down on the couch and then I knew she would be ok. I then went out of my grandmotherís house around the little side porch. Here was an Old Italian gentleman with paintings around him. I went over, we visited. I wasnít sure why this was in the dream as I wasnít really interested in art. This was the end of the dream.

    The next morning I knew what to do. I called the local practitioner and asked for an appointment to see a neurosurgeon. He told me again it was just a virus. I related to him he had two choices, he could be part of the problem or he could be part of the solution. The following morning we were in Faxton Hospital in Utica, NY visiting with Dr. Lynn a neurosurgeon. It didnít take him five minutes to diagnose what was wrong. There was a blockage in her head in the spinal fluid system, which is where the spinal fluid is generated. The pressure caused by this reduced the blood flow to the brain. Now we got some answers. He scheduled an appointment and surgically inserted a shunt to allow the spinal fluid to drain to the stomach relieving the pressure.

    During her surgery, we are in the waiting room of the hospital and in comes an Old Italian gentleman in a wheel chair. He tells this story. His grandfather, in Italy, was one of the workers who traveled from farm to farm during harvest season. He had the same dream for 3 nights. He dreamed that if he went to a special place and dug, he would find a painting. He did, and found a Van Goth. It was strange, while telling the story he was talking directly to me.I never saw this gentleman before this story or after, but I learned something. Kim came through the surgery and was OK afterward. I learned about divine guidance and dream reconciliation. I would highly recommend studying the science of dream interpretation.

    Now itís time to consider the whole agricultural business and family farm environment. Why would one want to continue producing milk, when there is all ready excess, which we are told is why there is a support price, or government subsidies?

    At this same time, the Bill Gates era emerges. Now the PCís are beginning to manifest and evolve more and more powerful very rapidly. It was obvious to me that the mainframe days were numbered. Here comes the technology revolution.

    Before we leave the farm we start game number two. For those of you who are not familiar with the dairy farm business, Iíll try to briefly bring you up to speed. Located in Ithaca, NY is Cornell University. This is the main control of everything that happens in the northeast agriculture business. The NYS Dept of Ag and Markets in Albany donít do anything without Cornell approval. An offshoot of Cornell is the DHIA or Dairy Herd Improvement Association. This group has field men who would visit dairy farms who would subscribe to this service, once a month, and measure the production from each cow in the dairy, and maintain computer records on each cow in the dairy. After the field men visited the farms the data and milk samples from each cow would be shipped to Ithaca. The milk would be tested for butterfat and white cell count and then the data would be entered into the mainframe. After this was completed, the final reports would be printed and sent back to the farmer. If you were a farmer who lived a long way from Ithaca, like Watertown or Niagara falls area, you may not get your records back for two weeks. Now, with the coming of the PCís see the opportunity here?

    With my GE Experience, we began this venture on a small scale. We knew of an established lab in Watertown that was doing forage testing all ready. By moving in a PC, with the program I had written, the farmers now got their reports back in two days.We applied for a grant from the Dept of Ag and Markets in Albany to expand this operation through out New York State. However the control mechanism of the Cornell Mafia killed that in short order. The responsibility of who can license the field technicians has now been changed to the DHIA organization, and the NYS Dept of Ag and Markets can no longer issue sampling licenses for New York State. The sampling license is required to allow the cow records to be considered ďlegalĒ records, admissible for business and in court. These records were used for establishing the values of the bulls used for artificial insemination, based on the production records of their daughters. This is big money here. The monopoly has been implemented successfully, at the expense of the remaining farmers.

    Now itís best to get those business terrorists like the frontiersman who has a habit of thinking out of the box, and isnít part of the Cornell social club, out of the area before he does something else. The ties between the Farm Credit Service and Cornell U now became apparent. In fact the last bank representative to visit was a Cornell graduate.

    With a lot of other social stuff, this ended the farm and the family. Most of the farmers and occupants of the area had no idea of what was going on, werenít capable of comprehension, and basically operated with soap opera mentalities. But, you know what? It was time to move on. Today, drive through what used to be a thriving farm community in the Northeast.There are an awful lot of pastures growing up to weeds. The Reagan Republicans pretty much got their way. I would hate to try to make a living this way now. I feel sorry for the ones who never new anything else. At this point in time, I also wondered if there was a connection between the military underground installation and the population reduction in the North East.

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    Computer Revolution


    Well, now we enter the PC computer age. A lot of opportunity exists out there now. Itís now the mid 1980ís. An offer comes to design a computer system for a product distribution center in the Poconoes in Pa.This is a farmerís cooperative that distributes products to all the resorts in the Poconoes, which is quite a lucrative business. The system I designed came up to speed and the software worked great. It printed the bills, organized the load sheets for the delivery trucks, and did payroll for the drivers and farmers. This was a masterpiece in itís own right. It was all done on two networked PCs.

    Now while in Pa., I became friends with a dentist in Tannersville, who wanted a computer system designed for his office. Another masterpiece came into being. Jeff now had a computer in each little office (6) all tied together with a network. Jeffís mother and sister, who had never done anything with a computer came up to speed and operated the system. Jeff was the first dentist in Pa to actually download his claims directly to Camp Hill, PA for Medicare and Blue Shield claims, no need for paper claims.After the initial charge for the software setup and training, it was free sailing for the doctor.

    We set up at a computer show in Wilkes-Barre. From this I built a system for two more Urologists and an Orthopedic Surgeon in Stroudsburg, and a General Practitioner in Benton, Pa. Another system was designed for an optometrist in Hamilton, NY. The claims from here went to Binghamton, NY for Blue Shield and Medicare. At this computer show, I saw some competition. Their business practice was a little different than mine. The difference was that the doctor office claims got downloaded into this computer handlerís office, and from there they went to Camp Hill, PA to the insurance offices. They were charging a dollar a claim for every office procedure charge. This was a better business approach for the computer guys; the business went on as long as the doctor practiced.

    Now there were problems from time to time such as blown files. We had the ability to access the problem computer and I could fix the files over the telephone line. This was a great age.

    This PC world was great. This was much better than milking cows.It was actually providing a needed service that was new cutting edge technology. This is where I like to be.When I started this there were no competitors. I was the only one who could do this on a PC unless you went to a major company and most of these were still in the dinosaur age of mainframes. I did all the design work right in the home office.

    ††††††††††† We did have an experience with a shrewd businesswoman who was doing promotion work for businesses. We came to an agreement, and I gave her half the agreed price as a down payment. The TV news made a presentation of the computer operation in Jeffís dentist office, and described the system. It was a good news article for the local TV station. It was great for the ego, but it didnít bring in any new business. I called her office numerous times to get my balance due, but didnít succeed. This was strange.

    As always, nothing stays the same, and it comes time to move on.We get a call from Marionís father in Florida. He is getting old, and canít make it on his own. The timing of things or synchronicity becomes apparent. My oldest son Greg comes back from Ireland and gets a job in East Stroudsburg. He takes over the Pocono homestead. Now we are getting ready to leave for Hobe Sound, Florida.

    ††††††††††† During this process, the Sheriff pulls in the driveway. Apparently the promotion women had filed a suit in the local court for restitution of the owed amount. The Sheriff asked specifically for my computer. As divine guidance would have it, the computer was not there, as we were packing to move to Florida. I then learn, that this woman and the CEO of the East Stroudsburg Hospital were very close friends. The plan was to get the code I designed for the doctorsí office and make it available through the hospital as a new business. Why do these people have to try to be so shrewd? They canít just do business normally or be up front with an honest business proposition.

    While this PC age was flourishing, we visited Marionís father in Florida a few times. During one visit, I got a call from my son Eric. While helping his father-in-law he dropped a tractor wheel weight on his foot. He had been to a doctor, had an X-Ray, and found all the top bones in his foot were broken. This doctor recommended a specialist in Atlanta, GA, where he would require multiple surgeries, and be disabled for a year. I told Eric to wait for me to get back to the Poconos. Now, we are beginning the next phase of esoteric sciences.

    ††††††††††† Now, the time comes to revert to one of the most feared practices of the religious fundamentalist world, applications of the ouji board. From time to time in the past tools outside the traditional limitations were necessary if a person is ever to expand and grow. If I waited for someone else to write computer programs for a doctorís office it would then be too late. For years while I worked at GE and on the farm I used dowsing as a real measure to find water, whether looking for a well, or draining a field. It always worked, and I donít need anyoneís approval to make it work. Actually I have a website that describes dowsing.

    Combining electronics design talents, along with some time and effort I made this machine for Eric It was driven with a specific frequency at low power. He used this device three times a day for about twenty minutes. In three weeks he was running. In a month he was back to work. Six months later another doctor X-Rayed his foot for another reason, and everything was as it should be. More will be covered about this subject later.




    I thought I would continue to do the doctors office computer thing in Florida, but I hit a snag. In PA and NY, the Insurance companies, Blue Cross and Medicare, allowed me to get a license number for development of the format for the downloaded sequential file for insurance claims. I could develop the software at home, get all the bugs out, and send TEST CLAIMS for approval, and then just download it with the doctors claim numbers in the file and they were ready to go. These companies considered me an approved vender for the software. These were considered test files. Florida (in Jacksonville) would not allow me do this. They wanted me to get a doctorís office involved in the development. I had some reservations about not owning my own software. Here in Florida I was not allowed to do this. So the programming business didnít fly here. Now, I progress to the Eric machine, have a patent search done, and we are off into the next phase of Esoteric Sciences.

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    Esoteric Science


    Now we start the next phase. As previously described, one type of energy healing device was created and it worked. A patent search was made to see if any others had entered this field. To my surprise, there was a chiropractor who held a patent on a device, not totally like mine but non-the less a coil that was used for healing purposes. It was called the Jacobson Resonance Device. It turns out Jerry Jacobson originated just south of us in Florida, from Jupiter. To make a long story short, Jerry could not get FDA approval for his device. After all it isnít a drug. Nothing will ever get approved in the USA that isnít a drug for healing purposes. Jerry eventually went to Spain, Canada, and Mexico. I never met Jerry personally, but I did meet others who knew him after we were in Florida for a while.

    ††††††††††† Now we have a new idea and a new environment. I was given some information that started a whole new avenue for effort. This was really new, at least to me. I found a way to make a special crystal that would have a great effect on a lot of living things. I found later that this was not a new science, because the Japanese had been doing this for years, under the name Tachyon. It seems the Olympic competitors had this sewn into their suits when competing. No one would have heard about this, because it opened the door into a reality that is considered taboo by the medical profession power structures.

    The basic science is this: Every living being from a germ to an elephant, all plants, lakes, and even the planet we live on is a living entity. Each living entity has an accompanying energy force. Life is more than a collection of chemicals and drugs. When, what is perceived as death comes, all the drugs and chemicals, which were in the body, are still there. Itís the life force that leaves. This is not rocket science. This knowledge doesnít belong to anyone, but it belongs to everybody, regardless of religion, politics, social standing, rich or poor, color, or age.When this is understood, the concept of existence, and values change. The sources of physical problems, and the solutions change drastically from this drug dependant culture. Here is and example:

    We now live in Florida. I received a call from my second son Wayne. It seems my youngest son, Eric, is in Upstate Medical Center, in Syracuse, NY, and both kidneys have shut down.I get a plane ticket and fly up there. The doctors say, ĒWhen both kidneys shut down like this, they donít return. The choices are transplant, dialysis the rest of your life, or end of life.Ē I tend to think outside the box, so I donít swallow this. Until now I havenít mentioned this but while in Florida, I was attuned and practiced an art growing in this country, called REIKI. The Christian fundamentalists think this is some kind of Japanese thing, but its origin is really from the Christian world. The Essenes were doing this two thousand years ago. It uses the basic concept of running this life force energy through your hands to enhance the energy in a patient. Believe me it is a powerful tool.

    Before I leave Florida, I get my cousin, Murray, his wife, Karen and daughter, Sandy, to meet me at the hospital, and we perform a couple sessions on Eric. To make a long story short, he walks out of the hospital three weeks later with everything running. The doctors were amazed and said, ďWeíve never seen anything like this.Ē They are now practicing Reiki in the hospital there in Syracuse. I should mention here that Reiki would only work on those who accept it, as it is universal law not to interfere with the will of another, or try to help someone unwilling to accept it. It is not a tool of the control freak practitioners, who usually identify themselves when they condemn such practices.

    It was interesting, in retrospect, we attended the Methodist Church in Hobe Sound. Marionís father was one of the founding fathers. He helped build the first church. The Reiki sessions were thrown out of the prayer chapel three times by three different male ministers. One woman minister, Linda, encouraged and attended the sessions. I joked about this, later. Two thousand years ago, the healer threw the moneychangers out of the church, and now in our age, the moneychangers threw the healers out three times. The more I thought about this, the more truth I saw in it. Each of the male ministers knew where every cent was in every financial account, but they had no idea who the twelve archangels were.

    Weíre getting off track here. This is the esoteric chapter. So here are some things we did with the crystal technology, using a life energy approach to solving or reducing the effects of problems. The first simplest test of the affects of the crystal is muscle testing. Anyone can do it if they choose to. Two people, one is the tester, the other the testee. Stand face to face. To start, have the testee hold their left arm out in line with the shoulders parallel with the ground. Have the testee think of someone they love. Test the strength of the arm by pushing the arm down toward the ground. Now think of someone they despise. Check the strength of their arm again. The difference will be obvious. The second mind frame is a form of self-induced stress. This stress reduces the physical strength. Now we place a crystal necklace around the personís neck. The crystal energy enhancer will reduce the effects of the despised mind frame. Some sort of stress always causes the reduction of efficiency of the life force energy. This is true with all living things.

    I became acquainted with a man in Arkansas who was familiar with this energy stuff. He heard about me and called, wanted to do some things with this technology in the San-Joaquin Valley in California with the agricultural industry. Joe was raised here in California. In this area there are very large dairy farms. The manure system utilizes a flushing system to clean the barn by flushing all the manure out into a large open pond and stored. This is then spread on the land in the spring, and plowed down as fertilizer for the corn to grow the next year. Further analysis found that the milk house was also being flushed into this pond. They were using powerful chlorine cleaners for the bulk tank and milking utensil sanitization in the milk house.

    To understand the next step, itís necessary to understand the life cycle of organic material. At this stage the manure should decompose in the pond, mainly through the activity of microorganisms, which we will call microbes. This is well known in the normal science of the academic community. These microbes change non-soluble polluting nitrates into soluble nitrogen. These microbes are being killed off by the chlorine solutions from the milk house. The manure pond then just sits there and stinks to high heaven. The next step was to spread this on the land plow it under and maybe it will decompose here. No such luck. Here on the cornfields, we spread a killing spray called atrizine, which kills all the weeds and also kills the microbes. What happens next? The polluting nitrates now settle down and down until they pollute the aquifer running underground.

    I made Joe some crystal cannons, which generate high levels of life energy for the microbes. Joe mounted these under the eves of an adjacent building and pointed them at the pond. The microbes now survive the stress of the chlorine in the manure pond and the pond begins to work. I have videotapes at home showing the crud and bubbles rising from the bottom of the pond as the microbes go to work. After a while there was an actual clearing in the water. The next corn crop from this farm was a record for the county in production. The corn was now using the released nitrogen.The smell of the pond was reduced drastically.Joe installed these on various other farms, some in Arkansas and all had the same results.

    A few years ago, Lake Okeechobee in Florida had major pollution problems, the symptoms of a dying lake. The fish population was diminishing, and plants were dying. By this time there were a few of us who are thinking on the same plane, so a group of us went to Port Myakka and installed a small self powered life energy machine and then installed a larger machine in the Kissimmee River just as it runs into the lake at the North end.Within the next couple months, just like the manure ponds, crud began to rise off the bottom, and the lake began to return to life. All the original plants began to show up and the fish population increased. The garbage from Orlando and Kissimmee overwhelmed this lake but the microbes are capable of cleaning it if allowed. The normal life cycle was now restored.

    This was not contracted, or purchased or approved by any department of anything. It was all done underground by a group of volunteers who did this for the sake of the lake, not for financial gains or politics or social worship. There are other lakes and rivers in this country that owe their health to underground volunteers like this. If it isnít chemicals or drugs, and profits as the motive, most of this control culture wonít understand, or even be interested, but I do think a slow awakening of the sheep is taking place thanks to the Internet. I also have a website to keep track of some of these places:

    Earth Project from the previous site

    An interesting experience where I learned some things about an organic food grower in Florida. Through some connections, I was asked to try one of my crystal machines in an effort to increase the growth rate of a hydroponic lettuce business. Each seed was started in a little foam rubber square and these were placed on a tray roughly three feet square, and water trickled down wetting the foam seed pads. I placed one crystal device under one tray to see the effects using the other trays as a control. The sprouts were approximately 3 inches high, and we had a heavy rainstorm, which caused water to run across the floor in the seeding building. For some reason, the owner had all the plants sprayed with a Clorox/water mixture. All the plants on the other trays showed a leaf burning effect. The plants on my tray didnít. However, the plants on my tray didnít seem to be as tall as the other plants. This confused me. I went over to the office to do something, and I found out why from one of the investors. It seems that the owner had gone to Africa where he had found a plant that could be used for an extract, which would suppress the immune system in the lettuce plant. This provided faster growing of the plant and to the market quicker. My machine re-activated the immune system in the plant, which slowed its growth. This is why it resisted the Clorox/water spray solution and was growing slower, but greener. Iím not sure I want to eat plants with a suppressed immune system. Isnít this the definition of AIDs?

    Here is a cancer experience. I had an opportunity to be in Tijuana, Mexico, to give a speech and do some work at a hospital where people from this country go to get treatments not allowed in this country because of drug company control of the FDA.While there, I had an opportunity to do some Reiki sessions on a girl that had been diagnosed as terminal in the US. She had cancerous tumors all along her spine.Not to take all the credit, because the hospital treatments were also valued efforts, this girl went home a few weeks later cancer free. How many more decades are we going to do cancer fundraisers for cancer research? In the past forty years of research funding what do we actually have for our money? Where did the money go? Are we not still performing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which are destructive to the body? Chemotherapy is a poison derived from WWI mustard gas.

    While in Mexico, I met a person who will be a life long friend, Renaldo Maldonado. He was working in the hospital and was responsible for us traveling here for demonstrations and speeches. Renaldo has designed devices of his own, one of which was used by his friend Bruce Lee. Yes, the famous Bruce Lee martial arts teacher.

    Here are some facts that can be found in the encyclopedia: DNA and RNA are crystals. The two individuals who discovered X-Ray Crystallography are Watson and Crick. This work was done originally to study coal. It was found to also work for DNA analysis. A basic description of this is that projecting a beam of X-Ray into a crystal will scatter a pattern on photosensitive film. The important conclusion here is to establish the fact the DNA helix is actually twisted pairs of crystals. Why is this important?

    I was a Radio ham in the late 1950ís. When beginning this hobby, one becomes a novice first and it is required to use a crystal-controlled transmitter. A slice of quartz crystal, machined to specific tolerances controlled the frequency of the oscillator. Crystals are frequency sensitive objects. The basic definition of a crystal is the replication of atoms in a uniform pattern. This allows the distance and position of atoms to coincide with the wavelength of resonant frequencies. This means at certain frequencies these crystals in the DNA will resonate when the cells divide. You canít do this with drugs. It happens with energy.

    Now whatís cancer? It is the uncontrollable replication of cells, not subscribing to the original design of the body. This is known as a tumor. If we put the energy patterns back in place around the body, the tumor disappears, and the original body design returns. The design of the body is stored in the DNA. You canít do this with drugs. See the problem? This isnít magic any more than your cell phone is magic. Itís common physics. How many of you or your friends really know what an acupuncturist does? In our culture, power, profits, and control are more important than reality or your health. Itís actually going to take some effort from you.

    The ancient cultures such as Ayurvedic and the mystics of today who stay out of the limelight, all are familiar with the chakras and aura designs of the light body. Most malfunctions originate in these areas and are controlled by the mind. Changing your mind set will change the balance in the auras and chakras. This is just how it is.When we experience a malfunction, we use drugs to mask the symptoms. Rarely does a patient even consider causes and effects today. We just want to take a pill and feel better with no effort. Many times the pill we take to alleviate one symptom causes something else to malfunction. Then we take another pill for that, and the market grows for the pill business. How many different pills are some of the old people you know taking?

    After fifty years of experimentation with drugs, by this time they must have tried every one that exists or could possibly exist. Iíve talked to others who had to go outside this country, mainly to Mexico, to get some meaningful treatment. The comment I hear is ďIf we can get them before too much damage has been caused in this country, they have a chance.Ē

    I have a website where these things have been discussed. It can be found at:

    21'st Century Technology selection of my previous site

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    Religion vs. Spirituality & Enlightenment


    To set the stage for this discussion, I have to expose my concept of communication understanding and experiences. Whenever I gave a speech, it always began like this:

    ďI have been places, done things, and have seen things. From this list of experiences, I have created my reality system. Iím here to share this with you. What you do with it is up to you. Each of us is responsible for our own reality. You may accept all or parts of what I say, or think about it, or reject it all, but by the same token, Iím not here for your approval.Ē

    First, let me tell you about a small demonstration I would do from time to time in a Reiki class. I would pick a word. A great example was ďinfection.Ē As we went around the room, every person described what an infection meant to him or her. Know what? They were all different. Our culture reeks with miscommunication and we are not aware of it. Many times it can reveal an agenda with more truth than the definition.

    This brings me to the next topic, which is known as neural linguistic programming. Here is how it works: In the Lords Prayer,


    Our Father who art in Heaven,


    The assumptions that go with this, Heaven isnít here, itís somewhere else. Then our Father isnít here, Heís somewhere else.This is what is subtly programmed into the sub-conscience.Do you know what the original Aramaic version said before it was translated by the Greeks?


    Our Father who is everywhere,


    Now consider the ramifications of this. Here is an analogy.Consider the fish in the sea. The fish says, ďHow great is the ocean which isnít here. Itís somewhere else. ď

    This understanding alone makes me unpopular with some of the fundamentalist religious social clubs.They have chosen to convince the congregation that ďGODĒ is a foreign entity totally separate from any individual walking the earth, living way out in the sky in some mysterious place called Heaven. This is necessary to establish a social order, plugging in the church organization between the foreign ďGODĒ concept and me. Iíve seen another concept, which I appreciate. Itís everyone knows the drop of water is in the ocean, but few understand that the ocean is also in the drop of water. I have often wondered if the fish in the ocean actually realize it is in the water, or is conscious that the water even exists, at least until it is removed from the water. Actually, the fish canít survive without being in water. So, by the same concept, we as people canít survive when we are outside the unified field of GOD, if there is such a place, and I have a feeling there isnít in our universes.

    This concept threatens the church power structure. Knowing I have a light body, with auras and chakras, I understand how the interface with the unified field of the GOD works. My connection is much greater than the sermon from the pulpit or the collection plate.

    This reminds me of something else. In Genesis, It says, ďLet there be light.Ē Iíve studied physics. Here, the term light refers to a very, very narrow band of the now defined electromagnetic spectrum, where the rods and cones of the eyes are sensitive to so we can see. This narrow band of visible light is bordered by infra red and ultraviolet which we canít see, and didnít know existed, until defined by our scientists in this century. If the author of Genesis wasnít familiar with our perception of light, or any of the many language interpretations that took place in our bible, what was he talking about? I think we have another perception taken out of context. When Genesis was written, there were no language or words that contained the meaning of electromagnetic spectrum. This was not known in those days.

    I also have some suspicions that the total spectrum that exists has not yet been totally defined. I have a feeling that the chakra and aura energies defined by the ancients are extensions of this same electromagnetic spectrum, and itís just the equipment inventions we need to explore it. In fact, the Garden of Eden creation may have been a pure energy life form. Maybe the term spirit is a much better definition for this energy form.

    Some references to some other things in the bible might shed some enlightenment here. When Jonah didnít want to do the job he was supposed to, GOD said, "Jonah, we had this discussion long before you were born."Ē Iíve noticed this is never addressed from the pulpit, so Iím thinking maybe the things not addressed from the pulpit tell me more than what I am hearing. I remember now, when I was present in a bible study class, I tried to discuss this, but the approach was it was just one of those mysteries we were not supposed to know. Nothing makes me more suspicious than when one proposes ignorance as a goal or Iím not supposed to know. Maybe the next revision will take it out completely.

    Speaking of revisions,catch this one. In the Sermon on the Mount, ďWhen the eye is whole then the body is full of lightÖĒ in the old King James Version. Then the latest revision says, When the eyes are whole then the body is full of lightÖĒ If the people making the conversion were not aware that the sixth chakra is referred to as the third eye, then they didnít know what they were reading. It now means, you have to have 20-20 vision? Nobody with glasses can go to heaven? Language is tough barrier. Actually, for me opening the third eye allows you to see auras. The Tibetan Lamas do this as part of their training.

    Now weíve opened the door of other religions. The fundamentalists of each religion all claim that they are the only ones who are right. These are the ones who are killing each other, promoting judgment, and using religion for an excuse usually to support their own agenda, which is acquiring land or riches or fame. Each religion also contains enlightened groups. These groups reveal themselves by promoting peace and brotherhood among all nations. This isnít rocket science.

    Iíve had an opportunity to look at various structures of some of the religions and I see them as basically all alike. There is more difference within the top and bottom of the religions than there is between them. On the bottom are the fundamentalists. At the top is what I call the modern day mystics, the more enlightened. Looking at the chart above it becomes apparent that the difference between religions is social, political, cultural, and from human organizational power structures. The fundamentalists are the ones in the news and their actions betray them. It wasnít long ago, I heard Pat Robertson call for the assassination of Chavez. This is typical fundamentalism at the bottom of the Christian club. Social positions alone donít reflect the lower and higher levels of spirituality. To offset this, I have had another experience when Father Bob came to visit me in Hobe Sound, Florida for a couple weeks, from El Paso, Texas. Father Bob is a Bishop from the Catholic Franciscan Order. It was a great privilege to meet this man. I was honored by his visit. Father Bob brought literature pertaining to The Zohar Tree of Life. The Zohar were the Hebrew Mystics, not well known, and never mentioned in the normal congregations or on CNN. In Father Bobís organization there were Nuns who were doing Kirilian photography. This is a photographic technique to record auras that exist around people. It was invented in Russia.

    The things we discussed were way beyond anything you will ever hear from any Methodist or Baptist Minister Iíve ever met. Father Bob had with him whatís called a Geneesa Crystal. This was not a gem, but a device made out of PVC pipe bent and assembled into a sphere of at least seven feet in diameter. This consisted of two vertical circles at right angles, and one horizontal circle around the middle. A person would stand in the center of this globe shaped device. Father Bob would move his hands swiftly back and forth over the horizontal circle. I could dowse the energy that he had set up here.

    Itís amazing how in different times and places to hear comments, which are based on certain prejudices, attached to religions. The exposure in the news would make one think all Muslims are the Talaban. The Muslims also have a higher order of members, the mystics that are known as the Sufi. From time to time I hear a comment about the Catholics, with attached prejudices. My comment is always been, ďIím familiar with two Catholics, Mother Theresa and Al Capone. Where exactly do you fit in this organization?When you remove the prejudices, many times the labels become meaningless other than man-made social/political orders.

    Now maybe the understanding of this can be divided into two categories, spirituality and religion. Religion may be a man-made social organization, which claims to be spiritual and parts of it can be. Itís been my experience to witness narrow minded power mongering, judgmental, social jockeying for control over the reality systems for others who are too lazy to think for themselves and they are more interested in social games than enlightenment. There really is a difference.

    One of the most fun discussions to have with the fundamentalists is the topic of reincarnation. Remember when Jesus healed the blind man. The disciples asked him if he had sinned or his parents sinned.If he were born blind, then why would they ask this without believing in reincarnation? Jesus asked his disciples, who do they say I am? Some say you are Isaiah, some say you are Moses returned. Is this so hard to grasp for these people?How can you read this and not know?I had a small discussion about this, revealing these parts of the bible to a Methodist minister, and having no answer was horrifying for him. The revelation here is tell them what they want to hear, get a large congregation and increases the cash flow. We need the money. This is how we measure our success. Iím running a business here. These comments were actually made by a minister. This church was definitely a womenís social club, made up of some moderately wealthy women who needed a safe place to go play social games under the title of divinity. The minister was very worried about another thing. He was afraid someone was going to think he was a fundamentalist.He wanted to be known as an Evangelical. Is there really a difference? We white men want to do something and then change the label to make it ok. One of the funniest things Iíve ever heard was during a discussion about energy with a Methodist minister. He said, ďI donít believe in energy.Ē He had a cell phone in his back pocket at the time, and has talked on it quite often. I donít know how he thought it worked. Now, being on a roll with him, I had to do this. It seems one of his sermons was attacking Shirley MacLaine in making some comments out of context of what she wrote where he quoted, ďI AM GOD?Ē I couldnít resist quoting his own bible in John 10:34 where Jesus said, ďIs it not written that ye are all Gods?Ē He got his own bible and checked it out. He had no answer. He turned around and faced the wall trying to calm his temper. The next day I was fired, as I had worked there for four years as handyman. But it was time to move on, I couldnít play this social game.

    Two terms that exist out there which seem to scare them are ďfundamentalistĒ and ďNew Age.Ē These have obviously achieved unfavorable prejudices. I know that if I ask each in a group what each of these mean, Iíll get a different answer from every person. Yet they still donít know that they donít know. Iíve seen the term NEW AGE used when something they didnít understand was addressed and this prejudice was used to put it in a category of ďbadĒ so they donít have to deal with it. The gullible swallow it.

    This doesnít mean that all things are bad here. If we look at our school system, we have twelve different grades and a kindergarten class. The third grader is in the class where he/she belongs, learning the lessons that are normal for that reality. However, who wants to stay in third grade their whole life.If one wants to truly progress, it will become necessary to move on to the fourth and fifth grades. I used to go to this church. I remember saying,Ē If I have to become retarded to be a member of this social club, then Iím in the wrong social club.Ē Being told only the third graders will go to heaven donít work for me, especially when the only parts of the bible we recognize are those that fit our own little social agenda. I see what Jesse Ventura meant. The force he described is real.

    The history of religion is interesting. I remember what happened to Galileo and the other early scientists. After making the telescope, and finding out that the earth isnít the center of the solar system, the church had them put in prison. Donít screw with our reality or power. Look at the history of Martin Luther, founder of the protestant group. He found fault with the Religious Hierarchy of the times. He was called to the Vatican to be corrected. He refused to denounce what he said, so a hit contract was put out on him. If a friend hadnít hid him, today, there would not be a Protestant movement. While the savior said, ďLove your enemiesĒ the Religion Hierarchy does just the opposite. So this reveals a political power game, not a spiritual quest. So, now with the Protestant group, we now have two games going, both doing the same thing. I suppose it did cut into the market share.

    To consider some more history, go to St. Augustine, Florida. Take a guided tour of the town. Itís a great place to visit. This is the oldest town in the USA. Here you will find out what religious persecution really is. The explorers from Spain were real evangelists, especially in Florida, and Mexico. The donations to their church by the natives in gold and blood were unmatched anywhere. They pretty much sacrificed their own culture for the church in Spain. These were very persuasive evangelists.

    When the Europeans landed on the north east coast of the US, it was unbelievable that there were no Catholic, or Baptist Churches. The Indians believed in Waken-Tonka, which was Indian for GOD or Great Spirit. This was a disaster, our Evangelicals again kicked into gear. They rearranged the living conditions into a much better state by putting them on reservations and taking over their land. Anyone who canít speak English doesnít deserve to go to Heaven. After all, thatís the only language spoken in heaven.

    One of the greatest little outings was the TRAIL OF TEARS. The Cherokee Indians enjoyed this camping trip so much. They havenít forgotten it yet. This was a wonderful bonding time for the Evangelical white men and the Cherokee Indians, at least as described in one of the Methodist publications I read. Itís unbelievable how we literally saved them from themselves. There was one small benefit for all this work, it seems we acquired all their land. I suppose this was just a side benefit. The Indians were really lucky in a way; they were removed before the Salem Witch Hunter Evangelic movement began. Iím familiar with this, as I watched it in progress at the Hobe Sound Methodist Church. Itís a good thing the Florida Seminoles live on the other side of Lake Okeechobee. They escaped this ďcleansing.Ē

    This one began with a new Methodist Minister. So far, the church has cleaned out the Child Care Center, The soup kitchen, and the Boy Scouts. Instead, we now have the entertainment features enhanced. It seems the new minister is very active in the acting community. He is actually pursuing a career in acting. The church has now become a theatre where the entertainment is terrific for the wealthy social order congregation. It was interesting to watch the methods of operating the politics of this, as the Child Care Center was dissolved because their was a rumor that two of the teachers were gay, but then they kicked out the Boy Scouts because the were not allowing gays in their organization. A small meeting was held with a preprogrammed agenda to eliminate the Child Care Center. It was also mentioned that the CCC was fifteen thousand dollars behind. Two days after the meeting, all the money showed up. Wild isnít it?Is it possible there was really another agenda, and we just prop it up with excuses? The soup kitchen had been running for eight years and was feeding upwards of 100 people every Saturday night. Some of these were homeless. Some are traveling through. This was a real experience. When the head trustee was asked if the kitchen would reopen. He replied, No, It really didnít serve the needs of the people. He operates under close scrutiny of the local Bible College women social club influence through his wife. The Child Care Center had been in operation for 18 years, and had just acquired Pre-School approval. They already had 40 kids and 10 teachers on staff. They got rid of that just in time, it would have grown and interfered with the theatre productions. These Evangelicals are really sharp in the politics of manipulation. It works great with the gullible. They exercise and train in Judgment of the good people and gets rid of the bad people, and the gullible believe it. The Salem Witch hunters still exist today and they do the white man thing, just change the label. The illusions will prevail as long as we donít understand our own language and get sucked into judgment, which was warned against by the Master. He said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Except for the Evangelicals and Fundamentalists with the help of the socially sensitive gullible.

    I remember another story from the bible. One of the Sanhedrin priests was fasting and was out on the street where he could be observed, putting on a great act for the local population to see. He too was an actor. When the disciples asked about this, the Master said, ďHe has his reward. To actually be effective, you need to be alone.Ē

    We obviously have a long way to go to achieve true enlightenment. Which leads me to wonder where true enlightenment sources from. Is it possible it doesnít really come from a man made organization? I can think of a couple of examples where it didnít. The first is the guy who started Reiki. Makio Usi was a Japanese immigrant who came over to be trained in Christian Education. He went back to Japan as a missionary to teach Christianity.One of his students asked, Does anyone heal today the way Christ did 2000 years ago?ĒMakio said, "yes" and the student said, "who?" Now the search was on, Makio had been called on his word. After some searching, Makio came across a monk who said, ďIf you want this talent, you have to spend 40 days in the woods, and fast.Ē So, Makio did. While leaving the woods on the 40íTh day, he dashed his foot on a stone. He found when he put his hands on his foot, the pain immediately relieved. This is just the beginning of the Reiki story, but itís sufficient to demonstrate the being alone value. The second example of the 40 days in the woods was the Christ himself.

    Now, after witnessing what I have, I see this. Iíve spent ten years as a Reiki Master. Iíve taught and participated in what we called Reiki Shares, where a group would gather once a week and do this for nothing. Iíve had some people come to Florida from California to participate. I consider this to be a very advanced and powerful technique. Itís not the only technique that works and it is also not a competitive social sport or a get rich quick scheme. I would welcome anyone to the meetings who could show us something new and provide growth in our understanding of how things worked, and are connected. I have concluded that one organization whether it is a church, or any little social group, does not by themselves have all the answers. They are only small parts of the big picture. I find them quite arrogant when they do profess to know it all and limit the knowledge and understanding. They seem to think they are the center of the universe, the world revolves around them and everything else is from the ďaxis of evil.Ē I see this is a very blatant demonstration of mind control. You can see this in the story of the crucifixion and in Washington today.

    At the left is a graphic representation of spiritual progress. Notice also, that this graphic representation is similiar to what is called the Eye of Horus that originated out of Egypt from ancient times. The center of the eye represents enlightenment, which is where the light flows. In this circle area would be where the assended masters reside, such as Jeshua(Jesus), Mohammed, the Budda, and Yogananda.

    The edges of the eye represent the positions of the lowest forms of fundamentalism. The progress toward the center is the path of each individual. Generally, it seems that political power, violence, possession, narrow mindedness, judgement, ego, and persuit of social titles diminish as progress is made toward the center of the eye. Religion by earthly label is more culturally dependant by human organization of a hiearchy. The Muslims are basiclly Arabs, Buddist originate as Oriental. Hindu originated from India. Christianity, while originating from Isreal, was rejected by the Orthadox Jews, and expanded through Europe to the Americas. The use of religion to conquer, create war, acquire power over others, or elevate one's self socially is in total contridiction of the teachings of the ascended masters.

    All this teaches me something. All the things Iíve described are within myself. If they were not, I could not outwardly recognize them. My real path to enlightenment is to control all these social malfunctions within me. True enlightenment for those who actually pursue such a thing, does not come from someone else, or any social club, or any church, but from within as self-mastery. Amusement and entertainment are sourced from these groups and not to be taken serious. Here is a great example of this:

    I was on my front porch doing something on a Sunday afternoon, when two gentlemen came to the door. I know they are Jehovahís Witnesses. OK, I like to visit. During the discussion, one of them says, ďThere are some things GOD likes and there are some things he doesnít.Ē Now he is going to tell me what they are, but just at that moment, two sand hill cranes flew over making their greeting calls. I interrupted him, and said, ďSee those cranes? I have two choices. I can perceive them as loud, obnoxious, ugly creatures, or I can admire the genetic design of these large birds, which can fly, and think, and reproduce as wondrous creations. If I am smart enough to know this, then most assuredly GOD can do this too. I hardly need another man to tell me what GOD likes and dislikes.Ē The other guy, that was with him, grinned and understood what I meant. Donít take this as a personal insult toward Jehovahís Witnesses, it could happen with any religious club. It is a reflection of where the individual stood, not the organization. There are all kinds in all organizations.

    During some Reiki sessions, while covering some perceived traumas that were experienced by some of the people, I would reflect on this: Every drama or scenario, you have three choices. You can look for the GOOD or the BAD or the UGLY. What ever you seek is what you will find. Each will not reflect the entire picture, but will reveal the position of the observer and sometimes the agenda of the observer particularly when subtle prejudices are purposely used.

    Iíve noticed another trait that seems to accompany all organizations. Each one starts with a common interest at a specific level with some positive goals. In the beginning a resonance occurs where the total power of the group is greater than the sum of the group. Then as the organization grows, itsí priority moves from the benefit of the members to the benefit of the organization at the expense of the members. This is exactly how pyramid schemes work. Donít get in at the bottom. Today, we have many pyramid schemes, but we use another name, so itís legal. The principal is there in all organizations including the legal system, political systems, capitalistic churches, and many large businesses. Enron is a prime example, and all though they got all the news publicity, they are certainly not the only ones.

    Now weíve reached a point of how can I tell the difference in organizations goals, specifically a church? Is self-empowerment of the individual in divine connection the dominating philosophy, or is the underlying goal to create a dependency? Does the church promote social differences in polarization using judgment or do they pursue brotherhood? Do they promote worship to Jesus, and that he did it all for us, or do they promote imitating Jesus and promote doing what he did? Do they remove the children from the weekly programs? Do they discourage mission type efforts such as soup kitchens in favor of entertainment for the nice rich royal social orders? You have to listen real close, and then watch what they do. Jesus said to the disciples before his crucifixion, ďYou will do everything Iíve done and even more.Ē Do you hear this from the pulpit?

    I remember hearing a joke about a guy who got a tour through heaven by St. Peter. While they were walking down the hallway, St. Peter said, ďBe very quiet when you walk in front of this door, this is where the Baptists are and they think they are the only ones here.Ē

    I understand the problem of perceiving an individual in any other form than the physical. The perception of our creation is at the time of physical birth. At the time of death, we either go to heaven or hell. I refer again to the remark made to Jonah by GOD. ďJonah, we had this discussion long before you were born.Ē We actually do exist before the spirit enters this physical body. Our spirit exists after the body wears out and quits. Jesus said, ďIn my fatherís house there are many mansions.Ē I donít think he was talking about a yuppie development like Eaglewood. I personally am convinced, after the UFO experience previously described, that the many mansions are referring to many dimensions of existence, which one enters when sufficiently prepared. If one chooses to pursue an actual understanding of this, the Superstring Theory is a good place to start. A good book to read to build perception tools is called HYPERSPACE written by M. KaKu a physicist.

    I had the opportunity to be with my mother when she made her transition. She was setting up in bed being supported by pillows, when I knew she was getting ready to go. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was getting shallow. In my mind, I asked for three transition angels to come and escort her to the other side. Just as I did this she opened her eyes and looked over my head, looking at each one, and there were three. She then closed her eyes and went with them. There is such a great peace in knowing these things at times like this. I guess I become impatient that regular churches donít teach things like this.

    From previous life experiences, an analogy comes to mind. The teaching of fundamentalism from our religions is similiar to fixing our car as follows: If I am not told anything about how the car works mechanically, and it's immoral to know, I'll never be competant in fixing a malfunction. Similiarly, if spiritual mechanics are never revealed by the heiarchy, how can one persue enlightenment or a meaningful interface with the spirit levels? We are being somewhat subtly coersed into subconsciously worshipping the church.

    As long as Iíve been around churches, I donít remember hearing anything about angels. All Iíve learned, I acquired outside the church communities about the angelic realms. During Reiki, at different times we would call on the Archangels Michael and Raphael.It seems strange to me not to do this. In our realm, if we have a problem with our car, we go to a mechanic. We donít contact the President of General Motors. We actually realize that the auto industry consists of more than just the President of General Motors. If we buy a car we talk to the salesman. There are specific divisions in General Motors to contact for specific reasons. The angelic realms are the same way. This is not rocket science. It is just interfacing in an intelligent manner with the spiritual realms, and is the basis of true spirituality. Spirituality is not just a Sunday morning social thing to be entertained for an hour. It is a programmed way of constant conscious existence in a world beyond the physical, which 90% of me exists anyway. We are supposed to pray. The reality is that we are in a constant state of prayer anyway. How and what we think all the time is what we manifest and itís all available to our counselors all the time. If we can calm our minds and listen to our thoughts, we can acquire information on anything we want to. However, we have to have the perception tools downloaded to understand the data, just like the computer. Albert Einstein didnít go to energy school, or nuclear physics school to get E=MC2. There is a biblical reference here, when Jesus said to his disciples, ďFear not for I will send to you counselors.Ē I know this may be socially unpopular with the church royalty, but the American Indians knew this all the time.

    The Muslim Sufis have an understanding, which should be considered when pursuing enlightenment. Two forces are present, imagination and intuition. Imagination is of the earth, and intuition is inspiration from the counselors. Understanding of this at the time is important. Is the basis of this idea predicated on more to control others or just to benefit my agenda and me, or is it a constructive feature where all may benefit?The fundamentalist would use the first and the second would be used by the enlightened. An example is easy to see. Is my concern the profit and control of the major oil and gas companies, or global warming? Each of us reveal where we are by our actions.

    In the last one hundred years we have made more technical progress than has been made in the known history of man, maybe 10,000 years? Obviously something is changing and at a very rapid rate.Are we making the same spiritual progress? Are the politics, social orders, or churches keeping up? I wonder if we are getting closer to becoming acquainted with some of our galactic brothers and sisters. However, after watching the actions of our fundamentalist political leaders, if I were in the galactic counsel, I would not want us turned loose in the universe.

    I remember when I was on the farm. I guess maybe this was when the awakening began. I was plowing up on the hill one day when the thoughts began. I looked behind me and the dirt in the furrows all looked alike. Iím thinking all this ground Iíve turned, and nowhere did I plow up a transistor or any simple device that accidentally manifested itself. I look at the complexity of the human body. By the laws of logic if a simple thing like a transistor or transistor radio took 10,000 years of manís time to get smart enough to design such a thing, then life forms of much more complexity didnít just happen by accident. There are obviously genetic designers existing, outside of our reality, maybe in the angelic realms. Later I learned this was true, by other sources. A group called the Elohim does this. These are like the auto engineers who are part of General Motors, not evil demons separate from General Motors that we are not supposed to know about.

    Faith is a term and Iíve heard the definition as, ďBelieving in something you canít see.Ē With an electrical engineering background, this definition seems a little idiotic. I look out into a seemingly empty parking lot. Nothing there? If I take a portable radio out in the parking lot, and turn it on, Iíll hear a variety of radio stations. This parking lot is full of electromagnetic energy. I donít need much faith to believe this now. When I saw the two UFOs, I was not surprised, I felt blessed to have the opportunity to actually see them because I already knew they existed. Simple statistics will dictate this. We live on one planet. This planet is in a galaxy that is light years across. There are an unknown number of galaxies. One such galaxy is the Andromeda galaxy. It is one hundred million times larger than the Milky Way. If there is one live planet in the Milky Way, then there has to be a hundred million live planets in Andromeda. OK, we have to use a ten percent error possibility. But, you get the point. The size of the universe is not known by our measurements. It takes an insane degree of simple ignorant arrogance to think we are the only living beings in the universe. Knowing there are other forms of living beings out there doesnít take much faith, and it is not rocket science. If you want to amaze yourself, just look at the diverse number of life forms on this planet alone. From the one celled amoeba to the elephant, plants, bugs and birds. Do you feel like becoming a mentally enlightened explorer yet, or still want to hide in the church social games and try to just be a social survivor?

    The term Faith can be redirected from the outward direction to the self. There are so many environmental stimulations today, which create dependency on so many other things that exist today, such as healthcare, lawyers, social organizations and professionals of all kinds. Try turning the faith inward. Develop self-confidence. Reduce the dependencies. Know from within, not because this is what CNN says you are supposed to believe. The test for this is can I be alone and comfortable with just myself. Do I really know who I am or do I have to have reassurance from some social club, and do I fall apart if Iím alone without a group support? One of the strongest medicines I use in Reiki is to remind the person that, ďI am a creation of Godís designers, and he doesnít make mistakes. Itís my understanding of things I have to correct, because he gave me free will. I have existed for eons, and I will exist forever. Itís up to me what I become attached to or dependent on. I can congregate with anyone, and I will consider, but not depend on anotherís opinion for my reality.I use this analogy in Reiki, if someone who I knew didnít know how to drive asked to borrow my car, I would probably refuse. By the same token, when someone who canít control his or her own emotional state wants to control my emotional state I will probably refuse. My emotional state over a long period of time has more value than my car because it will control my health.

    There is one more place where the Master mentioned faith. After each of his healings, he said, ďIt is your own faith that healed you.Ē He knew this because when he went back to his hometown, there he could do no miracles.

    We found another church a little more advanced in the approach to spirituality, the Unity Church. The sermon here was in meditation format, and it was based on self-connection. Amanda was doing a wonderful job here. It has a much less subtle dependency sales approach of the more primitive churches. The previous Methodist minister made a remark, that this was not really a ďChristianĒ Church. I found this also to be kind of arrogant, primitive, and humorous. He is going to decide who is Christian and who isnít? This reminds me of something I heard from his substitute minister in the Methodist Church one Sunday. This was really hilarious. It seems he was concerned that the number of registered witches in England has increased. What age does this guy live in? Should we get the witch burning stakes installed out in the parking lot?

    There seems to be a universal contest going on between the entertainers and those pursuing enlightenment. While we came to PA for the summer we heard a contest broke out between the Unity minister and the musicians. The musicians wanted more musical entertainment time. So, the social games go on.

    I had a great opportunity to experience a contrast in existence here during this lifetime. During the period of Reverend Linda, an opportunity to go on a mission trip to Haiti came into existence. I went. We landed in Port-a-Prince and were transferred to an island east of the mainland to Logonove. This island had one road that went the length of it and was equivalent to a washed out creek bed. The whole island may have had two vehicles. We rode the length of the island and the Jeep broke down as we got to the mission. Here there is literally nothing. Each residence is a cement block house about ten by ten feet. This mission school was their survival. There is no Walmart. In fact there is no store here of any kind. Those living on the mountain would walk down to the little town where there was a water cistern. The women would bring two plastic five-gallon plastic pails twice a week. They would get the water and carry it back up the hill to their own little home, which may have been a quarter to a half-mile. This was their water supply. The only electricity was that from a generator for the mission and it was available from seven to nine oíclock at night. It was not available for the residents there. Even in Port-a-Prince the electricity was only on from seven to nine at night. There are no stoplights in the city of Port-a-Prince. I can tell a lot of stories here, but the main lesson here is that I realized what a collection of rich spoiled brats and whiners we are here in this country. Many of the things we consider necessities here in this country, they in Haiti donít even know exist. If conditions were to deteriorate to their conditions here, many would not survive.

    I had an opportunity to attend a Waken Festival in Mount Shasta a few years ago. There were probably a thousand attendees. This was a collection of the most enlightened people Iíve ever seen. This was a five-day affair, where the speeches were not prepared, but channeled at the time. Joshua Stone was the organizer, and I would highly recommend reading some books he has written. All religions were represented here, but there were no fundamentalists or evangelicals from any religion. This was obviously not a social order, but a spiritual order. The reality of these individuals is not limited to just the physical existence and their little social standing. I had the good fortune of meeting Karen Melinovich here. She is a famous author. She had a little sales stand and was selling the Japanese Tachyon necklaces. She was doing muscle testing, demonstrating what Iíve previously described. I had a great visit with her. We were comparing my crystal with hers and related some of our experiences.

    I have one more topic Iíve found of value in the experience at the Reiki table. Itís how to deal with anger, and what it really is. Anger is really a ball of red energy. It seems many carry this of a more or lesser degree. It has the power to cause actions and reactions when things are taken too serious. For example: If someone goes off on me with a verbal attack, itís quite likely that Iím probably not the cause.He or she is venting this ball they are carrying which they may have generated themselves or just received from someone else. I see this on the highway. Another driver makes a tight lane change in front of me. I have an option to focus my energy into an anger ball. When I get home I may kick the dog, or I have another choice. I can be smart enough to recognize Iím creating a ball of anger with my own life force, and decide that Itís not the smartest use my life energy on this insane pursuit.If Iím smart enough to do this Iíll know that anyone who has the power to make me mad has a power over me. I choose the path of SELF MASTERY. Iíll choose whether I get mad not someone else. Anger is a poor driver for the mind as it usually causes insane decisions, which can lead to insane actions.This can be observed at all levels of our social, political, or religious orders. I have seen a temper tantrum turned directly into humor. This completely destroys the red ball.

    Anger can reveal the level of attunement one has reached. To define a phenomenon, one exposes the extremes. On one end, the spoiled brat who is totally focused on pursuing his/her own agenda finds anger a strong controlling force to use on others so it becomes a normal social tool to get his/her way. Beware of the guy you canít make mad. He doesnít stop thinking logically. Itís very hard to control this person. The fundamentalists hate these guys.

    Now in the review of all things, in witnessing the actions of others who have their own path to follow. When all is said and done, I have a better understanding of who I am. All of the previously described things are completed and experienced, my reaction to each effectively is how I value myself, and that is what I will take with me. All the material things, or the social titles, fame or fortune will come to nothing when my spirit leaves my body. If I compare the time I spent here from the beginning of creation to infinity, in spirit, the time of one lifetime on this planet is not much different relatively, than the time of one spark of a spark plug when my car is running.My choice is focused on what I do should be constructive to apply it to my efforts and not get caught in the social traps when exposed. The Buddhists warn against attachments. The Zen teaches when I become completely nothing, and then I become everything. The Master said, ďLay up treasures not on earth, but in heaven where they will not deteriorate.Ē†† The enlightened are obviously all saying the same thing, but using different words. I only have control over me, and how I think. If anything I do can be of benefit to others, thatís good, however, itís not my place to decide for them whatís good for them. That is violating the universal law of free will. I leave that to the Zealots, fundamentalists or evangelicals social clubs.

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    To set the stage for the energy discussion, start here. We have many satellites presently circling the earth. Many of these are consuming as much energy as it takes to move your automobile down the road and more. These satellites do not stop at an Exxon station every 300 miles. Some of them have been up there for twenty years. The technology is all ready here, and has been for years.

    From the things Iíve seen, I think we have a great obstacle to overcome. We are taught that over unity devices violate the laws of physics. Perpetual motion machines cannot operate. This raises a question of how does an atom work, and where does the power come from for the electron to continually rotate around the nucleus of an atom without being constantly provided with some kind of energy source? We really do have quite a few atoms in existence. Where does the energy come from to keep the earth rotating? Were you aware that the surface speed of the earth at the equator exceeds a thousand miles per hour? What makes the earth keep revolving around the sun on a very strict schedule. How many horsepower is consumed and where does the energy come from to sustain a large hurricane? Do you really believe this comes from warm water? If we run out of oil, will all this stop?†† Somehow, I doubt it.

    Letís just apply some logical thought to the hurricane technology. If I wanted to generate a hurricane, look at the equipment I would need. One giant fan to propel the air in a 50-100 mile radius and at least 3000 feet in the air, at 140 mph. Imagine the horsepower needed to propel this fan. If I used gasoline to power this engine, how many gallons would be needed to not only start this thing but to sustain it for days or weeks. By the present definition, this is obviously a perpetual motion machine, because it occurs without a known defined power source. If the source is known, itís been kept a great secret. I donít buy the warm water. One cubic centimeter raised one degree centigrade requires one calorie of energy. If the hurricane used the heat from the water, wherever it traveled the temperature of the water would be greatly reduced, and at the level of power required, it should turn the water into an iceberg.

    Letís set that aside, and look at a similar situation in the kitchen sink. If I fill the sink with water, and pull the stopper to let the water out, I see a pattern of how the water leaves the sink. It creates a circular spin. If I watch a star go supernova, it will generate a black hole with the same spinning momentum as it collapses. I see the same phenomenon in the center of spiral galaxies.

    One more demonstration Iíve done many times is the spinning of a small model boat with both the fore and aft coming to a point. The boat has to be symmetrically balanced. If you spin this boat on a smooth surface in one direction it will slowly reduce speed and come to a standstill gently. If you try to spin it in the opposite direction, it will wobble, come to a stop, and begin to rotate in the opposite direction, which seems to be in harmony with something. It doesnít matter what material you use to make the boat. Iíve used wood and plastic. Itís the shape of the boat that matters. In fact, the best pattern is a ratio of the given dimensions of Noahís Ark, not in length, width, and breadth, but as radiusís of a circle for the boat shape. An Arc is not the word for a boat, but a portion of a circle.

    If youíve had the patience to muddle through this so far, it now becomes obvious that there are other forces at work here, that are not defined very well by our academic community, particularly as laws of physics.These things mentioned above are not happening by chance, but are consistent all the time. Maybe it would be to our advantage to really pursue an understanding of how these things work so we can capitalize on this. These forces could turn out to be intelligent sources of energy. They are obviously powerful as displayed by tornadoes and hurricanes. In my opinion, the difference between the magic and mystical vs. science is the knowing of how these things work. Imagine using the hurricane effect to create energy for the electrical grid.

    Letís try to get some common definitions for the things we do know about. Letís look at the water in the sink. The waterís position is above where itís going to go. This is called potential energy. Potential Energy is common to an unbalance in conditions. If the water is higher in one side of a lake than the other, the currents in the water will seek equilibrium. A current will flow from the high side to the low side. The sink water will change the potential energy to kinetic energy. Is it possible that the potential energy here is converted to what may be termed as vortex energy? The same thing happens with the star when it goes super nova. All the potential energy contained in the debris of the star is converted to vortex energy when it is returning to the source creating the same type of spiral. The gravitational force of the dead star nucleus and the debris causes the potential here. Gravity is the force at work in the sink water also. So, what is the potential force at work in a hurricane or tornado? What is seeking equilibrium?†† I highly doubt that it is ocean water temperature.

    I have experienced two hurricanes in Florida. The air is not changing altitudes. Believe me the air is traveling horizontally at great speed. The sound produced is similar to listening to a big diesel railroad engine. The eye of the hurricane is about as dead air condition as can be achieved. The air is not changing altitude as the parts of the star or the water. But I suspect something else is.

    When winds at a high altitude blow very fast over the top of what we call a thunderhead, an electrical static charge builds up between the top of the cloud and the earth. When the critical stage is reached we see lightning. This electrical charge again, is seeking equilibrium. I saw no lightning in the hurricanes. I then assume this is not an electrical condition, at least not to provide a static charge condition as in lightning.

    In an attempt to remove confusion in word definition, POTENTIAL ENERGY here, means a source energy, which can be used to create or result in movement or action. This will result in either a repulsion or attraction of physical objects or some action to take place in an effort to restore equilibrium.Review the forces at work of an airplane in flight. The propulsion engine using chemical energy (burning of fuel) creates forward motion (thrust vs. drag) until the vacuum over the wing exceeds the weight (force of gravity) so you have flight.


    A list of known potential sources:

    1.      Gravity

    2.      Temperature

    3.      Electrical (voltage & static)

    4.      Magnetic (ferrous)

    5.      Chemical (batteries & fire)

    6.      Pressure (hydraulics)

    7.      Centrifugal/Centripetal

    8.      Gyroscopic

    9.      Nuclear

    10.  Political/Religious/Social

    11.  Life Force


    When reviewing the first 9 potential sources and considering the hurricane science, nothing seems to fit very well as thought of on the surface. (1) The forces of gravity are known to be pretty constant. (2) Variations in temperature are insufficient by itself to supply the required potential for the creation and maintenance of Katrina over the time and distance it traveled. (3) No electrical source is available to create and sustain this hurricane. (4) Magnetism is disqualified, as this doesnít pertain to ferrous material. (5) No chemical reaction takes place here. (6) The variations of pressure from what I see are caused by the hurricane not the potential source of power for the hurricane.

    (7) Centrifugal and Centripetal forces I do see at work in the hurricane. I donít see them as the cause of the hurricane but the potential source of the hurricane is maintaining a balance between these forces to control the size of the hurricane. Without the centripetal force the hurricane would fly apart like an exploding flywheel. These forces may hold a key to the answer.

    (8) Here again there may be gyroscopic forces at work, but as an effect of the hurricane, not as a cause or driving creation potential.

    (9) The nuclear approach at least within the 3D definition of splitting the nucleus of atoms can be ruled out. I donít think there are radiation fallout or radiation out of the ordinary, as we know of.

    (10) For now, lets leave the political/religious/social forces in the realms of Hiroshima, Iraq, and 9-11.

    (11) Also, letís set LIFE Energy aside till later.


    Letís examine a force used by the ice skater. They have the ability to spin at a rapid rate. How they do this, start a spin motion with the arms extended. Then reduce the radius of the person spinning by pulling the arms in close to the body. This will increase the rpm of the skater. However, the spinning rate will slow down as a result of friction, or the arms are extended again. A little bit of physics here may apply. When I watch the weather report, I see that as the hurricane moves west and northward and grows in diameter, wind speed, and strength, it is obvious that the potential driving force is increasing which the ice skater is unable to do. Based on all this I now see three possibilities.

    1.      Actually, there is no such thing as a hurricane. It must all be an illusion, even the damage in La.

    2.      There is really perpetual motion and itís magic. God may be doing this because he is mad at us. Little Evangelical humor here.

    3.      There is actually another force yet undefined by our brilliant scholars, or if it is known, it is being kept a big secret, maybe weather war machines?

    Now that weíve reviewed everything in the box, lets be adventurous and move outside the box. We know that the water in the sink is confined by the drainpipe and size of the hole in the bottom of the sink. This will work for centripetal confinement. In the center of the draining water is a hole, not unlike the calm in the center of the hurricane. We know the source of energy for the water is gravity. This is a vertically polarized energy source. Because the winds are spinning horizontal, we also know that the polarization of the energy source for the hurricanes is also vertical. Now the question is what is the source of the centripetal control of containment of the outside of the storm? Why doesnít the outside of the hurricane dissipate outward like the shot out of a rifled bore shotgun?This defies logic. If you donít think air has mass and power, watch it lift the roof off the neighborís house or wrap a metal shed around a telephone pole guy wire like this.

    Now letís build a model. Iím going to make a hurricane. I will need an invisible containment shield to contain the outside of the storm like the drainpipe in the sink. Then I have to create a very powerful potential polarization between 5000 feet and the ground. When this specific energy flow starts, it has to somehow connect to the air to cause the air to move in harmony with the vortex energy source just like the sink water.

    An observation very visible pertaining to this phenomenon are the tornados in the Midwest. The shape of the funnel cloud as it forms and sometimes touches down and does extensive damage on the surface has a vortex shape. This is the same shape as formed in the sink. For the time being, letís call this force (X).

    Clues to lead to the type of energy may be found in where they are formed. The assembly process for the vast majority of hurricanes originates off the coast of Africa in the Caribbean. They start as tropical storms and grow from there. There has to be something very unique about that position on earth. I have never seen one form over the state of Florida. Yet, as they travel North and West they pick up power. If the power to increase intensity occurs north and west, why donít they form there? What unique condition exists in the Midwest over tornado alley?

    Again, to go any further with this, we will have to muster the courage to think outside the box. Now letís consider the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. Look at that history. We are in the same area. Suppose we have whatís called a rift in time space. Is it hard to visualize energy flow from one dimension to another? Consider a capacitor. A dielectric is placed between two plates to store a charge. If damage occurs in this dielectric, energy will transfer as leakage between the plates. Energy will flow between the plates. Do we have 4íTh dimensional energy leakage sufficient to fill the definition of Force (X)? Iíll leave to the reader the next steps in research and reality checks.


    Useable 3D Energies

    Looking at the state of affairs today, as such, changes are going to have to be made. As the imperial force of the oil cartels push for finishing the final control of the planet, a desperate effort to become immune is inevitable. In searching the Internet, all the constructive effort seems to be done by individuals in their own shop or garage.The development of renewable and alternative sources will have to be implemented almost as an underground revolution.It wonít be done for the public; the public will have to do it for themselves. Here is a small example.

    My son and I made a small hydrogen generator. Out of off the shelf hardware and plumbing, we made enough hydrogen in a salt-water electrolyte to run his out door gas cooker. He is planning to run his gas furnace on it. The oil and gas companies are not going to do it for you. Water is very cheap right now, and itís actually a great source of fuel, but it takes some ambition and intelligence on our part.

    Letís look at the efficiency of the automobiles of today. Less than thirty percent of the energy in gasoline is going to the drive wheels. The rest is lost as heat. The reciprocating engine is one hundred year old technology. Look at the number of vehicles on the road. Is this the best we can do? If we increased the efficiency to ninety percent, we would be getting ninety miles to the gallon. It may be that we have become so arrogant and comfortable that the required breakthroughs in revolutionary propulsion systems will be done in other countries, and the Volkswagen effect will be much more severe here than it was last time. No matter how things are today, they will not stay the same. The direction is not that big a secret.

    I remember when the foreign cars first came into this country; the voices heard were saying ďBUY AMERICAN.Ē It was unpatriotic to buy foreign cars. My opinion is, it is unpatriotic not to do the homework and design the efficiency into our own cars first. Are we losing our ability to think ahead?



    Consider the following:


    1.      Solar Power

    2.      Hydrogen Power from water

    3.      Flywheel technology

    4.      Turbine Power

    5.      Electric


    Is it not possible to combine all these technologies into vehicle propulsion? For instance, when a car is setting in the parking lot in the sun, a solar system can be charging batteries and making hydrogen for the turbine. When the car goes down the hill, instead of heating the break pads, increase the rpm of a flywheel and store and use the kinetic energy. Integrate the system. We now have computer chips available which can be programmed to integrate a whole new system. Donít depend on just one of these technologies alone. If we donít do this someone else will, without direct international controls established with a one-world order. Personally, I expect this to be done in either Germany or Japan, or both. The oil companies, drug companies, healthcare system, educational systems, bankers, Religions, or politicians and lawyers are not going to do this. They are all totally focused on their present profits and social games while they can.

    Is it not possible to establish effort in developing some practical applications of technology for the public in this area instead of focusing all of our technical talent in spying equipment and weapons to protect ourselves from enemies our fundamentalist politicians have created? What is our Engineering talent doing besides creating sophisticated computer applications to monitor the public for the IRS or email and Internet screening for Homeland Security? I wonder if our educational system is actually producing engineering talent for anything other than service organizations, imperial military applications, banking and money handling, or entertainment fields.

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    Life Force Energy

    This energy is not well understood in our culture. If it were, very few social games would still work. The level of its existence is subtle. Many social behaviors originate from the ego stealing the life energy from another. Each has the ability to prevent their life energy from being stolen if they new the basis of the games.

    The reality is that there is an unlimited supply of life energy available. Our attachments and expectations and judgments are what destroy this ability to become immune to others robbing our energy. The polarizing forces necessary is between being self-centered/self serving (survival) or becoming a channel of energy for constructive advancement of the spirit (explorer). The contest is between spirit and ego.

    How many times have you sat down with a person to visit and then go away exhausted? When this occurs, that person has stolen your energy. Many social games occur such as ďOH POOR MEĒ,ĒOH AINíT IT AWFULĒ,ĒIíM SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOUĒ, and so on. You have to be very alert, as this can be done very subtle. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. One of the greatest dangers is flattery. This feeds the ego. The danger of this is creation of attachment and a dependency on approval from its source.

    Control of Collective Reality

    If you have had enough patience and attention span and time to wade through everything above, the final revelation of everything leads to exposing the real contest which is the control of the belief system of the masses. This is the comman denominator as practiced by Politicians, Preachers/Religions, Advertising Agencies, Educational Systems, Healthcare Systems, and little old ladies social clubs. Great effort is put forth by the power structures to maintain specific belief system boundaries. This is usually done for the power and financial benefit of those in control. A prime example is the subtle belief that only a PHD can invent anything. Somehow the "truth illusion" is a function of credit hours. Another example is that only drugs can cure physical malfunctions in the body. We've been subtly programmed, and sometimes not so subtle, that Healthcare=Drugs; God Lives in my Church only; or, only the Republicans really understand; or The social elite all use this product.

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